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Seeking information regarding ACKORS that, last known, was in the Bucks County, PA area but allegedly came from the NJ side in the Mercer County area or across the Deleware River. Within the family "history" is one person that was married to a Deleware Indian in the late 1700 time frame. Anyone out there have any definitive info on the ACKORS family?? Where does the name ACKORS hail from?? Ireland?? England?? Holland??
- Brad Walton. 10 August 1999.

Seeking information and history on ACKORS corners in Mercer Co. I am interested in talking to anyone with the ACKORS surname. Currently I have located only four branches of the ACKORS family, and none of us have much info. on our family tree. I know that there were some ACKORS who were residents of NJ as I have found them in SS death index. I have not located any living ACKORS. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
- Donna Ackors Pflaum. 28 March 1999.

Looking for a John ADAMS b. 4 Aug 1708 in Mercer Co. Parents were John ADAMS and Esther FORD.
- Kelly Adams. 23 April 1999.

Looking for any information on Jesse AKERS. He is listed on the 1792 Militia List in Hopewell Township, Hunterdon Co. [now Mercer Co.]. He married Martha RAZEN. That is all I know, am hoping someone has more information to share with me. Thank you.
- Wilma Miller. 24 March 1999.

Ronald Hurley ALLEN Sr. b.08/03/1942 704 Quinton Ave. Trenton, N.J. son of: Lester Hurley ALLEN b. 01/09/1912 d. 12/15/1992 704 Quinton Ave. Trenton, N.J. son of Harry Harmon ALLEN b.01/05/1886 Upper Black Eddy, Pa. d. 1953 Trenton N.J. brothers and sisters of Harry Harmon ALLEN: Cora, Warren, Samuel Jr., Emiley, John, Lewis, Sylvester, Nora, and Annie. Father and mother of Harry Harmon ALLEN: Samuel ALLEN b. 1835 New Egypt, N.J. 1835 d. 02/22/1901 wife was Margaret SHEETZ b. 1849 Upper Black Eddy, Pa. d. 1930 both burried Upper Tinican Luthern Church Yard, Upper Black Eddy, Pa.
- Ronald H. Allen. 4 June 1999.

I'm looking for any information on my Grand father Hugh ALSTON. He died in Trenton, NJ around 1967/68, not certain of date. He was originally from Chapel Hill, NC. He married Effie STONE and they had one child together Roy Clover ALSTON. Any information would be appreciated.
- Kim M. Alston-Moore. 17 April 1999.

APPLEGATE, Anna Elizabeth b: 26Aug1869 Mercer County NJ d:30Apr1931, married George PULLEN. Father Isaac APPLEGATE b: bef 1869.
- Joyce Brown. 23 June 1999.

I am looking for ancestors of Leon Heyl ASHMORE, born in Trenton in 1880, later married to a Susan GILES.
- Charles Robert Ashmore. 30 March 1999.

I am looking for any information on the above mentioned surnames in the Trenton NJ area. Joseph & Susanna (YUHAS) BABYAK came to America and settled in the Wilkes Barre, Pa. area around 1905. Joseph BABYAK died about 1912 in the Wilkes Barre area. Susanna (YUHAS) BABYAK and her children John bn.1887 Andrew bn.1890 Mary bn.1893 Anna bn. 1900 and Bertha bn. 1908 then moved to the Trenton, N.J. area (Mercer County). Susanna remarried to a Paul HALUSKA and finally died in 1937. John CIFRANICH (CZIFRANYIC) married a Marja KURILLA and lived at 332 Adeline St, Trenton with his children. I am looking for living family of this family so as to share wonderful photo's and information. I am currently in touch with family of John CIFRANIC from Lamberton St. and have information on that part of the family as well. Any information would be deeply appreciated and I am willing to share any that I have. Thank you.
- Bob Nutbrown. 3 February 1999.

Looking for information on a Laura BAMFORD, born Aug. 6, 1854. Mother Alicia, Father Thomas, 1st thru 7th ward Trenton, Mercer County, N.J.
- Barbara Bamford Parr. 18 April 1999.

