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I am looking for information on Lamar ADAMS, b 1840 New Jersey, died 1907 New Jersey, buried in Riverview Cemetery. Wife Martha. Children Joseph S. ADAMS and Florence ADAMS.
- Dottie Harris. 18 May 2011.

I am searching for information about my great-grandparents, Ida ALBERT (b. 1879 in Lithuania) and Benjamin RICHMOND (b. 1880? in Lithuania), and their children, Emil and Ruth RICHMOND (born in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey). Benjamin left Ida when their children were young and he apparently remarried. I believe the RICHMOND family owned a bus company. Ida was the daughter of Louis (& Sarah?) ALBERT and I believe the ALBERT family immigrated from Lithuania in 1891 or 1892. As far as I know, they lived in Trenton, NJ, until the time of their deaths. Thanks for your help.
- Emily Tremoureux. 28 March 2011.

Ignatz BLEISTEIN was his name; he had 10 children, one of which was my father. His name was Anthony Curtis BLEISTEIN. I would appreciate any information on my grandfather Ignatz BLEISTEIN. He lived on Wolverton St. in south Trenton, Mercer County, around the early 1900's I understand he made soap at this address.
- George Bleistein. 4 March 2011.

I am researching the BOWMAN family, specifically a James BOWMAN of Trenton, New Jersey. He was the owner of a hotel in the Trenton area during the Revolutionary War and was said to have hosted Washington, Burgoyne and other prominent people of the day. He is my 4th Great Grandfather. He had a daughter named Eliza who married Pren METHAM and lived and is buried in Cosochton County, Ohio. Any help is greatly appreciated.
- Jeff Lilly. 18 May 2011.

CADY, Joseph or Daniel - Daniel is listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran joining from what is now Mercer Co. area into the 1st Establishment 1st Battalion of the New Jersey Line (75-76). ). As the war went on, the CADYs moved into Pennsylvania for a time. Taking advantage of Judge Symmes offer they purchased land in Mill Creek, Ohio (now Cincinnati). Other CADYs stayed in New Jersey and lived in Mercer County. One that I traced was George Washington CADY, whose line is John, Jonathan, James and Nicholas CADY, who was a carpenter apprentice under William KNAPP. William's family was listed on the SS Arbella by Gov. John Winthrop, in 1620. Nicholas was likely on board but as a servant was not listed, he later married Judith KNAPP and partnered with John and James KNAPP in Groton, MA. Three of James' sons moved to Windham Co., CT, in about 1706, followed by three of their uncles. Jonathan, likely came from Canterbury, CT, and John likely migrated to NJ. (see for more).
- James Cady. 31 January 2011.

I have information on Clifford C. CHAMBERLIN, Broad Street in Hightstwon, NJ (Mercer County). I saw the question from Doris Davison Parry - I did reply to her but it came back to me as undeliverable. Do you know if her e-mail has changed?
- SPatFisch. 28 March 2011.

Seeking genealogical information from any individual descended from John W. CLAYHUNCE (1822-1893) and his wife, Sarah (Sally) W. HARBOURT (1827-1894). Sarah HARBOURT CLAYHUNCE is the great-granddaughter of John HARBOURT for whom Harbourton, NJ (located in present day Mercer County) is named. The CLAYHUNCEs lived primarily in Hopewell Township, Mercer Co.; their children married into the LINDSLEY and SWALLOW families. For more information about the HARBOURT family, please see my HARBOURT queries on this page.
- Susie Harbourt Gnann. 4 March 2011.

Francisco (Frank) COMMINI and his wife Lucia VOSA emmigrated from Ruvo del Monte, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. They settled in Trenton, NJ. Among their children were: Gerard, Mary, Daniel, Thomas, Stephen, Charles, Millie and Grace. Guiseppe (Joseoph) VITELLA and his wife Angelina FRASCELLA also emmigrated amout the same tiome. They came from San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. Among their children were: Peter, James, Mary, Rose, Frank, Tony, Philamena and Elizabeth.
- Patricia Shiriock. 22 November 2011.

