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I am searching for information about one of my ancestors. His name is George W. APPLETON born about 1820-1825. He married Rachel MARTINDELL of Newtown, Pa. born 1828 - marriage recorded in Trenton State Gazette August 22, 1849 (I have her ancestry back to 1620). She is buried in Riverview Cemetery. Family legend says he was a cabinet maker - undertaker in Trenton. He and his wife moved to Knoxville, Tenn. from Trenton - where my Grandfather was born. Census there says he was a cabinet maker coming from Pa. I have a copy of this census - 1850 p.55. The family returned to Trenton in 1863 from Tenn.- without father George W. APPLETON. Family legend (which Grandfather told me) was that he was taken off the train in Richmond, Va and placed in Libby Prison as a Northern sympathizer and there he died. I know nothing about his ancestry and wonder if you have any further information. Thank you for your effort.
- George W. Ingenbrandt. 45 E. Welling Avenue, Pennington, N.J. 08534. 9 June 2005.

BANNISTER, Samuel Herbert b. 01-Jan-1886 Staffordshire, England d. 17-Oct. 1918 Lawrenceville, NJ; married Elizabeth LOYD b. 1882; Children: John Leslie BANNISTER b. 26-Aug-1907 d. Feb. 1980 and (Samuel) Herbert BANNISTER b. 19-Oct-1909 d. 17-Feb.1973 buried Colonial Cemetery, Hamilton Twp., NJ.
- Linda Greer. 23 January 2005.

I am interested in any information about the family of Oliver O. BOWMAN, b. abt. 1838 in PA, who was in the 1870-1910 censuses for Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. My great Grand Aunt, Margaret (Francis) LUDLAM GILGOUR, b. 14 June 1851 in Wales, d. 5 Aug 1947 in Knoxville, Knox County, TN, was a servant in the household of Oliver O. BOWMAN in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. She married 23 Feb 1882 in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, James L. LUDLAM, a potter, b. in England, who died before the 1900 census. She returned to PA and married abt. 1904 George GILGOUR, who died 2 Oct 1918 in Pottsville, Schuylkill County, PA, during the peak of the influenza epidemic. Margaret and younger brother, Philip, were left in the care of a stepfather after the death of their mother ca. 1862 in East Delaware, Schuylkill County, PA. Shortly thereafter, Margaret was sent to live with another family, whose name I do not know. In the 1850 census for adjacent Carbon County, PA, there was an Oliver BOWMAN of the right age in the household of David BOWMAN, b. abt. 1810 in PA, and this may be the same Oliver BOWMAN who later appeared in Trenton. If so, the David BOWMAN family may have been the family to which Margaret went to live, and she may have accompanied their son, Oliver, and family to Trenton. I would be especially interested in the chronology of this BOWMAN family’s move to Trenton and if it was the family with whom Margaret lived after her mother’s death.
- Bailey Francis. 29 March 2005

I am looking for some help to trace my husband's family living in the past in Mercer County. Actually Trenton, N.J. The last name is BROWN. Dr. Elmer H. BROWN was a dentist practicing in Trenton in the 20's, 30's and 40's. I am married to his son. His mother, Anna WALTERS, grew up in Jersey City. I am hoping that someone will be able to do the local research for me. I am willing to pay. Let me know. Thank you.
- Anne M. Brown. P.O. Box 597, Avila Beach, CA 93424. 25 April 2005.

I am looking for information on Sonny Sekama BUNTING-WILLIAMS, who is supposed to be resident in Mercer Co.; he previously lived in Philadelphia; Originally migrated to the United States in the early 1960's from the Bonthe District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. Any information on Uncle Sonny will be appreciated.
- Jonathan Bunting-Williams. or 21 August 2005.

Domonique CAMINADE arrived in Trenton around 1840 from South Carolina. He married Susanna BEASON and they had 8 sons. John CAMINADE was an assemblyman and judge in Trenton who disappeared in 1895. John was married to Katherine GORE and had 3 children. Susanna married Thomas WALLACE after Domonique died in 1867. We are looking for any information that can help us complete this family tree. We are having a reunion in May 2006.
- Linda Agrati. 25 April 2005.

