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Recently, while doing renovation work on our home, address below, we found a piece of wood inscribed: "Robt. H. Appleget Lawrenceville, New Jersey October 14, 1916 Carpener (sic)". I wonder if you would have any information on this family or if Mr. APPLEGET would still be living? It was so wonderful to find this 'time capsule' item.
- Zaki and Elizabeth Hosny. 57 Battle Road, Princeton, NJ 08540. 609 683 1640. 5 March 2007.

Hello. I am looking for anyone that knows of George and Blanche BAUMANN. I am their granddaughter. They had 2 daughters Helen Elaine and Betty Joan. My grandparents lived in Trenton all of their lives. They are now deceased. Also looking for my cousin that lived with them. She was Tammy Sue KERR. Blanche's last name was KIMBLE and she has brother named Newton. If you can help please email me.
- Doris. 5 March 2007.

My name is Doris and my grandfather was George A. BAUMANN whom I knew for several years. He resided in Trenton, New Jersey, and was born in 1901. After doing some research and some comparisons with photographs found online, I seem to think there is quite a resemblance between my grandfather and Balthasar (Baltiss) BAUMANN. I do know also that my grandfather had a sister by the name Lena BAUMANN, who may or may not be older than my grandfather. Later down the road there was my mother, Betty Joan BAUMANN and her sister, Helen Elaine BAUMANN who married into the KERR family and whom we have not heard from since 1970 or so. If there is anyone who may have more information, than I would greatly appreciate it. If you are responding please let me know in the subject line in my email that it is in re: BAUMANN Family. Also looking for Tammy Sue KERR my cousin who lived with my grandparents. Thank you.
- Doris. 5 March 2007.

Have a lot of info on BURROUGHS family of Hopewell, NJ.: James (b. 1758) who is father of Susan Atchley (b. 1786), Phebe Abrahams (b. 1788), & Joseph (b. 1790). Contact me if you need this info; it is quite large.
- Thomas Lannon. 29 July 2007.

I am researching the BUTLER-TOOMEY family of Trenton, NJ. The lineage is as follows: John C. BUTLER (b in Trenton 1898-d in Trenton 1972)--son of George W. BUTLER (b in NJ abt 1855- d in NJ bef 1900) and Mary A. MCGUIRE BUTLER (b in PA 1858 - d in Trenton abt 1929); --grandson of John BUTLER (b in England abt 1811 - d in NJ bef 1877) and Charlotte M. BUTLER (b in England 1817 - d in Trenton 1888). Married to Margaret TOOMEY (b in Trenton 1901 - d in Trenton 1985)--daughter of Partick TOOMEY (b in NJ 1872 - died in Trenton 1922) and Louisa SCHMIDT SEITZ TOOMEY (b in Germany in 1866 - d in NJ in 1947). I would appreciate any information, especially about ancestors going further back. Thank you! Louise Alexander (granddaughter of John C and Margaret)
- Louise Alexander. 5 March 2007.

William Thomas CATERSON born in Trenton 24 May 1890, died 26 Jan 1931. Parents: James F. CATERSON and Sarah M. CAFFEY. William's wife was Caroline COLTON, born 21 Jan 1897 in Jersey City, died in 1984 in Trenton. Parents: Dallas R. COLTON and Mary (Mame) BARNES. William and Caroline were married 13 Sept 1914 at Gethsemene Baptist Church, Trenton. Any information is greatly appreciated, and if you can go back further, that would be great! Thank you so much!
- Valerie Bernhardt. 62 Sherman Place, Clifton, NJ 07011. 11 January 2007.

Would someone be kind enough to look up the obituary of Travis Francis CHAMBERLAIN d: April 1973 Pennington, Mercer Co. Wife Marcalia, also had a son Travis and daughter Ingar E. Appreciate any help. Thank you.
- Diane Marshall. 29 July 2007.

James CHAMBERLAIN b: 1886 Orange Co., NY married Gertrude Newbold WARNER b: abt 1890 NJ . They were last found in 1930 in Washington, Mercer Co., NJ with 3 sons, James, William and Andrew. They also had two daughters, Elmira C. and Anna Frances. Does anyone know of this family? And who are Gertrude's parents?
- Diane Marshall. 24 March 2007.

