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Caroline ANCELIN was born 12 May 1830 in NJ. She inherited personal property from her mother, Elizabeth ANCELIN in her Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ, will of 1850, proved 1851. Her siblings are listed as Job, Mary S., Hannah C., Amanda, Catherine L. and Frances S.. I am looking for the name of Elizabeth ANCELIN's husband, who likely died before 1850, and any birth, death, or marriage information about the ANCELIN children. In the will, dated 1850, Catherine is already married to Andrew REED, and Amanda is already married to Charles DRAKE. Caroline married Jacob Mallack YOUNG before 1856. Any help would be appreciated.
- Pam Saba. P.O. Box 466, Pine, CO 80470. 30 May 2006.

Looking for lost cousin: BARKSDALE, Pruden "Orlando/Orlander" known as Orlando BARKSDALE, lived in Hightstown, New Jersey, in 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. Born 1919 in Pittsylvania County Virginia. Thought to have died and is buried there. Wife may be Gertrude BARKDALE. Any help would be appreciated.
- Aubrey Bennett. 19 December 2006.

BERGER/BURGER, Henry & Family, Princeton, abt. 1940. Seeking info on Henry BERGER (or possibly BURGER), listed in a guest register as living in Princeton, NJ. Would like to know if he was living there when info for the 1930 census was taken to be sure he is the same person as one in the census records. Would also like any other info. Are there Princeton directories for the 1930s? Mentioned again in an early 1950s obit., but no location given. Any help greatly appreciated!
- Jennifer Longley. 15 February 2006.

I am trying to locate any descendants of Isaiah or James BIRKS. Isaiah became an American citizen at Mercer County court in 1911. Isaiah and James BIRKS both emigrated from Longton, Stoke on Trent, England and were my Grandfather Frederick BIRKS' brothers. Their children were Leslie, Reginald, William, Elsie and Marion. They were both in partners in the realty business and an address was 34, Forest- Richey, 303, Berwyn Avenue, Hillcrest, Trenton, NJ.
- John F. Birks. 21, Lightash Lane, Coven, Wolverhampton, WV9 5AE United Kingdom. 26 July 2006.

Charles CARSON b. abt. 1824...parents Daniel and Ann CARSON...Mercer Co., NJ. Looking for info on his parents.
- Jean Owens. 9 October 2006.

Enoch CHAMBERLAIN and his wife Rachael MOUNT. His daughter Rebecca married Rev. John G. SEGER. son of Rev. John SEGER. John G. was born in 1807 in NYC. He and Rebecca moved to Illinois about 1839. They had some children in Mercer County: Charles, Caroline and Lydia.
- Nancy Seger. 6 October 2006.

Seeking information on CLOWER, William, b. 4/5/1802 in Trenton, NJ. Parents CLOWER, Abraham b. 1757, VA d. 3/21/1830 NJ m. HARRIS, Ann, Sommerset, NJ, d. 1843 NJ. Need proof that Abraham is William's father. Supposedly Abraham and Ann CLOWER are buried in Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church. William CLOWER died in IL 4/4/1891. Thank you.
- Gayle Buel. 314 Country Club Bluffs Lane, Washington, MO 63090. 5 December 2006.

My father, Morris COHEN, was suppose to have been born Dec. 30, 1899, in Trenton, New Jersey. His father was Barnett COHEN and his mother was Helen KAHN. We don't have any birth, marriage or death dates. We tried to send for Morris COHEN'S birth certificate but they could not find it. We were wondering if there is anyone who has access to look up a death index so we might have a date to order any records. We know they are supposed to have been dead by 1926 because my father came to Alabama and married my mother in 1927. He said when he left New Jersey he had buried all of his family.
- Marie Cohen Earley. 5 December 2006.