I'm looking for any information on my grandfather Samuel BANNISTER, and any of his ancestors. I found his street address and occupation in the City of Trenton Directory of 1921 on the internet. He lived on Cherry La in Trenton (Slackwood area). He died on June 19, 1944.
- Dennis K. Bannister. 23 November 1999.

Seeking information on Ann BEATY, 1840 census Mercer County, Trenton, NJ, page 084 on census index. Charles BEATTY, 1840 census Mercer County, Trenton, NJ, page 085 on census index. Were they married and if so did they have a child William BEATY, born 1830/31?
- Billy R. Beaty. 28 June 1999.

Would be interested in any one working on the name BEETEL or BEETLE. Two brothers came from Ireland in the late 1800's and settled in Trenton, NJ. They were Edward born 1864 and Thomas born 1869. Their Father was Michael BEETEL or BEETLE. Would really appreciate any help from anyone who may have any information about their relatives. Thanks.
- Donna Beetel. 14 February 1999.

BENNETT, Eli, born ?, died 30 August 1905, married to MIDDLETON, Emma, born 15 May 1847, died 07 Oct 1942. Children of Eli and Emma were: BENNETT, Samuel Billington, born 20 June 1866 in Phila, PA, died 02 Jan 1939; BENNETT, Charles, born 12 Feb 1869 in Phila, PA, died 12 June 1939; BENNETT, Naimo Clare, born 30 July 1885 in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, died 03 July 1961. Thank you.
- Alana Thevenet. 5 February 1999.

I am searching for my Missing BLACKWELL, ROBBINS roots. My mother, Florence BLACKWELL, was born in Mercer Hospital in 1939. Her parents were Frank Lester BLACKWELL and Milla ROBBINS BLACKWELL of 159 Conovers Alley, Trenton, NJ. Florence was number 12 out of 13 children. We believe her sister Rose BLACKWELL was number 11. We know that 5 of her siblings died before May, 1939. Florence was placed in foster care around 1941 or 1942, after her mother's death, according to the "state". Thanks for your time and help.
- Karen Hulick. 19 March 1999.

Seeking any information on the BOAN family: John BOAN, b. 1868 in Scotland. Married SHEPPARD, Margaret (b. 1868 in Canada) January 1888 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. John & Margaret BOAN had 8 children: Ernest Melroy BOAN, b. January 8, 1889 in Niscon, Ontario, Canada; Clarence W. BOAN, b. December 29, 1892 in Lambertville, NJ; John B. BOAN, b. May 4, 1894 in Rockhill, PA: Wilson BOAN, b. August 1896 in Zion Hill, PA; George BOAN, b. April 22, 1900 in Titusville, NJ died December 14, 1950; Gertrude BOAN, b. August 31, 1901, Lambertville, NJ; Harriet BOAN, b. October 16, 1908 Lambertville, NJ; and Jacob (Jahceb??) BOAN, b.1910 in Lambertville, NJ.
- Sheri Boan. 30 April 1999.

Peter BOWMAN lived in the Middelsex Co. area (which became Mercer Co.) and was in the Revolutionary war from Trenton. Does anyone have information on this soldier and his brother Samuel? Also, his daughter Betsy married a Peter MCQUEEN. Does anyone have information on the date Peter moved to Albany, New York and the date of birth for Betsy, or the date of marriage for Betsy to Peter MCQUEEN? Thank you.
- Lucy Funk. 3 February 1999.

BROSTER, Thomas (7 Mar 1835 - 5 Dec 1925). Married Annil JOHNSON (1 Mar 1812 - ) in Trenton, NJ. We think they had two sons but the only name we find is my GGGrandfather, John Brikerson BROSTER (7 Mar 1835 - 5 Dec 1925). Both are burried in Wabash County, Illinois. Thanks.
- Ken Dunn. 2 June 1999.

BRUNNER, Robert Henry - last known address a little more than 50 years ago, 123 Concord Ave., Trenton, N.J. My biological father of which I haven't seen in over 50 years. Don't want anything from him except to meet him, lost mom 20 years ago, she would never tell me much about him, other than I had 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers in a orphanage. I'd like to meet them too. If anyone knows anything about him or them, if he is still alive or not, I want to know. Please help me find him.
- Betty Ann Cannon. 4 January 1999.