I am looking for the grandparents/parents/siblings and any other information on Lloyd W. COLE, his two wives, and his three children. Lloyd W. COLE was born on February 27, 1879, in Hightstown, Mercer Co., New Jersey, and died in July 1942 in Mercer County, New Jersey (day and city unknown). Lloyd was first married to Alice (maiden name may be MANLEY) (date and town unknown). They had one known child: Howard Wilbur COLE, born on October 12, 1900, in Monmouth Co., New Jersey (town unknown), and died on October 2, 1960, in Miami, Dade Co., Florida. At some point, Howard's mother left her husband and son. Lloyd remained on the farm, raising their son. No other information on Howard's biological mother is known by the family. Soon after, Lloyd married Florence (maiden name unknown). Florence, a nurse, had emigrated from England. Together, Florence and Lloyd had two children: Dorothy, born about 1907, and Douglas W., born October 13, 1908, and died September 4, 1994, in Manasquan, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
- KTC. 28 August 2007.

Nathaniel FISH: looking for family and Rev war connection. Born 11 Dec 1745, Newtown, Queens, Long Island, NY. Died 10 Feb 1799 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ.
- Geraldine Phillips. 30 April 2007.

I am looking for any information on Thomas FLEMING who lived in Trenton in the early 1880's and was the manager of the Central Pacific Tea Co., on 127 S Greene. (now re-named Broad Street). He lived at 144 East Front Street at the same time. The only information that I have is that he was married to Elizabeth FEENEY and had children: James, George, Wilfred, and Helen. I also have the decendants for James FLEMING but no other information on any of the other children of Thomas FLEMING or on Elizabeth FEENEY herself. We think that Thomas may have been previously married with a daughter but we do not have their names. I do not know where or when he was born or died. Any information that may help to further research Thomas FLEMING would be greatly appreciated.
- James Fleming. 16 September 2007.

I am looking for Thomas FLEMING, b. 1792 in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey, d. 1855 Amherst, Portage County, Wisconsin, m. Rachel VAN HART 1812 in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, PA. Do you have any information on who Thomas' parents were?
- Marion Eitemiller. 3 February 2007.

I am researching FOOTE, Mary. She was married to John GREENWALD in Trenton, NJ. She was born in Bavaria in 1837 and died in Trenton, NJ in 1912.
- Annette Mach. 11 January 2007.

Searching for information on parents and/or siblings of Jacob FUHRMANN who immigrated to the US in 1871 from Germany. He married Louisa Helena PFITZINGER on 17 May 1876 in Chambersburg, Mercer County. The marriage record names his parents as Jacob and Elizabeth FUHRMANN. Did they also immigrate and if so where did they reside and when did they die and where are they buried. Were there other children besides Jacob? Thank you.
- Loudene Tollar. 10806 Royal Adrian, Conroe, TX 77303. 31 October 2007.

I am trying to obtain an obituary for John GENCZY, who died in Trenton in late July, 1925. John was born in Also Mislye, Hungary, in about 1874; he was one of my g-grandmother's five brothers.
- Robert Shive. St. Charles, MO. 3 February 2007.

I am searching for Teresa (Terri) GILLESPIE born 1948 - (married name SZEKELY 1967+/-). Her Father was Joseph - mother was Sally (?). They have lived in Mercer county -Trenton area since 1920's +/-. Siblings: Dennis GILLESPIE and Maryann VACCARO, Maryann has a son named Vince VACCARO.
- Bill Buckovinsky. or 31 October 2007.

I am researching GREENWALD or GRUNEWALD, John or George, who was born in 1829 in Wurttemberg, Germany and died in 1907 in Trenton, NJ. He was married to Mary FOOTE who was born in Bavaria.
- Annette Mach. 11 January 2007.

I would like to know where to write for death certificates of Ellen HUGHES who died on Dec 11, 1902, and Richard HUGHES who died on July 19, 1901, in Mercer Co., and how much does it cost? Also where would I find their complete obits. Thank all of you for your wonderful site. I really appreciate all the hard work your people have done. Thanks again.
- Jean Fuller. 28 August 2007.

My paternal great-grandfather was William Thompson HUNT who appears to have been born in Trenton, but I do not know the date. His wife was Jennie or Jane S. QUACKENBOSS. He enlisted as a private soldier on Company G of the 22nd Regiment of New Jersey Volunteeres on September 1, 1862. I have been unable to find out anything about his background and would welcome any information.
- Derek Hunt. 5 March 2007.