Seeking info re Mercer County Freeholder, Walter Manning CARSON - abt 1930.
- Dorothy Bradshaw. 1 November 2005.

Searching for the antecedents and the descendants of Catharine Amanda CUBBERLEY. Our great, great, grandmother was Catherine Amanda CUBBERLEY, b. 1842, d. 1933, of Robbinsville, NJ, and married (June 11, 1865) Thomas Mount DEY, b. 1840, d. 1909, They lived on Main Street in Hightstown, NJ and had the following three surviving children Saida R., wife to Wm. H. THOMAS; Bertha C., (aka "Birdie"), wife to Forman A. UPDIKE of Hightstown; Cora B., wife to Charles. A. MASON of Windsor. Elmer P. DEY, s. 8 Feb. 1888, age one month, is interred with his parents Thomas M. DEY and Catherine A. DEY in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Also searching for Cedar Hill Cemetery.
- Ann. 5 June 2005.

Catherine Amanda CUBBERLY was born in Robbinsville, NJ, Mercer County, 1842, married Thomas Mount DEY. They resided on Main Street, Hightstown until their deaths. Seeking information about the CUBBERLY family, of Robbinsville, NJ. prior to 1842.
- Ann. 5 June 2005.

Searching for the antecedents and the descendants of Catherine Amanda CUBBERLY. Our great, great, grandmother was Catherine Amanda CUBBERLY, b. 1832, of Robbinsville, and married (June 11, 1865) Thomas Mount DEY, b. 1839-42. They lived on Main Street, in Hightstown, NJ, and had the following three daughters: Saida R., wife to Wm. H. THOMAS; Bertha C. (aka "Birdie"), wife to Forman A. UPDIKE of Hightstown; Cora B. wife to Charles A. MASON of Windsor.
- Ann. 5 June 2005.

Seeking information about David J. CUBBERLY and wife, Rebecca CUBBERLY of Washington, Mercer County. The 1860 census shows their daughter Catharine, at age 8, and son John, born around 1830-1829. The location might be known as Robbinsville.
- Ann. 6 June 2005.

Searching for any descendents of CUBBERLY, RULON, WEST, and HAMMELL families of Mercer County. We are descended from Catherine Amanda Cubberly DEY and Thomas Mount DEY who settled in Hightstown, NJ, through their daughter Saida R. DEY. Their other two daughters married Forman UPDIKE and Charles MASON.
- Ann. 6 June 2005.

I am searching for information on Scharlene Margrett Thompson DAYMUDE. She is believed to have been born in Mercer County, New Jersey, in the late 30's early 40's. She disappeared around the 60's. She had two children with Earl Gordon DAYMUDE. Any information on Scharlene or any member of her family would help greatly.
- Donna Little. HC 60 BOX 86-1C, Points, WV 25437. 301 268 1785. 6 June 2005.

Clark DENNIS - born abt 1835, Hopewell, Mercer, N.J., at age 15, lived with Lambert family, same place, died in Cuba, N.Y. I am trying to find his parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
- Jolene Dennis Martin. 1 November 2005.

I seek information on the Luther DODD enumerated in the 1880 US Census of Mercer County, New Jersey. He was working as an attendant at the N. J. Lunatic Asylum in Mercer County at that time. If this is the same Luther DODD who was my great uncle, he was born in Stafford County, Virginia and married about 1884 a Frederika W. (UNKNOWN) who was born in New York. They moved to Denver, Colorado at sometime before 1900 where Luther C. DODD and his wife, Frederika W. appear in the US Census of that year. I have found an L. C. DODD working for Prudential Insurance in Denver and think that he was possibly working for Prudential before he moved to Colorado.
- Mary Alice Corder. 25 April 2005.

Seeking info concerning a William DYE, b. 1775 in Windsor, New Jersey. I do not have any additional info. My family was the DYE family. I do know that William died in Lucas, Ohio October 18, 1845. I am interested in discovering where this William DYE’s parents were from and if and what country they may have immigrated from. Most all of the DYEs in my family tree came to Iowa via Ohio and Illinois. I realize this info I am giving is very slim and I am also wondering if there were any records kept at this time of our young county. Thanks for any help.
- Miriam. 7 September 2005.

