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Seek more info about Aaron W. FULLINGTON who became Aaron W. ANDERSON after his mother Gehila/Jehilah FULLINGTON re-married James ANDERSON, all beginning in Sussex Co., New Jersey. Gehila/Jehilah Fullington appears in the 1850 Census, Frankford twp., Sussex Co., NJ as a 20 year old married woman living with her HAMLER parents (Wm. H. & Noyetta), siblings and son Aaron FULLINGTON. There is no information about the FULLINGTON father. Then Aaron ANDERSON appears as a 20 year old adult in West Windsor, Mercer County, NJ, in the Census of 1870, working as a laborer for another man. In the Census of 1880, Mercer County, he is the Head of the home with wife Cary E. ANDERSON, and daughter Lilly L. ANDERSON and another daughter. I would like more information to connect Aaron ANDERSON to Gehila/Jehilah (HAMLER) (FULLINGTON) ANDERSON. In the Census of 1880, Gehila/Jehilah ANDERSON is living in Monroe Co., PA with her Gehila's niece Laura M. HAMLER and Gehila's husband James ANDERSON. Many thanks.
- Kathleen Hamler Purchase. 4 October 2004.

I have been successful in developing the APPLETON family tree. I am still interested in more information and linking up with others but now know that my line is Cornelius APPLETON and Mary COX who lived in Mercer County area. Mary being born c. 1697 to Richard APPLETON (b. 1728) and Martha FOORD (m. 1756) to Richard APPLETON (brother of Thomas, Abel, William, John, James, Cornelius, Daniel, Hannah, Phebe, Margaret, Judith APPLETON). This Richard was born in 1770. He married first Lydia CUBBERLY (referred in Mercer history on this sight as Acsah CUBBERLY). He had children by her. After her death, he married Hannah Moode FLOWERS, the widow of James FLOWERS of Middletown, Bucks, PA. This is documented thru wills and marriage records. To Martha Ann APPLETON (b. 1818, Tulleytown, Bucks Co, PA) who married Alexander BOYD. I am interested in sharing research results and leads with others researching COX, FOORD and APPLETON families from NJ.
- Wendy Simpson. 20 January 2004.

BARKLEY/BARCLAY: I am researching these surnames, and am interesting in any information about the BARKLEY/BARCLAYs who settled in Mercer County about 1715 > Northern Ireland, and who were related to a later group of immigrants by the same surname who settled in Orange County, N.Y. in 1730. Thank you.
- Hartley Barclay. Luogh North, Doolin, County Clare, Republic of Ireland. 20 April 2004.

Is there any one living there who is descended from Alice BASFORD nee STEPHENSON, and David Delv BASFORD who emigrated in the 1890s? Is 49 Carroll, 1st ward Trenton still there?
- Eannratcliffe. 2 August 2004.

I am looking for information about the family of David Dell BASFORD who emigrated to Trenton, New Jersey, from Staffordshire in England to work in the potteries. He was married to Alice Parton STEPHENSON and they had a son, David Bertram J BASFORD as well as a daughter Alethea BASFORD. David D BASFORD and his son David Bertram J BASFORD were both found in the 1900 Trenton City directory. Alice BASFORD died in 1915. I have extensive information about the British ancestry of this family which I would love to pass on to any descendents.
- Helen Schmidt. helen dot schmidt@earthlink dot net. 22 March 2004.

Does anyone have the March 1995 (pp 12 - 20) and December 1995 ( pp 72 - 80) issues of the Mercer County Genealogical Quarterly and willing to do a lookup for me? This apparently has a petition and naturalization info on John BEECROFT, age 23 and other genealogical data. According to, these books are also at the Mercer County Court House in a book called "Petition and Record of Naturalization - Book A pg 16" I know that my John BEECROFT, wife Eliza Ann MILLS BEECROFT were in the US in 1841 - 50, but if this is the correct person, it will help clear up a mystery.
- Maureen Beecroft. 25 November 2004.