I am researching my father's birth place, Hopewell Township, Mercer County. I have a photo copy of his birth record that lists his parents' names, but not his name. The number on the certificate is 348, dated Feb. 25, 1915. I am trying to get info on: BURNER (as spelled on the certificate but not correctly, it is BERNER), Joseph Lovell, Mother: LOVELL, Virginia, Father: BURNER, George (Berner). Also, if there is a printer's union I can check with, as my grandfather was listed as a printer. I appreciate any info you can give. Thanking you in advance.
- Jerri Lovell. 17 December 1999.

CANNON, Patrick b.1857 ?, Isabella Brown, b.1855, Anna Bridget b.1883, William A. b.1889, Patrick James b.1890 in Bo'ness Scotland. They immigrated to the US in 1894. They lived at 1811 Haughton Ave., Trenton, NJ. Patrick worked at the Mercer co. Kilnshed until after 1900 when they moved to Cannonsburg, PA to work at a pottery that there is no record of. Then later to Niles, Ohio, to work at Tritt Pottery. I'm looking for other family that might have immigrated with them. I found a Lee CANNON born to a Patrick on 9/19/1897 in Gouverneur. Is Haughton Ave. in that area? Around 1900 they had a daughter Josephine Isabelle, but I'm not sure when she was born. Does this fit with anyone's CANNNON line? Thanks.
- Bonnie O'Brien Webber. 7 July 1999.

I am looking for information on Levi CARNEY and his wife Sarah who were in the 1870 census for Mercer Co., NJ. They were born in DE as was their first daughter Rebecca who was age 17 in this census. Anna F. age 7 was born in Trenton, NJ as well as Sarah E. age 4 and Levi age 1 in the census. They later moved to MI where Anna F. was married in 1880 to Erastus OSTERHOUT. Would like to hear from anyone knowing anything about this family. Thanks.
- Karen Luzzo. 23 March 1999.

CARSON, George H. Enlisted in Union Army 1 Sept. 1862 at Trenton. Pvt. Company E, 21st Regiment. Commanded by Joseph S. MOUNT. Discharged 24 Feb 1863 Baltimore. He was a member of my family but I don't know of any off-spring.
- William R. Hill. 118 Lowell Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08619. 19 February 1999.

CARTLIDGE, Frederick - Born c 1879, died 1888 in Trenton, NJ. This 9 year old boy is buried in a plot with Jane and James TAMS, d 1884, in Riverview Cemetery. I have no idea how he is connected to the TAMS family. Anyone have any ideas?
- Pamela Myer Sackett. 11 January 1999.

CHAMBERS, Alexander and John. John CHAMBERS came from Co. Antrim in 1730. Had two sons, Alexander and David. David went to Philadelphia, Alexander stayed in Trenton. Believe David may have been married in Trenton at First Presbyterian Church in 1730's to an Elizabeth ------; children Mary, David and William probably would have been born in NJ. He is found in Phily in 1759 (will); by then he is married to an Edith (probably CLAYPOOLE) with a second family. David may have been my ancestor. I cannot locate any films in LDS catalog with records of early First Presbyterian Church. Does anyone know if they exist? If so, how do I get hold of such records? Looking for marriage and baptism of three children listed above. John and Alexander were prominent in said church. Would appreciate any tips!
- Jody Chambers Nestler. 636 Horizon Drive, No. 906, Grand Junction, CO. 30 August 1999.

William CHAMBERS was born December 5, 1810 near Trenton, N.J. I do not know the township but it is (now Mercer County). He married Jane MILLER around the early 30's because their first son was born 1834, John, then Shambert in 36, Nancy in 38, William in 41. Jane died October 1842 and on July 20, 1843 William remarried to Nancy FERGUSON MASON who bore him six more childern. The only boy being George born on May 26, 1862. I should note that the place of birth for William's second son, Shambert (Stephen) was Logan, Ohio. I am looking for William's parents and also Jane's parents.
- Theresa Prerost. 23 March 1999.