CUBBERLY, Sarah- I am looking for any information on Sarah CUBBERLY or her sister Clara CUBBERLY and any antecedents. Sarah was born in Feb. of 1872, I believe. She married Erwin Ellsworth MARSHALL Sr. a judge in Mercer county. They resided in Trenton and had 6 children: Laura, Linton, William, Lewis, Catherine and Erwin Jr.. Her sister Clara also married a MARSHALL and had one daughter, Margaret. Marshall who died a spinster in the 1980s. I am a granddaughter of Sarah Cubberly MARSHALL and am interested in the origins of the family.
- Thea Girard Marshall. Pie Town, NM. 1 August 2006.

DUNLOP, Hugh and Margaret, of Mercer Co. Immigrated from Ayrshire, Scotland in 1910-20s. Hugh born about 1890-92. Sister Sarah Dunlop LOGAN lived in South Africa. They had grandchildren born in the 1950's - one Robert (Bobby).
- Philippa Hann. 22 April 2006.

EDWARDS, William A. b. 1866 New-Castle-under Lyme, Staffordshire, England. D. 1928 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Emigrated to Trenton in the late 1800's from England. He married Ann WOODHOUSE & they had 3 children in Mercer Co, NJ. Mr. EDWARDS worked in the pottery industry in the Trenton area. He was a very faithful, active & dedicated member of the Central M.E. Church during his lifetime in Trenton. The church was located at the corner of Broad & Market Street. He had 8 brothers & sisters of whom many came to the United States & became US citizens & a few returned to England. Still a lot of relatives in the greater Trenton area. Looking to share any & all information. Please contact me.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

EMMONS, Conover and Sarah. NJ Census 1915. Living in Hightstown. Looking for.
- Louise Conrad. 30 May 2006.

FOGAL, Jacob: He lived in Mercer County in 1900 and was married to Mary FAIR- FOGAL and they resided in what was called the Covert Alley section of Trenton. If you have any information about Mary or Jacob FOGAL please contact me.
- Robert Reid. 11 January 2006.

FOSBROOKE, Phebe Woodhouse, b 1837, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, England. D. Mercer County, NJ. Married Thomas FOSBROOKE & had 6 children. According to the obituary her sons Henry/Harry & Walter were pall bearers for their uncle-William WOODHOUSE Sr. in 1906. Looking to share information about this family. Please contact me.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

I am attempting to trace the present descendents of Hilda GEEHAN (HINTE). I believe she had a son, John T. GEEHAN. My particular need is to obtain information on Hilda's two other sisters of the union between Henry HINTE & Emma Marie SACHS or Mercer Co. Nothing is known by me of these two girls. Henry is my Great Uncle, who moved to the USA in the late 1880's. It was not till very recent times that this connection was made, as he changed his' name to Henry from Carl Heinrick & was confused with another Henry HINTE from an earlier date? Kindest regards.
- Bill Hinte. 22 April 2006.

Looking for information on a possible John "signer" HART - Nathaniel HART - Joseph HART - Noah HART connection (of Mercer Co.). Any help would be great.
- Kevin Marshall. 30 May 2006.

I am searching for Lee HAYES, last known address was Liberty St. in Trenton, place of employment premium gas station on south Broad St. and the year of the last known facts was 1961. Lee HAYES would be between 63 and 66 years of age.
- D. Dolan. 11 January 2006.

I was recently notified that a dear friend had died. He lived in Mercer County and died in September 2005. I have been unable to confirm this information and wondered if you could possibly help. His name was William Reed HENRY III. Any information you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated.
- Linda Porco. 30 May 2006.

I am searching for data on the HINTE family that lived in Mercer County in the early 1890's. The significant male was Henry HINTE. His three daughters were named, Adele DOB January 1893, Hilda DOB September 1895 & Mary DOB March 1898. I do not know if there were other children to this union. I would be very grateful for any additional data. Kindest regards.
- Bill Hinte. 2 March 2006.

I am desperately trying to find the date and place of death of Jonas Wharton HOLMES. Born: Feb 12, 1862, Hamilton Twnship, Trenton, NJ. [Father: William HOLMES Mother: Anna WHARTON]. Married to Florence P. LONG but later divorced.
- Clifford Boaz. 15 February 2006.