EDWARDS, William A. b. 1866 New-Castle-under Lyme, Staffordshire, England. D. 1928 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Emigrated to Trenton in the late 1800's from England. He married Ann WOODHOUSE and they had 3 children in Mercer Co, NJ. Mr. EDWARDS worked in the pottery industry in the Trenton area. He was a very faithful, active and dedicated member of the Central M.E. Church during his lifetime in Trenton. The church was located at the corner of Broad and Market Street. He had 8 brothers and sisters of whom many came to the United States and became US citizens and a few returned to England. Still a lot of relatives in the greater Trenton area. BECAUSE OF THIS ORIGINAL POSTING IN 2006, A RELATIVE IN THE UK CONTACTED ME AND A BOOK HAS BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT 400 YEARS OF THE EDWARDS FAMILY IN THE UK AND USA. Feel free to contact me for any information.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

FABER, Casper and Ida. I would like any information about my grandparents, Casper and Ida, who lived in Trenton, NJ, from the late 1800's through the mid 1900's. They had 3 children: Robert, James and Richard. They lived on Euclid Street, then on Riverside Drive. Casper was the Secretary of Circle F Manufacturing Co. Any information would mean so very much.
- Lee Faber Haines. 31 January 2011.

FOSBROOKE, Phebe Woodhouse, b 1837, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, England. D. Mercer County, NJ. Married Thomas FOSBROOKE and had 6 children. According to the obituary her sons Henry/Harry and Walter were pall bearers for their uncle-William WOODHOUSE Sr. in 1906. Looking to share information about this family. Please contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

I am looking for information about a Sarah GOLDIE, b. abt 1874 in New Jersey. I believe that she was a daughter of a George GOLDIE, They were on the 1880 Census. Sarah married a William W. SCHEFFLER in 1895. I found them on the 1900 Census living in New York City, Manhattan, they lived on W. 88th St. The household had William Sadie B. (Sarah) Marion G. Dau b. abt 1896 and Elise B. Feb 1900. I found them on the 1910 census living in Allenhurst Borough, NJ, they added on dau June A. b. abt 1906. Mrs. SCHEFFLER married my Uncle Charles BRYAN in 1921. I am not sure where Mrs. SCHEFFLER was in 1920 as I have not been able to locate her on any census records. I am trying to fill several blanks as to what happened to Mr. SCHEFFLER? Mrs. BRYAN died in New York in Jan 1927. She may be buried in Princeton. This is something I would like to find out. Any help would be appreciated.
- James Campbell. 29 August 2011.

Seeking genealogical information, including documents, photos and stories, from anyone who can trace their ancestors to the HARBOURT family from Mercer and/or Hunterdon Counties, NJ. If you are a descendent of any HARBOURT from NJ, please contact me. I am working on a book about the HARBOURT family originally from NJ and would like to hear from you. Many of the HARBOURTs in the U.S. today descend from one John HARBOURT, who, in 1768, settled in present day Hopewell Township, Mercer County (then Hunterdon County). The community of Harbourton, NJ, is named after this John HARBOURT, a local schoolmaster. The beautiful stone dwelling house that John built, and where he carved the date "1768" and his initials "JH" on a date stone, still stands sentinel at the Harbourton crossroads today. If you believe that you are "somehow" related to the HARBOURT family from this area, but are unsure of your actual lineage, please still feel free to contact me. With your grandparents' name, I am 99.9% sure that I can give you your direct lineage all the way back to John HARBOURT.
- Susie Harbourt Gnann. 4 March 2011.

Seeking genealogical information, including a known family bible, from anyone descended from Walter HARBOURT (1792-1870) and his wife, Eliza FARLEY/FARLEE (1800-1891). Walter HARBOURT is most likely the grandson of John HARBOURT, for whom Harbourton, NJ, is named. Walter and Eliza raised their children in Hopewell Township on farmland just outside of Harbourton, NJ (located in present day Mercer County). Their children married into the ABBOTT, LARASON, EGE, and MERSHON families. Walter HARBOURT served in the War of 1812; he and wife, Eliza, are both buried in the Harbourton Cemetery.
- Susie Harbourt Gnann. 4 March 2011.

How can I find information on members of the HINDLEY family of Trenton?
- R. Craig Hindley. 4 March 2011.

Seek info on Levi Taylor JONES [1821-1880], his wife Sarah Ann THROPP [1826-1899], of Mercer Co., NJ, and their descendants. Children included: Elisabeth Virginia JONES who married Isaac HENDRICKS, James Thropp JONES, who married Frances WARBURTON, Susan Tilburn JONES who married John YETTER Jr., Jane Marie JONES, Amy Dickson JONES who married Harry BARLOW, Mary Ann Tayor JONES who married Charles SCHANCK, Laura E. JONES who married Charles STEELE Jr., and Ella Louise JONES who married Frank BREARLEY.
- Pat Peck. 28 March 2011.