CHESTER of Trenton, N.J., Mercer Co. All members of the CHESTER family please contact Robert CHESTER son of Matthrew and Lottie CHESTER.
- Robert Chester. P.O. Box 309, Pocono Summit, PA 18346-0309. 31 January 1999.

CHRZANOWSKI, Alexander, 1803 Liberty Street, Trenton; was address at death.
- Gerri Inferrera. 16 February 1999.

I am attempting to learn more about my ancestry prior to 1800. The surname is CLENDENING. I am interested in learning about Jacob (born 1770?). Appears he had a son, John (1805-1889) buried in Lawrenceville's Presbyterian Church cemetery. Would appreciate learning about any NJ - Mercer County - Hunterdon County CLENDENING's.
- Michael Robert Clendening. 7903 Lake Placid Lane, New Port Richey, FL 34655. 21 December 1999.

According to 1880 Census, my father (Frank CLEVENGER) lived at 23 Passeau St, Trenton, Mercer Co. His parents were George CLEVENGER and Mary Rachael RICE ?. Three of his sisters were Violet b. 1861; Hattie b. 1865; Rachael b. 1874. I don't know who George's ancestors were, and I don't know what happened to my father's sisters (he had 12 older sisters.) I would love to contact a relative. Thanks.
- Fern Mills. 9 March 1999.

I am looking for information on a Charles CLIFFORD who may have resided in Trenton sometime prior to 1779. I know that CLIFFORD and three other families (PRITCHETT, MAHARG, and PARKS) moved from Trenton to Westmoreland County, PA at the same time but am uncertain of the date. Information from PA indicates that the CLIFFORDs immmigrated to the Trenton area from England but I don't know if Charles was the first to come to America. Charles was married to Jane GORDON. Thanks.
- Vicki Bennett. 24 March 1999.

Looking for info on early records that may be in Mercer Co. Family married in Hunterdon in mid 1700's but can find no records of COLLARD family. Any info is appreciated. May be in Mercer Co., NJ records. Thanks; a direct descendent.
- Bill C. St. Louis, MO. 31 March 1999.

COLLINS, Joseph b:abt1880 married Phoebe Hannah PULLEN Mercer County, NJ, St Joseph Church, children: (1) Theresa M. COLLINS b:28Jun1910 Mercer County, NJ d:Nov1981 married Michael Joseph MALKOWSKI; (2) Joseph F COLLINS b:Nov1915 Mercer County, NJ d:23Feb1998 married Amelia F; (3) Ernest J. COLLINS b:15Jan1920 Mercer County, NJ d:17Feb1994 married Charlotte KRULEWICZ; (4) John B. COLLINS b:21Dec1924 Mercer County d:21Jan1992; (5) Delores COLLINS HILLMAN b:13Dec1926 Mercer County d:Nov1978; (6) Mary COLLINS, Daughter named Phoebe never married.
- Joyce T. Brown. 8 June 1999.

CONCANNON, Margaret bef 1856, married Patrick COLLINS, son Patrick J. COLLINS (married Elizabeth ) b: 1856, d:11Apr1927 in Mercer County, Trenton NJ, son Edward V. b:1902 Mercer County d: 10Jun1997 Mercerville; Daughter Mary COLLINS married unknown QUINN.
- Joyce Brown. 23 June 1999.