Seeking information regarding the families associated with John HOWELL and Mary STOUT of Amwell Township, married about 5 June 1772 and John HOWELL and Deborah CANNIN/CARNIN of Trenton, married about 17 April 1780.
- Brad Howell. 23 March 2006.

HUGHES, Richard, b. 1851 in England came to this country 1886 with wife Ellen, children George R. HUGHES, Samuel HUGHES, Albert HUGHES, and Fannie HUGHES lived in Hamilton Twp., Mercer County, New Jersey. Died between 1900 and 1910. Would appreciate any information. Cousins from the same area, GARRISONS and LEVER. Thanks.
- Jean Fuller. 15 February 2006.

Looking for William E. JOHNSTONE, married JoAnn E. LUCHI in either 1960 or 1961 in Mercer County, Trenton, NJ. Anyone with information please contact asap.
- Helena Bence, Bogaty & Smith, P.C. Attorneys at Law. 15 February 2006.

My great grandfather Samuel B. JUSTICE was born in Mercer County on 6 May 1819 according to info I have. He moved to Philadelphia and married an Amanda HUGHES there on 6 October 1844. I have been unable to determine who his parents were or other info about their family other than the fact that both of his parents were born in New Jersey. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.
- Robert C Baldridge. 701 East Phoenix St., Payson, AZ 85541. 9 October 2006.

I am seeking information on my KNOTT heritage. My father is George Michael KNOTT, born 1943. His parents were Walter Elmer KNOTT, born 1909 in Trenton, NJ, and Elizabeth Kemley GEORGE, born 2/8/08. Elizabeth's parents were Rebecca GAMBLE and John GEORGE (originally from Philadelphia, moved to Burlington, NJ). Walter Elmer KNOTT's parents were James Elmer KNOTT and Elizabeth FOSS, born in Trenton. James Elmer KNOTT's father was a Thomas KNOTT, and Thomas's father was a Daniel KNOTT born in Pottsville, PA, 1830s. If you can help with any information on any of the above, please contact me.
- Holly Knott. 22 April 2006.

LOVETT, Anna Mary, b. 1839, Mercer Co, NJ, d. 1919 Mercer Co, NJ. Was the daughter of Benjamin LOVETT & Anna Mary. Married Israel SUTTON & had 7 children. Do not know much about this LOVETT family & looking to share with anyone researching this family. Please contact me.
- K R Edwards. 23 March 2006.

Am trying to locate information on MALLEY and NORCROSS families. Trying to find Mary Ann MALLEY born approximately April 1952, in Hightstown, NJ. Mother was Eleanor NORCROSS, father was Richard James MALLEY from upstate NY. The marriage was annulled in 1960 and the MALLEY family never knew Mary Ann but would like to make the connection. Any information on any of the family would be greatly appreciated.
- Kathleen (Malley) DeWitt. 11 January 2006.

I posted online Hezekiah MAPLE (c1770-1866) and his descendants. The MAPLE family is one with deep roots in Mercer County, NJ. The Online tree includes many notes. If you are a direct descendant of Hezekiah MAPLE please contact me. Please view at:
- Gary Nodes. 31 May 2006.

I am trying to find the burial of my grandfather, Toyger MEHES/MEHIS of Mercer Co. All I know is that he was Greek Catholic, his wife was Flora STEF. He had three children: John/Jonas, Mary/Maria and Daniel/Demeter. He was from Barlafalu, Hungary, and Flora STEF was from Remetemezo, Hungary, now Pomi, Romania. Any help finding his death would be greatly appreciated. He was somehow related to the BARLA and ROMANS.
- Fran Molnar. FMolnar@UTNet.UToledo.Edu. 22 April 2006.