I am seeking information on the decentness and ancestors for George and Sarah (ROGERS) BEECROFT. George and Sarah were born 1776 and 1778 in Yorkshire County, England. They immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1814, and later settled in the Trenton area of Mercer County, New Jersey, sometime around 1820, where they lived until their deaths. They had the following children born in England, Isaac, John, Abraham, George, Joseph. Their son Jacob was born in Maryland, and their daughter Elizabeth was born in Trenton, New Jersey.
- Mary Beth. 25 November 2004.

I am searching for any details about my great uncle William BOURNE, who emigrated to US about 1904. His wife Phoebe and 4 year old son Wilfred emigrated to join him in 1907. The address on the ship's manifest for Phoebe says Mercer then Trenton, NJ. Phoebe's maiden name was FEENEY and I believe her brother had also emigrated with William in 1904. They emigrated from Staffordshire, England.
- Janet Howell. 8 March 2004.

I was born in Mercer County at 368 Olden Ave. Our name is CARTLIDGE. I am looking for someone in Mercer County that knew the CARTLIDGE family.
- Cartlidge. 20 February 2004.

I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding the Carrie Walton CHAMBERLIN & Henry P. CHAMBERLIN family who lived on Broad St. Hightstown, NJ? I believe that they were at the Hightstown address for most of their married lives and that their son, Clifford C. CHAMBERLIN & his wife Annie Perrine Davison CHAMBERLIN took the house over around 1915. I am interested in more about the family and also where they are buried. I believe that they may have been buried in one of the Hightstown Cemeteries but not sure.
- Doris Davison Parry. Formerly of Cranbury living in Milton, VT. 25 November 2004.

Looking for information on Lydia COLEMAN (b: abt 1842, N.J.). Married Lewis COTTRELL (b: abt 1836, N.J.). Daughter Adeliaide or Addie, 22Jan 1870, married Samuel GROENDYKE (marriage 12 Dec 1888). Samuel was born 4 Apr 1865. Lived in Dutch Neck, Mercer Co., just outside of Hightstown.
- L. Kelly. 21 December 2004.

I am looking for information regarding my paternal grandmother who resided in Mercer County. She was Lola COOLEY when she married my grandfather, Harry WILCOX sometime in the late 19th century. I do not know my grandmother's birth name, since she was adopted as a child. I am trying to trace her side of our family tree, but without this information, I do not know how to go further. My grandmother, later in life, married a man named CUBBERLY. She lived in Hamilton Township at that time. Harry WILCOX and my grandmother, Lola, had two children, Russell WILCOX and Edith WILCOX SONN. I would appreciate any knowledge of her or suggestions as to how to find her mother's maiden name.
- Elizabeth Walsh. 25 August 2004.

Searching for: COX, Benjamin Polk, b. 19 Aug 1849 d. 22 Jan. 1920. Benjamin Polk (Pope?) COX, born 19 August 1849 in Trenton, NJ. Died 22 Jan 1920 in IL. Benjamin married Minerva Jane MORGAN on 9 March 1871 in Illinois. Who are Benjamin's parents? (I'm thinking they may be Joseph and Frances M. COX, as per census records, but this is not proven). Benjamin and Minerva had 8 children. I will share information. Thanks.
- Dawn Moller. 22 March 2004.

I am trying to find information on the family of my wife's father, Norman Duane DORSETT, Jr. I believe that he was from Trenton. Since he was a "Junior" I'm hoping to find a "Senior" and (hopefully) more. I don't know a great deal about Norman Duane DORSETT, Jr. As I say, I believe that he was from Trenton. It is possible that his mother's maiden name was WEIR. He was probably born around 1918 and graduated from NYU circa 1942. He was working for the New Jersey State Senate in 1942 when he married Elenore Irene SCHNEIDER at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. Shortly thereafter he joined the Marine Corps and fought in the Pacific campaign. He was in the first wave on the beach at Okinawa. He attained the rank of Sergeant and was buried in Arlington in 1963. After WWII and until his death he worked as a Management Analyst for the Department of the Air Force. Thanks for any help that you may be able to give in learning more about this ancestor and his family.
- Jerome Williams. or Wrightsville Beach. 2 February 2004.

I am looking for information on DYER families in Mercer Co., late 1700's early 1800's. Especially Philip DYER or Joseph DYER. Thanks so much for any help.
- Beverly Ackley. 14684 North Street, Adams Center, New York 13606. 2 August 2004.