Cornish in Mercer County:
I am researching for a book on "The Cornish in New Jersey" and, so far, have 2,500 hundred names of individuals and families. They are from all 21 counties, but predominate in Morris, Sussex and Warren due to the mines in that area and the fact that, knowing the Cornish were around the mines, I have concentrated my efforts there so far. "By TRE-, POL-, and PEN- Ye shall know most Cornishmen." So goes the saying. Names such as TREGO (found in Mercer County), TRELEASE, TREMAINE, TRENGOVE, TREVITHICK, TREVASKIS, TREWEEK, TRELAWNY, TREDINNICK, and variations such as TRUSCOTT, TRYTHALL are all very Cornish names. POL- is POLLARD, POLKINGHORN, POLGREEN, POLLAK, POLLOK, POLLOCK, POLMEAR (or PELMEAR), POLSUE, POLWIN, or POOL, POOLE, POLWELL (though usually Welsh) PEN- names are PENHALLOW, PENDRAY, PENFOUND, PENGELLY, PENNA, PENLERICK, PENPRAZE, PENTREATH, PENVER, PENWARNE (or PENWARDEN) and more. There are also many other Cornish names: HOCKING, TOY, LOBB, VIVIAN, PASCOE, PAWLEY, ROSVEAR, SAWLE, TRURAN, CURNOW (means Cornwall in Cornish), CORNISH, BONYTHON, GEACH, JAGO, JOSE, NANCE, NANKERVIS, NANCARROW, CRAGO, CRAZE and many, many more. If you believe you might have a Cornish ancestor who lived, even for a short time in New Jersey, please let me know.
- Nancy O. Heydt. 14 January 1999.

Looking for info on family of Isaiah COTTERAL (COTTRAL) listed on 1840 census West Windsor Twp, age range 30-40. Daughter Rachel, born about 1830 who married William DORAN and lived in Trenton. Rachel died 1899.
- Gayle Fuller. 29 November 1999.

Mary COVERT: b. Abt. 1825 NJ; d. May 18, 1880 Trenton, Mercer County, NJ; m. Feb. 28, 1845 Trenton, Mercer County, NJ to Joseph H. NUTT. Looking for her family and any information on COVERT in Mercer County, NJ.
- Faith Young. FMY51@AOL.COM. 25 February 1999.

James T. CULLITON, Chief of Police of Trenton (1922-1925), born in Tunstall, Staffordshire, England on 4/20/1859. In 1880 census of Mercer Co. he lived with his parents (both 56) at 70 Escher Street. His brother Daniel (26) resided at 243 No. Clinton Ave. with wife Mary (23) & children Mary & Kate (2 & 6mo.). My ggrandfather James T. CULLITON's parents, Thomas & Catherine (MCCORMACK) CULLITON both born in Ireland in 1824 had immigrated to England, with son Daniel between 1854 & 1859 & then to Trenton in the 1870's. In the 1880 census both James & Daniel worked in the potteries. Looking for birthplace or marriage in Ireland of Thomas & Catherine (MCCORMACK) CULLITON or birthplace in Ireland of Daniel CULLITON.
- Thomas A. Culliton III. 9 June 1999.

Looking for information on the parents and children of Anthony and Yanina (CHODNICZKA) DARWICKI of Trenton, NJ. Anthony remarried to Stella BOGUCHA 26 January, 1946 at St. Stanislaus where Yanina was buried in September 1939. I know they had at least one child Joseph born March 18, 1916; he owned a beer bar in Trenton called Finney's. The only other information I have is that Anthony's parents were Joseph and Catharina (NIESAJLO).
- Richard Darwicki. Webpage: 2 September 1999.

I am looking for any records on Oliver J. DAVISON who was born in Trenton, New Jersey, on 3 April 1849. His parents were Oliver J. DAVISON and Jane ANDERSON; any records on them would be a big help also. Oliver and Jane moved to Tecumseh, Nebr.
- Gerald Davison. 8 August 1999.

My grandparents lived in Trenton for over 70 years, and I am trying to find out information regarding my grandmother's family. My grandparents were Morris and Rachel DEITZ. Morris died in 1979 and Rae died in 1970. They lived at 619 West State Street for many, many years, then at the Trent Center Apartments on Greenwood Avenue. My grandfather owned a lot of real estate in Trenton, with 689-691 South Broad Street. He was a Jeweler at 691 South Broad. My grandfather has no other connections to Trenton, as his entire family was from Brooklyn, NY. It is my grandmother I wish to focus on. I believe her maiden name was BULITSKY or BELITSKY. She had a brother, either Abe or Isaac, I do not know. I think her mother, my great-grandmother, passed away, and my great-grandfather remarried and had children. Rae had many half-brothers and sisters. I recall the names of GOLD, ZENTNER, ORELAND and SHLOSSBERG. I remember a David GOLD and Goldie ZENTNER all living in Trenton, either Hermitage Avenue, Parkside Avenue, or in that neighborhood. The ORELANDs owned a funeral home on Pennington Road. I guess you know how families are. My dad, who was a Trenton optometrist, and my grandfather, always had strange relations with their family. By the time I was old enough to ask questions, my grandmother was already in a nursing home and had no memory left. In addition, there are members of my mother's family I would like to try to locate. The names were Felton and Charles LEVINSON. They lived in Trenton during the 50's to the 60's. Thank you.
- Kenneth R. Deitz. East Brunswick, NJ. Daytime Phone # (212) 297-4881. 16 November 1999.