I am looking for any information on an ancestor of mine. John FIDLER was a first settler of Hopewell Twp, of Mercer Co in 1683. The original FIDLER homeland was NW of Pennigton. John died in October 1759. John had 6 children. 1. John FIDLER a Methodist Preacher died 1805, Mercer, Co. 2. Thomas FIDLER 3. Elizabeth FIDLER. 4. Timothy FIDLER 1742-1815 my Great x 4 Grandfather. 5. Sarah FIDLER 6. Nathan FIDLER. Noah G. FIDLER also a resident near Pennigton, Mercer Co. Thank You.
- Susie Rockholt. 3328 Monoco Dr., Spring Hill, TN 37174. 25 April 2005.

FRENCH, Richard and Selletje. 1760-1810. Looking for any and all info in evidence of their life. They babtised Children Anne and William FRENCH at Zion Lutheran church, Oldwick, Hunterdon, Mercer Co in 1782 and 1783. Ye widow Selletje remarried in 1797 to William LEWIS. Any information regarding this family would be much appreciated. Thank you.
- Dick French. Sierra Vista, AZ. 23 January 2005.

I wanted to post a query through USGENWEB about a married couple buried in a Princeton, NJ (Mercer County) Church yard or cemetery. The names are Valentin FROHLING/FROEHLING (believe the last name is spelled FROHLING) and his wife Elisabeth. They both emigrated from Germany in the 1880's I believe. I am looking for obituaries on the couple. Valentin died on 11 August 1948 age was about 85 and his wife Elisabeth died at age 56 or 59 on 12 June 1923. The maiden name of Elisabeth was MADER. Thanks for your help.
- Jack Smith. Colonial Heights, VA. 29 March 2005.

I am looking for any connections to the "FRYER" family. The patriarch was Samuel, my lineage is from "Estella" who had a brother named Eli (USMC General) and several other brothers and sisters. They all seem to be from Hightstown or Belleville. Do you have any sources that you can refer me. Sincerely.
- Eric Hektner. 1 February 2005.

I am looking for information on a Henry J GRAINGER of Mercer, NJ, who married a Nellie ADAMS of Mercer, NJ, and children were Harriette, Albert and Naomi. I am looking for the uncles Richard C GRAINGER who lived in mercer and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Also the Leonard GRAINGER who lived in Mercer and moved to Pampas, TX. Thank You.
- Bobbi Mauldin. 5 June 2005.

Looking for info & parents of following people.Armitage & wife Lilly GREEN. They lived in Mercer Co, 1914. A. Reeder GREEN lived in Trenton in 1914. Charles & Ida GREEN in Mercer Co, 1914. Charles B. & Atoinette GREEN in Mercer Co, 1914. David A. & Eva P. GREEN in Mercer Co, 1914. E. E. GREEN in Mercer Co, 1914. George GREEN lived in Trenton 1914. George M. & Florence GREEN lived in Hopewell 1914. George GREEN lived in Princeton 1914. Hellery GREEN lived in Lawrenceville 1914. Henry W. GREEN lived in Lawrenceville 1914. Howard & Eila GREEN lived in Trenton 1914. John V. & Marion L. GREEN lived Trenton 1914. John GREEN lived in Mercer Co, 1914. Mary A. GREEN lived in Woodsville 1914. M. DeWitt GREEN son of John V. lived ind Trenton 1914 & just need his info. William A. & Ella GREEN lived in Hopewell 1914. The following people I need all info on them. William GREEN & wife Annis STANFIELD. He born abt 1680 in England, did they have a son named Richard? John GREEN b. abt 1591 in England m. Bettrus TEBB. Did they have a son named William? William GREEN born abt. 1624 in England m. Annis.
- Karen Crisman. 713 South 7th, Memphis, TX 79245. 23 January 2005.