Looking for descendants of the Reverend John MOORE of New Town, Long Island. Trying to find any MOORE male descendant of this line that has done DNA Testing for genealogical purposes. Also, anyone that has extensive lineage of this family that settled in Mercer Co. & Hunterdon Co., New Jersey in the 1700's.
- Chris Moore. 22 April 2006.

MOORE Family of Hopewell, Mercer Co., New Jersey. Does anyone know where most of the descendants of the Reverend John MOORE of Newtown are buried? Would like the names of cemeteries or websites where lists can be found.
- Chris Moore. 6 October 2006.

In 1850,1860 and 1870 Federal census Mercer County in Lawrence is a Robert C. and Rebecca A. MORRELL. They are not found in any census after 1870. In 1850 census there is a male child listed as John MORRELL. I am researching the parents of Robert C. and Rebecca MORRELL, and their offspring. Rebecca Ann MORRELL born 27 Jan 1839, may be one of their offspring. Anyone with any information on Lawrence, Mercer MORRELL surname please contact me. I do go to NJ for genealogical research several times a year. Thank you!
- Russell OMeal. 2 March 2006.

Looking for George MURIN in Trenton, NJ between 1880 and 1895. Born 1866 in Hungary (Slovakia); parents John MURIN and Anna/Mary KRALOWSKY. Immigrated to US 1880-81. Married Julia KOZAK in Bayonne, NJ, 8 Jan. 1893. Children Mary Catherine, Anna Elizabeth and Joseph Earl all born in Bayonne. Died 27 Dec., 1916 in Cleveland OH.
- Mary Ellen Murin. 28 August 2006.

NERGAARD, Leon, d April 1987 in Princeton, Mercer County, NJ. I am looking for obit and/or any information on Leon NERGAARD. He was born on August 2, 1905 in Otter Tail County, MN, died April 1987 in Princeton, Mercer County, NJ. His wife's name was Helga who died in NJ on January 23, 1995. He was a director of the RCA research laboratory. I don't know the years he was director. I am not related but helping a relative find information or descendants of Mr. NERGAARD.
- Pat Sprague. 22 April 2006.

I am trying to locate decendants of Wilbur and Mary [Mae] (nee HANNIGAN) OLIVER. I know they were retired and residents of Trenton, NJ in 1954 when I visted them. They were Roman Catholics and attended the Roman Catholic Church across from the USO in Trenton. [It may have been the Catheral]. Mary is my Great Aunt and came from the HANNIGAN Family out of Bronx, NY. She was born in New York City during the 1880's. Wilbur was a Lt. in World War I. I believe Wilbur was a retired school teacher and Mary was a retired nurse.
- John Dennis Hannigan. or . 1-260-557-7775. 26 July 2006.

PARKS - looking for family in Mercer County. 1880 census has Albert PARKS living in Chambersburg, District 1. Trying to find out when he came to Mercer County.
- Nancy Parks. 5 December 2006.

PRATT, Charles Washington, b 1832 Mass. was the first of this branch of the historic PRATT family of Massachusetts to settle in Mercer County, New Jersey. He had two wives-Mary Ellen TANTUM & Sarah Ellen TANTUM. Of those unions 3 children were born, Augusta, William H & John Q. Mr PRATT had a very successful grocery store at the corner of Mercer & Market St. in the 3rd Ward of Trenton. Lots of relatives still in the area. Any researchers of this family contact me.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

I am looking for information on my grandmother - Eleanor (June) SALT, born in Trenton, NJ, Mercer County, on March 26, 1922. She was living on Franklin Street (#54? - was a boarding house at the time) with her family Eli and Marjorie (nee Chapman) SALT and several siblings. She had tuberculosis and was admitted to Donnelly Homes, off Nottingham Way, during 1940 when my father was born. She was discharged from the hospital in December 1940 and everything comes to a complete dead end. She had a child with Francis Miller formerly of William Street, Trenton. She would have attended Trenton High School. Any information regarding her whereabouts after 1940, including any information about her death, marriage, location would be great.
- Dawn McIntyre. 5 December 2006.