INGRAM, George: Looking for any information on the life of this pastor of Fifth Presbyterian Church in Trenton from 2 Dec 1888 - 4 Jan 1904; died Trenton 1930. Born in Ohio, Princeton graduate, ordained in 1886. Father Robert INGRAM (d. NJ); Brother James H. INGRAM, missionary d. China.
- Marjie Mayer. 3 February 2007.

I am wondering if someone could possibly look up an obituary for me. I am not sure of the dates of the person I am looking for so I am going to put both names here. Lucille KELLY born April 30, 1931 and died Ocotober 1980 (don't know the day), in Trenton, New Jersey. Lucille KELLY born August 15, 1923 and died October 02, 1998, in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey. She was married to Robert KELLY. I would be willing to do research in Erie and Niagara Co., New York, in exchange or pay for copies. Thank you.
- Barbara. 4 June 2007.

Mercer Cemetery:
I am hoping that the genealogy community can help me to find someone who lives in the Mercer County area now and is a descendant of a person buried in Mercer Cemetery in Trenton. Thanks for any assistance.
- Jean Bickal, Trenton Historical Society. 31 October 2007.

I am interested in any information about the family of Janos MERO - the Hungarian form of the surname has two accents on the letter o. He was born in Kallosemjen, Hungary 1868. The information I have found on Elis Island documents says: lived in USA from 1902-1908 (6yrs), joining brother Gabor MERO at Warren Street 801, Trenton, NJ; date of arrival: Apr 10, 1909; age at arrival: 41y; gender: M; marital status: M. His brother's name is Gyorgy MERO. The documentation from Ellis Island says: ethnicity: Hungarian; last place of residence: Kollanjni, Hungary; date of arrival (to Ellis Island): May 15, 1907; age at arrival: 38y; gender: M; marital status: M; ship of travel: Samland; port of departure: Antwerp; ocupation: servent; read/write:n/n; final destination: Trenton, NJ; cash: 4$, joining relative brother Gabor MERO at 818 Warren Street, Trenton, NJ; marks of identification: scar on cheek. Thanks for your help.
- Gabor Mero. 11 January 2007.

I am looking for descendants of Gabriel MERO; he immigrated from Hungary; he worked as a rubberworker in Trenton. In Fitgerald's Trenton and Mercer County Directory 1920 I have found that his house was in 3 Hewitt. Thanks.
- Gabor Mero. 11 January 2007.

Looking for descendants of James and Hannah OLIVER who emigrated from Hanley, Staffordshire, England, about 1880. James was born 1856, Hannah 1857. My uncle visited the family in Gennessee Street, Trenton, in 1945 but since then we have lost touch. My mother Mildred was named after their daughter Mildred (1891-1973).
- Andy Micklethwaite. Derbyshire, England. 5 March 2007.

OPDYKE, Samuel - born abt 1888, married Teresa, maiden name unknown, had 1 child, son Walter Samuel OPDYKE, Samuel remarried after the death of his first wife Teresa and married Mabel, maiden name unknown, lived in Mercer, NJ. Possibly had a brother or relative named Will, maybe short for William. Samuel was enlisted in the US Army, time unknown. Looking for additional relatives of Samuel OPDYKE and maiden names of his 2 wives.
- Southernwynd. 11 January 2007.

Searching for any information on the family of Frances PFITZINGER/PFITSINGER/PITZINGER/FITZINGER family located in Chambersburg Borough, Mercer County in 1880. Frances (Frank) is 46, his wife, Christina 53. Known children were Helena, Elizabeth, Carolina and William. Did Frances and Christina remain in Mercer County? If so when did they die and where are they buried? Thank you.
- Loudene Tollar. 10806 Royal Adrian, Conroe, TX 77303. 31 October 2007.

Searching for information on Ina PHILLIPS and James GABRIELSON who married in Trenton NJ on 26 August 1944. He was in the army and may have been stationed at Fort Dix. He was killed in action 19 Nov 1944 in Germany. Thank you.
- Jennifer Wolff. 30 April 2007.

I would like any information on SAUER/SAWYER in the Trenton surrrounding area for the period 1945 to 1980. I am especially interested in a person named Francesca Louise and any of her relatives. The little I know is that her father may have been called Frank and that he killed himself. I think he may have been a farmer. Thanks for any information.
- Rose Hatch. 30 April 2007.