Looking for parents of Ida Maxy FORD who married Harry W. BAMFORD in Millham, Mercer County, on July 3, 1877.
- Gloria Kemp. 21 December 2004.

I am looking for my husband's ancestors in Trenton, New Jersey. His grandfather is Arthur (Finch) FORMAN, born in 1874 in Trenton. His wife was Alice WHITE, born in 1898 in Philadelphia, PA. My husband's great-grandfather was Samuel A. FORMAN. We don't know his wife's name. Know any family members? Thank you.
- Judy Forman. 22 March 2004.

My grandmother, Marion Alice FOULDS, was born June 1905. Her father, James William FOULDS, was born 1874 in Trenton, NJ. His family came from England.
- April (Wilmot) Hillquist. 25 November 2004.

I am looking for information on Jeremiah GRAVATT, born about 1870, resident of Mercer County (Trenton) according to census data from 1900-1930. I know he was married to Elizabeth VAN HORN about 1890. Their children were: Grace WILSON, Sadie SHEARER, Harry, Lewis, Grover, Margie HOPKINS, Katherine BRADLEY, Phyllis BRINK, and Charles. There could be a connection in Hightstown, Hamilton, or in Monmouth County. Any help would be appreciated.
- Grace Thomason. 2 February 2004.

I am looking into the GROVES and LYON(S) families, both of whom seem to have roots in several New Jersey counties including Middlesex. A fellow researcher sent me a piece of information from a Mercer County record and I'd like to know, from someone familiar with this type of document, if there is more information than what I have here. Here is the info I received: Mercer County Quarterly index: Volume 6 page 19: a power of attorney signed by Richard GROVES and Hannah his wife ... Middlesex on 22 December 1838. Recorded 5 February 1839. It was a power of attorney to appoint Henry APPLEGET of Mercer "our true attorney" for sale of some land in Princeton Twp. formerly occupied by Gideon LYNN. I believe that the name "LYNN" may be a variation on LYON or LYONS and might indicate a family relationship, since Hannah GROVES' maiden name was LYON. I don't believe that Gideon LYON was her father, however. She has tentatively been identified as the daughter of John LYON(S) and Elizabeth RILEY, possibly of Sussex County. Related information: I believe that the Richard GROVES mentioned in the above reference was the son of John GROVES and Ann RUNYON, both of whom may have been Mercer County residents at some point, although they later lived in Cranbury, South Brunswick, Middlesex County. If anyone is familiar with John GROVES-Ann RUNYON, please get in touch.
- Nancy Groves. 28 May 2004.

Searching for information on the Peter GUNDLACK family who lived in Washington Township, Mercer County, New Jersey, on the 1910 census. Peter's wife was Anna and their children were Edward, age 15; John, age 13 and Emma, age 11 in 1910. Thanks for any information on this family.
- Charlotte Preston. San Diego, CA. 22 March 2004.

I am searching for records of Clyde Graeme GUTHRIE and Isabelle Berry HILL who were married 31 May 1919. They had the following children: Anna Donaldson GUTHRIE, Isabel Burns GUTHRIE (m. Wm. Henry SAYEN) an William Alexander GUTHRIE. They lived in Lawrenceville, Mercer County, New Jersey from 1920 to at least 1926. Clyde Graeme was a physician. Any help to locate especially the names of Isabelle Berry HILL's parents would be greatly appreciated. We do know her mother's name was Isabelle B. Thank you.
- Dessa Fountaine. 20 February 2004.

Seeking descendants of my ancestor (James) Hezekiah HAIGH. Hezekiah m. abt 1850, Jeriza BOOTHROYDE in England. They came to America in 1855 from England with their three year old son John. The 1870 US Census shows Hezekiah and Jeriza living in Mercer County, Hamilton Township, New Jersey, with their five children, John, Alfred, Mary, Joel and Emma. The family subsequently moved to Philadelphia, PA. The 1880 US Census for Philadelphia, PA shows that Alfred is now listed as Albert and Joel as Joseph. Joseph later married Catherine D. LUKENS and resided in Connecticut. I would like to hear from anyone researching this family.
- Mae Haigh Collins. 21 December 2004.