Seeking to exchange info on James DEWAR, b. Scotland, who resided Trenton mid 1800s. Involved in Paper Mill there. His daughter Jane DEWAR COCHRAN, b. Scotland, d. 1886, bur. Mercer Cem. Grandson John D. COCHRAN and wife Julia P. CLAYTON had children Mary b. c. 1865, Julia A. b. c. 1868 and John b. c. 1872.
- Carol Miles. 16 March 1999.

Will I. DEY married Hannah DISBROW Nov 7 1816 Mercer Co. Son Disbrow M. (Morgan from his grandmother surname) W. (his fathers name) DEY married Marenda POTTS.
- Linda Brown. 433 State St., Annapolis, MD 21403. 4 January 1999.

Searching for members of the DOWD and HOFF families of Princeton, GAFFNEY family of Lawrenceville. Patrick DOWD (1815-1884) born in County Cavan, Ireland married Mary MAC GAUGHRAN in Scrabby Parish in 1835. Five children: Delia (1836-1911), Mary (1842-19??), John, Thomas and Peter J. DOWD (1855-1922). Delia married Ignatz HOFF in 1863; children: Catherine, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Ignatz, Anna, John and Priscilla. Joseph S. HOFF was three term mayor of Princeton in the 1930s. Mary DOWD married Marin GAFFNEY; children: Henry Mary, Teresa, Helen, Edwin. Peter DOWD married Margaret CAMPBELL; children: Mary, Grace, Angie. Would like to share information.
- Mike Dowd. Webpage: 14 January 1999.

Searching for any information on James S. DOWNING and his wife Rosena MCSHANE. They had at least one child, Sarah E. DOWNING, who married Charles A. GINTHER on July 14, 1891 at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Trenton. A James S. DOWNING appears in the 1890 Veterans Schedule for Trenton, Mercer County. Are there any other DOWNINGs from Mercer County out there? Please e-mail if you have any info, or suggestions. Thank You.
- Jim Humphrey. 26 September 1999.

My ancestor Francis DUCLOS purchased land near Lawrenceville in about 1772-1774. He married Annie CUSTIS about that time, and then joined the 2nd NJ in about 1775 and became an officer eventually. I'm looking for any historical reference to DUCLOS (also spelled DUC'OS in one record). Especially interested in a possible marriage record to Annie CUSTIS, or a headstone. She died before 1784. Most importantly I'm trying to figure out why Francis DUCLOS, a decorated Patriot, packed up and moved to Vermont.
- Dan Brennan. 24 January 1999.

I looking for information about my great-grandfather, Harry EARDLEY believed to be born in Mercer County (Trenton) around 1873. I know that my grandfather was born in Mercer County in 1900. I would appreciate any information that could be found about my great-grandfather.
- Wes Eardley. 3 May 1999.

Harry EARDLEY. My grandfather Harry EARDLEY was born in Trenton, N.J. 19 Aug 1872. His mother and father came from England that same year. I found this out from the 1900 Mercer Co. census. His father's name was William and mother Theodosia. My GG grandfather William died 13 Dec 1898 in Trenton also. I sent to dept of health but they could not find anything on either of them? I would appriciate any help you can give me on them.
- Godfrey W. Eardley. 51 Pilot Hill Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376. 3 November 1999.