GROH, Frank J. (Joseph) born February 12, 1884 died Jan 1974, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton Township. His father Frank or Joseph GROH supposedly born in Trenton, buried in Riverview Cemetery. Grandparents immigrated from Germany. His mother Charlotte BLAUTH immigrated from Rhineland (Rheinland) Germany and was married three times WORTHLEY, GROH, HARTLEY. Don't know the order. Thank you for whatever help you can give.
- Dian Groh. 7 September 2005.

Seeking any information about all and any HANING's. I believe they once lived in Mercer County before 1795. I am a descendant (I think) of Matthew William HAINING ? HANING ? I am with the understanding he arrived from Germany born about 1730. Also Margaret McKINNEY believe to be from Ireland. I believe their children were Moses HAINING born 13 Sep 1786 in N.J. Married to Elizabeth McKINSTRY born abt 1790 in Ireland. And Nancy HANING, born abt 1765.
- William T. Hanning. 5 June 2005.

Searching for the parents of Phoebe HART of Mercer County, born about 1795-99. Married Abraham SELLS. I need her parents' names.
- Carol Lester. HELENGALION@AOL.COM. 10 March 2005.

Grandson of John HART (1713-1779 & Deborah SCUDDER): John HART 1779-1829 married Mary SHREVE. Mary SHREVE 1785-1765 dau of John SHREVE. John HART, grandson of John HART, signer of DOI of Hopewell, NJ. John HART and Mary SHREVE had several children: Thomas Shreve HART b. 1805; Catherine HART b. 1810 married a BARTRAM (a widow by 1840); Susannah Susan BUDD HART b. 1820 married Joseph HUYCK; Frances HART b. 1812 married a RANKIN. Mary SHREVE HART was living in Philadelphia in the Northern Liberties Ward in 1850 and in 1860. I am interested in tracking this family from Mercer County to Philadelphia County from about 1805 on....
- Robert Stanton. 23 January 2005.

I am looking for information on these families. Timothy and Mary HAYES and their son Timothy W. HAYES came to Trenton, New Jersey, from St. John, New Brunswick, Canada sometime before 1853. On May, 10, 1853, Timothy W. married Mary Ann DANSBURY, daughter of Samuel and Mary DANSBURY in a Lutheran Church in Trenton. Mary Ann was born in Trenton in 1831. They had six children: Mary Elizabeth, Walter T., Catherine Emma, Anna Louise, Alice Teressa, and Laura. My grandmother, Alice Teressa, married John C. HOLZ, born in Trenton in 1861. His parents were Anton and Whilamenia HOLZ who had immigrated from Germany. Alice died in 1926. All of these ancesters are buried in Trenton cemeteries.
- Mary Elizabeth Nelson. 10571 Overman Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92840. 22 September 2005.

Leroy Peter HOFF. Looking for death information for Peter; am showing that he died 14/Feb/1970 in White Horse, Mercer County, NJ; but have not been able to confirm.
- Rowland Hoff. 10 March 2005.

I seek info. John HOPKINS (born ca. 1803), supposed son of another John HOPKINS, who was in turn a son of William HOPKINS and Rachel COLE. John HOPKINS marr. 8 Mar. 1826 (in Niagra Co., NY ) Sarah CHAMBERLAIN. The marriage record stated he was from "Trenton, NJ". The HOPKINS family was originally from Oyster Bay, NY (Queens Co.) but drifted west after the Revolution. After marrying in NY, this couple (John and Sarah) had a son Canvas HOPKINS, born 1830 in Easton, PA, not too far from Trenton. From there they eventually ended up in Rock Co., Wisconsin! Is there any hope of connecting John HOPKINS to his parent John HOPKINS, and grandparents William and Rachel?
- Nancy G. Williams. 409 Orchard Dr., Madison, WI 53711. 21 August 2005.

Larry J. HUNT looking for father of Stephen Blackwell HUNT, born 3 Mar 1825, Mercer County. Stephen B. HUNT married Susan Ann SCUDDER 16 Oct 1847 in New Jersey. Susan Ann SCUDDER was born 14 Mar 1830 in New Jersey also to John SCUDDER.
- Larry J. Hunt. 13098 E. Florida Drive, Aurora, CO 80012. 5 June 2005.