My great-grandfather, Andrew HOLLERAN (also spelled HALLORAN), came to New Jersey from the Moycullen / Oughterard area of Galway, Ireland, in about 1881-1882. It seems from family stories that he had a job in the shoe industry all arranged, so he may have had family in the county, but I have no details. He obtained his US citizenship from the Mercer County court several years later, but the record gives no address or sponsors. By 1888 he had moved up to Ashland, Mass., where he married Margaret CAVANAUGH and worked in shoe factories there and Framingham. Andrew also had a brother John, who lived in Framingham at least by 1900. Does anyone have a connection to the surname, or does anyone have a directory that might list him? I would be grateful for any info.
- Chris Mullen. 25 August 2004.

I am seeking information on Mercer County resident Sarah Elizabeth HOLMES, born in 1870, whose mother was Catherine ROPRIS or ROFRIS or RUFUS. Sarah was my great grandmother who married Jeremiah GRAVATT , (mother Jane E. GRAVATT) in Hightstown on December 31, 1888. She was possibly known as Sadie and could also have a Monmouth County connection. Any help would be appreciated.
- Grace B. Thomason. 25 August 2004.

My gr grandparents were born in Germany and lived in NJ before going to Kings County NY. There oldest child Frederick HOOK (HUCK) was born in Trenton July 11,1876. Joseph HOOK was the father. He was born November 1839 in Germany. Whilemina (Minnie) WEIMER was the mother. She was born July 11, 1859. My father lost contact with his grandparents. I found two of the sons through the SSDI Frederick and Louis (grandfather). Three of the children Annie (Feb 1894) Eilizabeth (Feb 1881) were born in NJ. I would appreciate help filling this family hole. My father lost contact with his Dad, who evidently went to California and died out there.
- Colette Grower. 20 February 2004.

My HUNT family was in Mercer County in the 1820's. There is a connection to Hopewell and the Old School Baptist Church.
- Beth McBride. 25 November 2004.

I am looking for information on the family of Azariah HUNT who moved to Hopewell Twp, Mercer Co., sometime before the birth of his first son Jonathan on May 25, 1765. Azariah's wife was Elizabeth BURROUGHS and the rest of his offspring are as follows: Ebenezer, Phebe, Charity, Ephraim, and Ralph. Azariah was born after 1729 and died in Mercer Co. in 1771. Any information that could fill out this family would be greatly appreciated.
- John Wolfe. 8 March 2004.

I am seeking any descendants of/information on the John P. KNOWLES family. John was born 1823 in PA, to Nathaniel G. KNOWLES and Alice A. PAIST, and married (1) Temperance NAYLOR. They moved to Trenton by the 1860s, along with his brothers' families: Oliver H./Phebe Hammell, Charles H./Sarah M. Paul, and Benjamin K./Anna P. VanHart KNOWLES. The children of John and Temperance were: Millard F. (married Esmerelda MORASSO), Edward P. (married Jennie CLARK), John K. (married Sally A. GREEN), and Emma KNOWLES (married a ? SAMSEL). John P. later married (2) Mary M. DICKEY, both of whom are buried in Riverview Cemetery (Centre Street, Trenton).
- Darlene Perry. 21 May 2004.

I am looking for relatives in Hamilton, Trenton or even perhaps Cassville, NJ. How about a R. KUBLICK in Hamilton or otherwise? Our name has changed since the early 1900's. Something like STUDESKI, STUDICK, SHURICK, down to STRUK and finally STRUCK which is my given birth name. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much!
- Joyce P. Struck. 27 September 2004.

Looking for uncle and cousins - last name LANDAUER. Uncle Paul. Cousins Steven and Linda LANDAUER. Trenton area, Mercer County, NJ. Thanks.
- Susan Landauer Cimerola. 25 November 2004.

(V. Leoni, 521 Emery Ave., Trenton): Would like to get census information for 1910-1920-1930. I am trying to trace my heritage from my grandparents.
- Len Leoni. 20 April 2004.