Rev. John SEGER (1786-1876) and wives, Eunice ALSTON of NYC, Sarah ALLEN and Mary JEWELL of Mercer County. John was minister of Hightstown Baptist Church from 1817 to 1836. Some of that time he served a church in Penn's Neck. His broken headstone is kept in the Hightstown Church basement. He and other relatives were moved there from earlier sites. He was off to minister other churches in Hunterdon Co. and Long Island, but came back to live in E. Windsor until his death. Rev. John SEGER, Sr. published a book in 1863, detailing some of his early background. I have the book, but find that he does not give great clues. However, I will be glad to search it for references of interest to others.
- Nancy Seger. 6 October 2006.

My very great grandfather was Andrew SMITH of then Burlington Co. in Hopewell Twp. by 1680, now Mercer Co. NJ. I have much information on the following families: SMITH, ANDERSON, HUNT, REED, PARKE plus several other early families. I descend through Andrews oldest son Thomas and his wife Rebecca (ANDERSON) SMITH, who left NJ in 1735, first going to VA, and then on to NC by 1748. I will gladly help anyone interested.
- Gloria (Smith) Padach. Laguna Beach, CA. 23 March 2006.

SMITH, Sarah Elizabeth, b. abt. 1814 in Mercer Co, NJ, d. 1857 Mercer Co, NJ. Married Samuel A. SUTTON. They had 2 children. The SMITH families were large land owners in the Trenton & Lawrenceville area. I have been given her parents as being Israel S. SMITH & Maria RUNYAN. It is difficult to determine who belongs to which family. I have old newspaper articles that talk of SMITH's & other relatives in Washington & Philadelphia. Anxious to share any & all information with interested parties. Please contact me.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

I am looking for any information on Harriet Earle Nowell SMITH born 5 Sep 1816 in Trenton, NJ. She married Albert Closson MILLER in Starkville, Oktibbeha, MS, 31 Dec 1848. The family moved to Clark, Arkansas and then to McLennan County, Texas. She died in 1866. She had 6 children.
- Martin Booth Tracy. 1519 Canterbury Drive, Murray, KY 42071. 11 January 2006.

Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of James SMITH and Catherine Watson HAIN, was born on 16 Apr 1901 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland UK and died Oct 1985 in Trenton, Mercer, NJ USA; she lived at Ocean Grove in Trenton. Elizabeth married James Bain WILSON. They lived at 61A Embury Avenue, Ocean Grove in Trenton and at 62 Webb Avenue, Ocean Grove in Trenton, Mercer, NJ USA. The SSDI details seem clear enough she died in Trenton They had two sons: James Smith WILSON born 1923 in USA and died on 25 Apr 1944 in Germany during his first mission over Germany; Walter WILSON also born in USA and died within three months of his brother in action. I am keen to contact family who may not be known on this side of the Atlantic or anyone who may have known the family as they are a loose end in my tree which goes back around four hundred years. Regards.
- Graham Marshall. 23 March 2006.

SUTTON, Israel Smith, b 1839, Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. d 1912, Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Married-Ann LOVETT from whom 7 children were born. Israel was a veteran of the Civil War & had the pleasure of celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary at a large family party in 1910. His occupation was as a carpenter & I understand he was involved in building many of the houses in the area now known as Mill Hill in Trenton. Anyone interested in this family contact me.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

SUTTON, Samuel, b 1806 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ, d 1884 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Married-Sarah SMITH from whom they had at least 2 children. Samuel was a carpenter & builder in the Trenton Area. Looking to share any & all information about this family. You may contact me to share information.
- Kathy Edwards. 23 March 2006.