Mercer County, Trenton area after 1930. Obituaries for SCARANTINO, Samuel/Savitore and Phillipa. They came from Italy in 1900 and lived in Pa for a short time.
Jefferson County History Center. 31 October 2007.

Anna SIENKIEWICZ m. Michael WIELICZKA. Anna's mother Sophia POPLOWSKA m. Casimir /Karl SIENKIEWICZ. Anna's siblings include Joseph, Rose m. William Vincent Roba; and William. Time period early 1900's to present.
- Helen McQuail Armstrong. 11 January 2007.

I am looking for descendants of Andrew SMITH, b. ~1643, Farsley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, and died in 1702/03 in Hopewell Township, Hunterdon (now Mercer County,) NJ. Andrew married Olive PITT 1674 in England. I am looking for descendants who have done a y-DNA test to compare my y-DNA test results with. My spamblocker will initially block you. Please do not get upset. I monitor my spamblocker and will catch your message and respond promptly.
- Jeff Smith. 3 February 2007.

I am looking for anything pertaining to the STILWELL or STILLWELL family that was in the 1930 census in Mercer County. Thank you.
- Ruth Quinn. 12 October 2007.

Seeking any information on the SULLIVAN family who migrated from Ireland in the mid 1800's. The head of the family was James and his wife Margaret. Children included Margaret who married Daniel FORREST, James, Edward, and perhaps John. I have found evidence of SULLIVANs living in Ewing, Princeton, Lawrence and Lambertville, but nothing definite. Daniel and Margaret lived in Greensburg on what is now known as Wilburtha Road.
- Dan Forrest. 11 January 2007.

I am searching for Teresa (Terri) GILLESPIE born 1948 - (married name SZEKELY 1967+/-). Her Father was Joseph - mother was Sally (?). They have lived in Mercer county -Trenton area since 1920's +/-. Siblings: Dennis GILLESPIE and Maryann VACCARO, Maryann has a son named Vince VACCARO.
- Bill Buckovinsky. or 31 October 2007.

Looking for information on Israel Clark TINDALL originated from Mercer County and headed west across the plains, arriving in California about 1856. I have no info on his parents. He married Elizabeth MCCOY and I have no further info on her either.
- Barbara Gillon. 24 December 2007.

Looking for parents of Alche/Alchea VOORHIES/VOORHEES, born 21 February 1765 (Bible record), married William UPDIKE (1759-1847), lived Dutch Neck, Mercer County, New Jersey. Alche is recorded in William UPDIKE family Bible as Alche VOORHIES. In "Op Dyck Family" by Charles Wilson Opdyke [Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons & Co., 1889], she is recorded, page 285, as Alchea VOORHEES. Alche and William UPDIKE had one son, Levi UPDIKE (1784-1861), married Mary CONOVER, lived Dutch Neck, Mercer, New Jersey. No other children. Help will be appreciated.
- Jean Wallace. 3 February 2007

I am searching for the family of Luther WHEELER of Princeton, NJ. He was in the Princeton census for 1900, his mother living with him. Luther was born in Calwell, NY, now Lake George, to William WHEELER and Elizabeth WHEELER. I am hoping to find if the family has any additional information on Elizabeth. I believe she is the daughter of Abiathar WHEELER and Sarah GRIFFIN.
- Georgia Anderson. 31 October 2007.

Michael WIELICZKO/WELICZKA, b. 11/22/1888 Vilno, Russia (Lithuania), name changed to Walley about 1920. Immigrated 1909 to Mercer County, m. Anna SIENKIEWICZ. Lived 84 Poplar St (1917-1920) and Taylor St, Trenton, NJ. Michael and Anna have 4 children Anna, Helen (my mother), Vincent (William) and Mary Anne.
- Helen McQuail Armstrong. 11 January 2007.

Looking for any information on Mercer County WILDMANN family. I am the grandaughter of George A. WILDMANN kia in Italy WW2. He is the son of Stephen (butcher) and Josephine. George's siblings are Adolph, John, Henry, Catherine, and Edward. Any information would be appreciated.
- Kristina Schumacher. 16 Dorothy Drive Monroe, NY 10950. 28 August 2007.

Ciao, mi chiamo ZEPPADORO Benedetto E sto cercando alcuni componenti della mia famiglia che abitano nella vostra citta o nei dintorni, nella Mercer County. Io non so niente di questi parenti dal 1900. Mi potete aiutare, grazie.
- Benedetto Zeppadoro. 28 August 2007.


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