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I invite you to enter a query for your Mercer County, New Jersey, ancestors. Since all queries must be manually posted by me, I ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Your query must have a Mercer County, New Jersey, connection or it will not be posted. You need to mention Mercer County or a location / placename in Mercer County in your query. For an area of Mercer County prior to 1838, you may refer to one of the parent counties; however, put "[now Mercer Co.]" after the parent county name in the text of the query.
  2. Put "MERCER COUNTY QUERY" in subject line of e-mail. I receive lots of e-mail, so any query received that does not list the county name in the subject line will be ignored.
  3. Put all SURNAMES (= FAMILY NAMES or LAST NAMES) in all CAPS in order of importance in first line of message.
  4. On the next lines enter your query information exactly as you want it to appear. Put all SURNAMES (= FAMILY NAMES or LAST NAMES) in all CAPS. Capitalize only the first letter of first names (given names).
  5. At the end of the message, on another line, put your complete name (not in all caps), e-mail address, and/or snail-mail address. You may also include the URL for your personal genealogy Web page.
  6. Do not put the entire query in all CAPS!
  7. Look at some of the queries already posted for examples of how to write your query and the format to submit it.

Every effort will be made to post your query within 5 days; however, no guarantees are made.

  Submit a New Query:  

Please notify me of address
changes! Please notify me -- -- of changes in your e-mail addresses and/or snail-mail addresses. I will not remove or modify queries unless requested to do so. However, I accept no responsibility for "bad" e-mail or snail-mail addresses!


The queries are organized by the year they are posted. Within each year, they are listed alphabetically by the primary surname in the query.

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The Mercer County Surname List serves as a surname index to the queries.



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