I am interested in locating descendants of my great-great grandparents, Thomas and Lydia Radcliffe HUTCHINSON who came to America in 1882. The HUTCHINSON Family were successful stone masons who owned a mill, foundry and quarry in the Stockton, Center Bridge area. They moved to Trenton, Mercer County around 1892 and built the old Trenton High School, part of McKinley Hospital and 50 houses on Hamilton and Cuyler Avenues in Trenton. This was a large family with about 14 children. The children included Samuel Radcliffe, Richard Henry, Thomas Arthur, Joseph Holden, James Leach, Eli, Albert Edward, Elizabeth (Tilly), Margaret (my great grandmother), Ada, John, Harold William, Lillian and Bertha. Any information on this once prominent Mercer family would be greatly appreciated.
- Alyce Rossi. 5 December 2005.

I am looking for ancestors of my grandfather William HUTTON born in Trenton, NJ in 1892 who married Mary KELLY. Until the Depression, the family lived at 514 Prospect Street and later moved to Stuyvesant Avenue. The Prospect Street address was in the family for at least three generations. William was the son of William and Margaret Alice Hutchinson HUTTON. He had a sister named Florence (married FORD then STOUT) and Robert. Robert later lived in Robbinsville. These locations are all in Mercer County. I am also interested in locating the birthplace and parents of their grandparents, Alex and Ann HUTTON. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
- Alyce Rossi. 5 December 2005.

I am looking for any information on a Samuel KERLIN, his country of origin, parents names, wife's name, etc. Estimated birth as being in 1773 in Trenton. I believe the family moved on into Pennsylvania. Thank you.
- Ann Bennion. 21 August 2005.

Grandfather Stephen John KUBANOVICH and his sister Mary Elizabeth Kubanovich (FIORE) have it spelled this way. On Manifests it was spelled the other three ways when their grandparents/parents travelled. A known address is 140 Hancock Street on a census from 1900 (I believe). One manifest reads that KUBANOVIC, Matyas is going to meet SHAEFFER, Karoly (SCHAFFER< Charles) who is mentioned as his brother in law, in NJ as well (1904). They came form Bacs, Hungary. The family lived on Edwards Ave for many years in Trenton, and South Broad Street for my Aunt. We also owned land on Lalor Street. Any info would be much appreciated on their parents names, or spellings of the name.
- Denise Kubanovich_Childs. (No spam mail- it will be reported). 25 April 2005.

LAKE, Solomon, born in Mercer County, New Jersey, about 1816, parents unknown.... Married MATTESON, Sally Ann, born R.I. Living in Susquehanna Co., Pa, in 1880. I am looking for parents of Solomon LAKE. Please contact.
- Misty. 29 March 2005.

Lucas Zweig/Zweah/Sehweah/Sweig and Barbara Anna (both born Wurtemburg) had the following, Lucas Edward, Rosa, Emma, Otto, & John. I have located the family in Trenton 1850-1870 census. But can't find them in 1880. Otto (b1856-d1913) went to Wheeling, W VA, & married Catherine/Katherine LOMASNEY (b1867-d?) 1883 in St. Joseph Cathedral and had two known daughters before moving back to Trenton c 1892. According to the 1910 census Catherine had a total of 8 children but only 4 alive, namely Annie Mary, William & Rose. Otto died in 1913 and only three children are mentioned in his obituary. Catherine was one of eight children born to Timothy LOMASNEY & Ellen ?MOHER?. It appears that one of Catherine's siblings namely John may had moved to Trenton about the same time as Otto's return. I found an obituary their mother (Ellen) in 1909 Trenton Evening Times. Looking to correspond with other descendants.
- Janet Baldwin. 5 June 2005.

LYNN family in old Hunterdon County (now probably Mercer Co.), NJ, in the mid-1700s. Thanks for any help you can give me. It is my understanding that Rachel LYNN married Cornelius SMITH in Hunterdon County. The time frame was sometime before 1762 when Rachel's parents, William LYNN and Mary were found in Rowan County, NC.
- Nancy Lynn. 6 June 2005.