LIPSON, Jerome, died in May, 1987, according to SSDI. Last residence Trenton, NJ 08611, in Mercer County. DOB was Jan. 6, 1914 in NYC. Parents Louis Harry LIPSON and Henrietta FLECK. SSN 092-03-0940. I am looking for my cousin Jerome LIPSON's death certificate, and/or exact date of death. Without exact date of death, NJ Vital Records will not process my request for death certificate, which would lead me to his wife's name, his burial place, and possibly his children's names. I recently became aware of the family connection. I live in Salt Lake City and so cannot do look-up myself.
- Rochelle Kaplan. Salt Lake City, UT. 6 September 2004.

- Ruth Sickles Marcine. 27 September 2004.

MARTIN/SCHOPP family of Trenton (Mercer Co.). I am looking for any information on Catherine Agnes MARTIN (b.1870). Her parents are Thomas MARTIN of Ireland and Mary WALSH of NJ. Catherine married Gustav SCHOPP of Germany (Dortmund?) who was born in 1870 and died in 1937. They had 3 children: Mary Elizabeth (1894-1983), Rose and William. They lived in both Trenton and Camden, NJ. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Cherry Hill, NJ. Any help is appreciated.
- Cmwyman. 20 April 2004.

Looking for family of Dorothy MEIKRANTZ of PA who moved to Trenton.
- Bill. 25 November 2004.

Searching Mercer County, New Jersey, for Stephen MOORE b. 1759 and wife Parthenia YOUNG b. 1760 Pennington, NJ. Stephen d. 1813 Mooresburg, PA, Parthenia d.1830 Mooresburg PA. Also George LELAND b. April 30, 1769 of New Jersey, probably Pennington, who married Lydia MOORE d/o Stephen and Parthenia b.1781 Pennington NJ. m. about 1798 in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.
- Laurel Smith. 20 April 2004.

I am researching the Thomas MORRELL and Mary ROBERTS family of Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon (now Mercer) Co., NJ. Thomas came from Long Island, NY,-the son of Thomas MORRELL and Martha ______. He was born about 1688 and died Dec 1732 in Hopewell. His will lists his wife Mary and children as Martha, Mary, Hannah, Abigail, Daniel, John, and an unborn child. Mary ROBERTS MORRELL later remarried to Robert COMBS. She died about 1740 in NJ. John MORRELL (my ggggggrandfather), along with some if not all of his siblings, moved to Shenandoah Co., VA, and later to Sullivan Co., TN, where the MORRELLs have flourished. Did Thomas own land in Hopewell? Who were Mary's parents? Why did he die at such a young age. Was there a reason all of the children moved to VA and TN at the same time along with their stepfather? Where is Thomas and Mary buried? Any answers and/or documentation of facts will be greatly appreciated.
- Haskel Morrell. 21 December 2004.

Seeking information on James and/or John MOSES, emigrated from Seskinore Co., Tyrone, N. Ireland 1850-1860 to Trenton, NJ. Associated with Mercer Pottery Co., Glasgow Pottery Co., Trenton Watch Co, Moses Coalyard and Mechanics Bank. Namesake of James Moses Public School, Trenton, NJ. James had the Villa Park Improvment Co. and had the James Moses School named after him, and later in the 1940's a group of youth took his name as the name of their society. James died Springlake, NJ 1920. Had daughters Vera, Ethel and Laura. John's spouse Olivia Gardiner FORMAN. John died Trenton, 1902. Buried like James in Riverview Cemetery. Children Howard, Frederick, Arthur, Helen, Walter. I am keen to know the migration of the children. Arthur became a lawyer, and Walter and Howard are named in 1892 as board member of the Glasgow Pottery Co. Laura MOSES married Willard Cope BRINTON. Can you help?
- Joe Moses. Ireland. 29 October 2004.

The family of Edward O. PACE and Fanny (Frances) Docker PACE resided in Mercer Co., NJ. Fanny DOCKER was b Feb 12, l875. Edward O PACE was b Sept. 28, 1874 in Iowa, but his father was from KY. When they married, Fannie was l8 and Edward was 22. They had two daughters named Florence PACE b Dec., l894 and Pearl PACE b April l896. Only Florence was living in her parents' household in Mercer Co., NJ in l930. Was Pearl married? If so, to who? When did Fanny and Edward O PACE die? Did they die in this county? Can someone tell me where they are buried or who their decendants are? Please help if you can? Where can I write for more information?
- Connie Beck. Descendant of the Dockers of Westmorland, England. 2765 130th, Lenox, IA 50851. 21 May 2004.