I was wondering if someone could look up in the New Jersey archives XXII on page 246 and give me the marriages, who they married and the date of Catharine LARASON 1779 and Anne LARASON 1768 of Mercer County, NJ, marriages. I would appreciate it.
- Betty. 28 March 2011.

LOVETT, Anna Mary, b. 1839, Mercer Co, NJ, d. 1919 Mercer Co, NJ. Was the daughter of Benjamin LOVETT and Anna Mary. Married Israel SUTTON and had 7 children. Do not know much about this LOVETT family and looking to share with anyone researching this family. Please contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

I am researching the family of Michael MCGOWAN of Trenton, NJ, born 1847, died 1892. Wife was Laura W. PITTMANAN/PITTMANN born 1851, died 6 Jun 1888. Laura's mother was Sarah CARR, born abt 1823, died 1876. Children of Michael and Laura were Elizabeth B., Sarah Carr, Morrison Henry, and Charles W.
- Gordon B. Scaggs. 28 March 2011.

MEISTER, Linda Carol, born Trenton, NJ, birth mother Velida Medula MEISTER. Born December 1948. Family is looking for you. Please contact us. We have been looking for you for years. If anyone knows of her, please let me know.
- Valerie Zigon. 22 November 2011.

MULVAN, Nicholas died March 2, 1928 in Hightstown. Place of burial was shown as Cedarhill (?) Cem. I can not find a record of any burial. Help!
- Nikki Marlette. 28 March 2011.

I am looking for the NUSSEY family who came to Mercer Co. 14 June 1911. Sam and Blanche NUSSEY had 3 children, Cora, Sam, and Phyliss. Sam jr died 1981 and is in Greenwood Cemetery, Trenton, Mercer Co, with Jessie C. NUSSEY. Phyliss died 30 Sept 1995 Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton of Montgomery. Any help of living or dead relative would be helpfull.
- Sharon Hargreaves. 22 November 2011.

I am looking for the parents of Samuel T. PLATT and Emma H. FORD his wife. They lived in the Hightstown/East Windsor area in the late 1800's and early 1900's. My grandparents were George F. PLATT and Jessie Russell VAN PELT, who also lived in that area. Any info, advice or help regarding any of these families would be greatly appreciated.
- Bernice Jankovic Mazzeo. 22 November 2011.

PRATT, Charles Washington, b 1832 Mass. was the first of this branch of the historic PRATT family of Massachusetts to settle in Mercer County, New Jersey. He had two wives-Mary Ellen TANTUM & Sarah Ellen TANTUM. Of those unions 3 children were born, Augusta, William H., and John Q. Mr PRATT had a very successful grocery store at the corner of Mercer and Market St. in the 3rd Ward of Trenton. Lots of relatives still in the area. Any researchers of this family contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

ROCKEL, Albert, J., married Minerva G. RUSSELL of Fitchburg/Fall River, Massachusetts, in about 1923 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ. Looking for any information on their marrying in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. Do not know where he was born or lived. She was my grandmother and he was her first husband who died while in the Navy, I believe between 1925 and 1931. Any assistance will be appreciated as I have hit a roadblock for quite a while now. Thanks.
- Daniel McLaughlin. 1354 Watwood Rd., San Diego, CA 92114. 28 March 2011.

I am looking for info on John SCHWARTZ and Anna SCHWARTZ. John came to America abt. 1892, and Anna abt. 1894. They were married in America abt. 1894. John was born March 1866 and Anna was born Jan. 1865. They were 5th cousins and both came from someplace near Heidelberg, Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest. I think they were in Philadelphia for a short time. They then settled in Trenton, New Jersey, soon after. In the 1900 Census they were living on Hancock Avenue. His occupation was "Waiter Hotel". They had a 'servant' named Elizabeth PASTOR from Hungary. In 1900 they had 4 children: Johanna born Aug. 1895, Carl born July 1896, Catherine (Katie) born Oct. 1897, Dora (Dorothia) born Aug. 1899. I am trying to find any documentation that will tell me where in Germany they came from. I am going to Germany for Easter (2011) and I would like to visit where my ancestors came from! I also would like any information on them and what happened to the rest of the family. Thank you.
- Donna Wareheim. 28 March 2011.

