Mercer County Queries - 2018

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This page was last updated on: 19 August 2018

In 1874 (Nov 26th) William and Anna ADAMS gave birth to a son William ADAMS in Trenton. He died April 2nd,1936... a search of New Jersey records found no death certificate. Looking for info on the mother and father of William. I do not know if you can help but I reached a dead end. Thanks.
- Bill Adams. 19 August 2018.

I am searching for any information on Walter ALLEN son of M'liss BLIZZARD born on the corner of Ferry St. and Broadway in Trenton, NJ on 1/22/1910. His mother, Millicent, Melissa, or as she signed her name, M'liss, was born at the same address in 1890 or 1891. Her parents were Henry BLIZZARD and Mary BROWN. A fire at Trenton town hall destroyed original birth records but Walter's father is Winfield Scott ALLEN. I have always been told that M'liss and Winfield were married but separated before Walter's birth and were divorced. Walter went by the name KLEMMER as a child, the name of his stepfather, not finding out his last name was ALLEN until he was a young teen. It was a big shock and he never got over it. Walter had a half-brother and sister, John and Eleanor KLEMMER. His grandfather ALLEN is said to have owned a store in Trenton and his grandfather, Henry BLIZZARD owned or worked in a butcher shop in Trenton. I am 78 years old and would love to finally solve this puzzle. Walter ALLEN was my father. I had an aunt Catherine BLIZZARD JACKSON who lived in Maplewood, NJ who my father was closest to. She was M'liss's sister and was around 8 years old when my father was born. Walter's brother had two marriages and four children, Walter, Kathleen, Melissa and Sherida KLEMMER. Eleanor, his sister had two sons, Danny and Donald EGAN. I know nothing about this side if the family. The fact that he never knew or saw his father really bothered my father. Please contact me with any information about any of these people.
- Mildred Teixeira. 19 August 2018.

Looking for info on Raymond Joseph BUTLER born February 5th 1892 in Mercer County, Trenton, New Jersey. Died November 1971 San Francisco, California. Father's name is Joseph BUTLER also born in New Jersey. Mother's maiden name is Margeret MILLER born in Germany. If anyone can help I would be most appreciated.
- Harry D. Paige Jr. 19 August 2018.

Seek info on Samuel RHOADS (RHOADES, RHODES, ROADS) who appears in the 1850 US Census for Hamilton, Mercer, New Jersey with wife Elizabeth and children Amos, John, Ann, William, Mary and Mercer. Samuel's occupation is listed as "overseer in factory", other entries suggest it may have been a textile factory. Samuel was born in England circa 1810 and his father's name may have been Seth.
- Bob Ahrens. 19 August 2018.

Looking for information on John H. SUNNINGSHINE Jr. of Mercer Co.
- Philip J. Klemmer. 19 August 2018.

Stephen WAIBEL / WEIBEL (or variations of that - so far I have found 9 total). Born 31 Oct., 1826, according to gravestone in Princeton, NJ, cemetery. Arrived in NYC 1847 on ship Zurich (departure: Le Havre, FR). Lived from 1850 to death in 1897 in Princeton, Mercer County, NJ. Extensive research done but still no actual birthplace nor parents' names. Sources show only "Prussia" or "Germany" as birthplace. Arriving Passenger List shows "Bavaria" for everybody - Not correct... Bavaria never a part of Prussia. Without a town/village/city birthplace in Germany I am unable to continue research "across the pond". Married Emma M. MALM between 1863 and 1864 possibly in Princeton (NJ Archives say Marriage Books for this time frame no longer exist). Help! Thank You!
- Susan K. Mangus. 19 August 2018.

Seeking information about the parents and families of my great-great grandparents Thomas Jefferson WRIGHT (also known as "Jefferson" WRIGHT) (1801-1883) and Rebecca APPLEGATE (1806-1894) prior to their marriage in Middlesex, [now Mercer Co.], NJ in 1827. In 1850 they lived in Millstone, Monmouth, [now Mercer Co.], and East Windsor, Mercer in 1860. They are buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hightstown, Mercer. T Jefferson WRIGHT is the son of William WRIGHT and Lydia BURNS, both likely born in England, but I have no further information about their parents/dates/families. I have no sourced material for Rebecca APPLEGATE, though a few unsourced online family trees show her as a daughter of Ezekiel APPLEGATE (1770-1845) and Hannah PERRINE (1777-1858); that is questionable, however, as many more (also unsourced) family trees do NOT have her name in the family of Ezekiel APPLEGATE. Any help would be much appreciated.
- Marti Wright Unger. 19 August 2018.


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