I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. My grandfather's name as a child was Harrell PARKS. It was later changed to Harrell Parks JOHNSON by his aunt. My grandfather was sent to the Bonney Brae School for Boys, although I'm not sure why. I believe he had younger brothers and/or sisters who were adopted out. His mother's name was Margaret (Johnson) PARKS and his father's name was Howard PARKS. Margaret JOHNSON had a sister named Evelyn and maybe a sister named Sara. At some point Margaret moved to Toms River, where she died and is buried.
- Mebrough. 27 September 2004.

I am looking for family members of Joseph & Minnie PHILLIPS who lived in Mercer County (Hopewell/Lambertville area). Minnie is my great grandmother; her son Mack HICKS is my grandfather. Both Minnie and Mack HICKS were born in Virginia. Joseph and Minnie PHILLIPS had one son and later on were divorced. If anyone has any information about them please contact me.
- Fred Hicks. 20 February 2004.

PINKERTON of Hopewell, NJ. His first name is Henry and he was born about 1730 and was an 'overseer of highways' in Hopewell about 1755. Any info you can give me would greatly help. He died in 1788. 1998 per Richard B. Pinkerton of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio: Henry is the earliest ancestor we know at this time. His first recorded appearance seems to be in Hopewell around 1755 where he was an 'overseer of highways'. At that time, 'highway' was a loose term designating an Indian trail or footpath. He appears to have owned a plantation of some 85 acres south of Hopewell, NJ and was educated for the times. Very little more is known of him except through the terms of his will where we learn the names of his children and his wife, Keziah. His origins are at this time unknown. Henry's will was written on 9.28.1787 and proved on 04.01.1788.
- Jeanne Pinkerton-Cole. 4 Roselle St., Milford, NJ 08848-1531. 25 November 2004.

I am hoping you may be able to give me advice about how I might be able to trace the descendants of Stella ROBERTSON whose obituary I obtained recently from the Library in Florida. Stella was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1892 and died in 1975 in USA. The Social Security Index indicates that she died in Mercer County. I have a great deal of information about Stella's family that I would like to pass to her own descendants. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might trace her son Bruce or grandchildren Charles, Diane or James? I have contacted the Princeton newspapers but received no response to my request about whether they would publish a letter seeking information about their whereabouts. Regards.
- Dan Kavanagh. Melbourne, Australia. 8 March 2004.

Jacob ROWE, father of Betsy {Polly}, b. 1794, John Smith, b. 1800, James, Van Renseleer, Christopher C., and Elizabeth, in Hunterdon Co., which I believe might now be Mercer Co., N.J. The ROWEs moved to Steuben Co., N.Y. Searching for marriage of Betsy ROWE to Robert LOGAN.
- Margie Logan. 21 December 2004.

I am looking for informaition on my father's family. I was born in New Jersey, Trenton. His name is Keith SKRAJEWSKI. If anyone has any information e-mail me with his name in the subject.
- Krissy Lynnette. 21 December 2004.

My GGGrandfather Gideon SMITH was supposed to have lived in Mercer County (Trenton) in the late 1700s and early 1800's. His son, my GGrandfather, Joseph H. SMITH was born in Trenton and subsequently moved to Greene Co., Ohio. I have found reference to Gideon's wife as Jane and Gideon's father as an immigrant who fought in the battle of Trenton. That is the extent of my findings. Does anyone have any information on Gideon SMITH and his wife Jane and/or his parents/children. Mahalo!
- Robert Smith. Honolulu, HI. 27 September 2004.

I am looking on info about the STEEPY family in Mercer Co. My Dad came from Omaha, Nebraska, Douglas County. I am thinking that some of the STEEPY's from New Jersey and Pennsylvania might be relation some how. Thank you.
- Margaret Hebert. 25 August 2004.