My name is Norris Kirk TAYLOR - I am the son of Norris & Martha TAYLOR of 182 Wilfred Ave, Hamilton Twsp. I have been teaching school in North Carolina for about 21 yrs and am soon to be the 2nd principal in the family. My father was a brick mason, my mother was an employment specialist for the employment Security Commission of Trenton, NJ. My grandfather & grandmother Mitchell & Lillie Mae TAYLOR migrated from Georgia in 1932 with 9 children arriving in Hamilton Twsp. with a 6th grade education. A very industrious family with grandad's work ethic and concepts of teamwork we owned a grocery store on Berg Ave, "Taylors Store" operated by my Uncle Roosevelt, built 5 beautifully architecturally identically designed homes (one in Decou Village) constructed Mt. Olive Baptist Church on Parkinson Ave. Owned our own trucking business, produced 2 doctors from the family, "Harold" & "Roosevelt Jr". Email me at your convenience.
- Norris Kirk Taylor. 2 March 2006.

I am researching Ann Elizabeth TITUS born about 1829 in Pennington, New Jersey. She married Benjamin CASTERLINE of Newark, NJ - Sep 27, 1848. The marriage record indicates her father was Charles TITUS.
- M. C. Bowen. 28 August 2006.

I am James Russell VANNEST Sr. living in Bucks County Pennsylvania. My family is from New Jersey . I have a lot of info. of family but I am at a dead end at 1824. My gg grandfather was Abraham G. VANNEST / VANNESTE b. 1824 d. ? married to Maria L. unknown maiden name? b. 1834 d. ?. I do not know Abraham's father's name or anything else before 1824 . My family were farmers and I have maps of the farm in West Windsor township, Middlesex County, New Jersey. In 1850 cenus the township was Hillsborough township and the County was Somerset, New Jersey. The farm was in our family till 1960 . My grand Uncle Leroy A. VANNEST b. 1877 d. 1960 was the last VANNEST to farm the land. I must add he was a bachelor. The West Windsor Township has a park now where my families' farm was. By the way, the name of the park is VanNest Park on Cranbury Road. Hope you can help me out fill in the blanks? Last name: First name: Birth: Death: Relation: VANNEST, Abraham, b.1824, d.____, gg Grandfather; Maria L., b.1834, d.____, gg Grandmother. MORRIS, Alma, b.1854, d. __GreatGrandmother. CUBBERLEY, Isaac, b.1852, d.1917,GreatGrandfather. DEY, Matilda, b. 1854, d.1918,GreatGrandmother. WYCKOFF, unknown, b.___, d.__, Grandfather.
- James Russell VanNest Sr. 23 March 2006.

I am trying to find out information as to my Great grandfather who's name was John WARD, wife Isabelle WALKER. His father's name was Richard WARD, wife Susan. I believe they were from West Windsor Township, Mercer County, NJ. Possibly around the year 1883.
- J. Ward. 5 December 2006.

Looking for any information on a Lena (Lina, Magdalena, Helen ) WEIGAND. Lived at 7 Elm St. in 1909 at the time of her marriage to Anton BRATCHKO. Marriage date 11-27-1909 at St. Francis church, 31 W. Front St. WEIGAND was born in Hungary? Any information would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you very much.
- Harold Bratsko. 5 December 2006.

Looking for connect to: Thomas WIGGINS, Physician of Princeton, New Jersey (1754-1763). Would like to know who he married, who his kids were? Thanks!
- Nancy Coleman. Montana. 22 April 2006.

WOODHOUSE, William Sr. b 1840 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, England, d. 1906 Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ. Emigrated to NJ with his family from England in the early to mid 1800's. He owned & started the Woodhouse Chain Works in Trenton & was a very prominent citizen of the area at that time. He had 8 children & was a dedicated & faithful member of the Central M.E. Church at the corner of Broad & Market Street in Trenton. Any inquiries about this family contact me.
- K R Edwards. 23 March 2006.

Looking for any descendents of Andrew YOUNG. His parents were Andrew Blair YOUNG and Cora (VANFLEET) YOUNG. He was born in 1921 and died approx. 1955. I believe he resided in Trenton, NJ, his whole life. Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you.
- Carole (Young) Preble. Franklin, MA 02038. 5 December 2006.


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