Seeking info Fred W. MACKENTHUN (1878?-1978?) of Mercerville, Mercer County, NJ. Fred married Elizabeth (Lizzie) KLOCKNER (1879 - 1967) and they had 2 daughters: Frances and Marian. Your help is appreciated.
- Rett Campbell. 6 June 2005.

I am doing research on Gogyer MEHIS and Flora STEF. They would have belonged to a Greek Catholic Church in Mercer Co. between 1910 and 1918. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
- Fran Molnar. 22 September 2005.

I am trying to locate descendants of my great-great grandparents William and Ann MINTON of West Windsor, Mercer County. William died in 1873. William and Ann had four children - William J., Franklin, Elizabeth, and Mary Ann. My great grandparents, William and Bridget, had three children - William F., George, and Mary (Mame O'Rourke.) I am also trying to find out who Theresa MINTON is. She is living with George on Walnut Avenue in Trenton in 1920 and she is listed as the widow of William although William's widow is alive and living with her daughter, Mame in Jersey City. Anyone with insight is welcome to respond.
- Alyce Rossi. 5 December 2005.

I am looking for the obituary of Philomena MISOLEK, d. January 1997. She lived in Hopewell, NJ, on Hart Ave. Thank you.
- Jacqueline North. 23 January 2005.

Katherine (Katie) PERRINE 1896-1918. I am searching for any information at all on Katie PERRINE who was from Cranbury, New Jersey, area. She married Earle HARLAN of Pennsylvania and moved to the Philadelphia area. In 1915 she gave birth to a daughter by the name of Katherine. In 1918 Katherine PERRINE HARLAN was one of the unlucky people who became a statistic of the great flu epidemic. Katherine PERRINE HARLAN passed away in 1918.
- Rose-Ellen Evans. 1 February 2005.

I am looking for cemetery/burial information for Frank H. ROBERTS, Jr. who lived in Yardville and/or Trenton and died at the Hamilton Hospital, Feb 13, 1990. The Funeral Home was Buklad Memorial Home and Chapel. His wife, Ruth, died about 1982. I believe that they are buried in a cemetery in Yardville. I have requested a death certificate from the State of NJ for Frank. Any assistance in identifying which cemetery they might be buried in or any other additional burial info would be most appreciated.
- Gary L. Roberts. 3 August 2005.

I would like any info on "SAWYER" from Trenton. Time period from 1950 to 1980. Specifically I am interested in a person named Francesca Louise SAWYER. She would have been born about the year 1950. I would like the names of her parents too, if possible. Thanks.
- Rose Hatch. 23 January 2005.

I am researching the SILVERSTEIN family of Trenton, NJ. I am trying to locate the jewish cemetery "off Olden Avenue" in Trenton. An elderly relative only recalls that is where my great-grandparents were buried in the 1920's and 1930's. Their first names are Benjamin and Ella. Thank you.
- Evan Kutner. or 5 December 2005.

I would like to verify that Samuel SMITH was born in Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ - 9 Jan 1803. He married Nancy HARDER in New York and migrated to IL about 1830 with his growing family. Any assistance establishing his original family would be a wonderful help. Thank you.
- Barbara Cox. 5 June 2005.

I am trying to find death dates for the following: Charles D. STEILL, Sophia Brown STEILL; last known address was 121 Oliver Avenue, Trenton, NJ. This information was obtained from the 1950 Trenton phone directory. I have contacted the Trenton library and newspaper but without an exact date, they can not help. Do you have any suggestions?
- Pat Brown Turner. 22 September 2005.

I have been told I am decended from Richard STOCKTON, signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was a resident of the Princeton area. One family name of decendents is APPLEGATE, who lived in Bridgeton, NJ during the 19th and 20th centuries. Ruth APPLEGATE, married Thomas HORNER,and lived in Pennsylvania during the first half of the 20th century. I am the grandson of Thomas HORNER and Ruth APPLEGATE and my family name is SNYDER. I live in Bryn Mawr, PA. Any help you can provide in tracing the family line would be appreciated. Thanks.
- Wayne Snyder. 610-525-0769. 6 June 2005.


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