I am hoping that someone will know who the real parents are of Wilson TAYLOR. Wilson was born 1790 in Monmouth Co., NJ, and died 1851 in E. Windsor Twp., Mercer Co., NJ. He married 1818 Susan M. CUNNINGHAM. I have found 3 sources each stating different fathers for Wilson: Stillwell has his parents as George and Sarah (CROWELL) TAYLOR. Francis Bazley Lee's Memorial of Mercer Co. has his parents as Joseph and Sarah (CROWELL) TAYLOR, and, The 50th wedding anniversary announcement in the Trenton Times of Wilson's son William W., has Wilson's father as Edward, and Edward's father as Joseph. Would love to hear from anyone with any information on this Taylor family.
- Barbara Cunningham. 4 October 2004.

The woman who was responsible for much of our family genealogy lived in Princeton for many years until her death there in 1958. She was my grandfathers cousin. Her name was Louise (Hyde) THOMPSON. She was also a member of the DAR. I would like to know if there is someone there that would be able to see if she left at your society or library a copy of her work. According to my grandmother, she had family info passed down from many generations. I would be most happy to supply the family names if there is someone I can write to that will look in your manuscripts collection to see if her works are there. I would be more than happy to pay someone to do the search for me as I am not able to get to New Jersey. Thanks.
- Brigette Oesterle. 20 January 2004.

Seek descendants of Peter M. TITUS d. 1910, buried Baptist Cemetery, Harbourton, Mercer Co., NJ. I believe I have his line traced back to John TITUS of Hopewell Twp., "Old" Hunterdon County and would like to "compare notes" and share information.
- Bill Morrow. 9330 Meaux Drive, Houston, TX 77031. 21 May 2004.

I am looking for any information on Charles H. TOWNSEND. He died as a prisoner at Andersonville Prison in S.C. in November 1864. His enlistment papers indicate that he was born in 1831 in Mercer County, NJ. He married Susannah ENGLE in Cheltenham, Philadelphia County, on 24 DEC 1855 and had two surviving children, Mary Ann TOWNSEND (1858) and Charles Henry TOWNSEND (1864). Charles (b. 1831) is my brick wall. Since the census before 1860 only recorded the head of household names, I am at a loss. Any help greatly appreciated.
- Julie Moritz. 6 September 2004.

I am looking for Samuel VAN HISE, died 1886. Buried in Trenton, NJ. Lived on or born on Federal St.
- Carol. 6 September 2004.

The surname, I am researching in New Jersey and in particular in Mercer Co., is VAN MIDDLESWORTH. This is based on the marriage of William V. MIDDLESWORTH and Rebecca EICHMAN on the 16 MAR 1850, in Nottingham Twp, Mercer Co., New Jersey. Thanks for the help.
- Bill McCaig. 25 August 2004.

Looking for any information on a Lina WEIGAND,who lived at 7 Elm Street, Trenton, NJ, in 1909. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
- Harold Bratsko. 22 March 2004.

I would be happy to receive any information regarding Henry WICHMANN or his family. Henry was born 15 January 1890 near the town of Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas. He died July 1975 in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey.
- Tom O'Brien. Oregon City, OR. 21 December 2004.

My great-grandfather was Edward WILMOT, who was born in Ewingville, New Jersey approximately 1863. He married Elizabeth PAXSON of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His father was John WILMOT. His children are William WILMOT, Augustus WILMOT, Laura WILMOT, Mary WILMOT, Gladys WILMOT (married to Charles VOORHEES), Frances WILMOT (married to Charles SCHULTZBACH), Charles WILMOT (my grandfather. married Marion FOULDS) and Edward WILMOT.
- April (Wilmot) Hillquist. 25 November 2004.

I am searching for any information on a Nathan ZIMMERMAN m. Mary MORTON. Nathan was born in Germany. He married Mary or Anna MORTON, living near Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ, on the family farm (See Mary MORTON for more info). Mary/Anna's father was under Gen. GREENE during the Revolutionary War. I am not sure if Nathan ZIMMERMAN settled there for a period, but then moved on with wife to Center Co., PA, and was killed there around 1811 when a tree fell on him. Looking for any information on either Nathan or Anna/Mary. Nathan and Anna/Mary had at least one son.. Ezekiel ZIMMERMAN.
- Christine Sykes. 21 December 2004.


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