Interested in information regarding life and burial of Christoper SKILMAN and Ruth FITZ RANDOPLH SKILMAN, of Mercer Co., NJ.
- Nina Hollingsworth Stokes. 31 January 2011.

SMITH, Sarah Elizabeth, b. abt. 1814 in Mercer Co, NJ, d. 1857 Mercer Co, NJ. Married Samuel A. SUTTON. They had 2 children. The SMITH families were large land owners in the Trenton and Lawrenceville area. I have been given her parents as being Israel S. SMITH & Maria RUNYAN. It is difficult to determine who belongs to which family. I have old newspaper articles that talk of SMITH's and other relatives in Washington and Philadelphia. Anxious to share any and all information with interested parties. Please contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

I am looking for a man named Johnson STOCKTON. He was born in Trenton, NJ, in 1840. He joined the Civil War in 1861 in NJ. He later moved to PA and married a women named Mary. I was hoping someone would have this Johnson in their tree. I found one Johnson in NJ in Trenton under the household of John and Edith STOCKTON in 1850, but can not prove it is my Johnson. If anyone has any ideas please email.
- Mary Guthrie. 18 May 2011.

SUTTON, Samuel, b 1806 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ, d 1884 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Married-Sarah SMITH from whom they had at least 2 children. Samuel was a carpenter and builder in the Trenton Area. Looking to share any and all information about this family.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

SUTTON, Israel Smith, b 1839, Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. d 1912, Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Married-Ann LOVETT from whom 7 children were born. Israel was a veteran of the Civil War and had the pleasure of celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary at a large family party in 1910. His occupation was as a carpenter and was involved in building many of the houses in the area now known as Mill Hill in Trenton. Anyone interested in this family contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

I am looking for information on Elizabeth "Lizzie" TITUS, dau. of Christopher S. and Anna M. TITUS of Trenton, who was born Sept. 25, 1858, and married Charles BIGGS of Hunterdon Co.
- Eric Biggs. 4 March 2011.

I am seeking any information concerning my husband's family who immigrated to the U.S. from Yugoslavia and lived in Mercer County (Trenton) sometime starting in the the early 1920's. Valentine TOSCH, his wife Eva TOSCH and 3 children Michael TOSCH, Catherine TOSCH, and Rose TOSCH. Catherine TOSCH is my husband's mother and she told us that she married a man (we do not know who) and she told us that the marriage was annulled. She then married William F. WELCH, Sr. who worked for Capitol Transit Bus Company (later known as Trenton Transit) in Trenton and had a son William F. WELCH, Jr. (my husband). Catherine then divorced William F. WELCH, Sr. in about 1948. She continued to live in Trenton with her mother Eva TOSCH and her son William F. WELCH, Jr. Catherine married again in 1958 to Ernest LUX. The information we are seeking is anything about my husband's grandparents Valentine and Eva TOSCH and his uncle Michael TOSCH as we have no information about their lives and if there are any other relatives. My husband's mother was very secretive about her life and did not speak much of her family. She died from Alzheimer's disease in 2003 so we are left with no information. Anything anyone knows would be very helpful in filling in the void.
- Donna and William Welch. 31 January 2011.

I am looking for William H. WALTON. I think he was born in England in 1804 and came to Windsor Township, Mercer Co., around 1830. I know he was in Jones Co., Iowa, in the 1856 census and that he is buried in Olin, Jones Co., Iowa, and died about 1869. He is my ggrandfather. I can not find any info on him before Jones Co. or do I know who his parents were. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
- Judy Walton Woodson. 22 November 2011.

WOODHOUSE, William Sr. b 1840 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, England, d. 1906 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Emigrated to NJ with his family from England in the early to mid 1800's. He owned and started the Woodhouse Chain Works in Trenton and was a very prominent citizen of the area at that time. He had 8 children and was a dedicated and faithful member of the Central M.E. Church at the corner of Broad & Market Street in Trenton. Any inquiries about this family contact me.
- K R Edwards. 22 November 2011.

Seek any info on John YETTER Jr. [1847-1881], his wife Susan Jones YETTER [1849-1923], of Mercer Co., NJ, and their descendants. Their children were: Oscar Mervyn YETTER [b. 1868, d. 1868], Mary Ella YETTER [1870-1946], Eva Estella YETTER [1871-1949], Nellie Alberta YETTER [1875-1963], Sadie Isola YETTER [1878-1973] and Laura Adele YETTER [1880-1972].
- Pat Peck. 28 March 2011.


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