ELENEWSKI, Alexander P., of Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, sons include Hubert, Carl, and John. - came from Poland prior to turn of century. Original name was JELENIEWSKI. Relatives include ELENIEWSKl as surname. Please send any information to.
- Tara-Su Elenewski. 30 September 1999.

Seeking info about the FAGANS family. Alfred FAGANS, a merchant, was born in 1845 in Mercerville, NJ. I think his parents were William FAGANS (born 1799? died Oct.21, 1881 in Mercerville) and Lydia CHAMBERS (born August 6, 1806, died Sept. 17, 1876?). Humphrey FAGANS (died 1799) and his wife Mary were William's parents. According to an essay titled "John Paul Jones' Mercer Descendants" written by Joseph H. (Joe Harry) West in July 1905, the mother of either Humphrey or Mary was named Polly and she was John Paul JONES' niece. However, John Paul JONES' brother, William Paul, had no known descendants. I believe they also had a sister, but have no info regarding her. Joe Harry West also wrote an essay titled "The Old Appleton Homestead" about Cornelius APPLETON and Mary COX and their descendants. I have copies of both essays. Interested parties, please contact:
- Rebecca Deepchandani. 7 March 1999.

John FEE born in Ireland, wife Mary also born in Ireland; immigrated to the United State and lived in Mercer County, New Jersey; had a daughter Roseann FEE, married James HARKINS. Their daughter Anna (Annie) HARKINS married John George MILLARD. These were my gg-grandparents,g-grandparents and grandparents. Looking for information on Roseann FEE and her parents.
- Charles Millard. 8 November 1999.

John FELDENZER and Theresa ( TAKACH ) his wife came from Palanka, Bacs Bodrog Meyge, Hungary to Mercer County, Trenton, New Jersey. John in 1902 with a daughter Agnes, abt- 10 yrs. and was followed by Theresa and a son, Frank in 1906. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
- Myrtle Feldenzer. 22 April 1999.

Researching my grandfathers family. Anyone with stories of the Fink Florist and Green House on Brunswick Ave. in Trenton, NJ, I would like to hear from you. Also researching surnames COXON, SMITH, FINK and CLAY, all of Trenton, NJ. Thanks.
- Lori Fink Sabatini. PA. 6 December 1999.

I am searching for documentation of the birth of Ann FITZ RANDOLPH, b. 7 May 1734 in Princeton, NJ, daughter and third child 5~of Nathaniel FITZ RANDOLPH and Rebecca MERSHON. Also need documentation for the marriage of Ann FITZ RANDOLPH to her second cousin Paul FITZ RANDOLPH, married on 15 March 1757 in Princeton, NJ. Copies of these documents or publications (other than the FITZ RANDOLPH publications) where I can find documentation will be greatly appreciated.
- Eneth Randolph "Sally" Banks. Stillwater, OK. 28 April 1999.

On the 1880 Mercer Co census is listed a Jacob FURMANN family. Jacob is 55 and born in Bavaria. Are these the parents of Jacob FUHRMANN (45) on the 1900 Mercer Co. census? I could not locate the younger Jacob on the 1880 census. His wife, Lena FITZSINGER (sp) is not on the 1900 census. Interested in learning more about this family, parents, siblings and children, birth, wedding and death/burial. Thank you.
- Loudene Kirk Tollar. Houston, TX. 19 February 1999.

R. FORRESTER, Trenton, Mercer County, NJ.
- Robert Walker. 25 February 1999.

Looking for information on the FOWE/FOW/FOE family of Burlington and Mercer Counties. Specifically information on the family of Joseph FOWE (1816-1893) and Emily LEWIS. Children are Harry, James, Eunice Cornelia, Phebe Eliza and possibly others.
- Cathy Wilson. 5 May 1999.

FRANKE, Trenton about 1925. Grandfather's name Augstus - born Germany arrived US late 1800's early 1900's. Grandmother's name Margret - born Asbury Park ?? nine sons- three daughters. Sons= Agustus; Charles; Douglas; Alvin; Edward; Edgar; Robert; Kempton; Elmer (died as baby). Daughters= Fay; Hurtha; Tilly.
- Robert L. Franke Jr. 10 September 1999.

Looking for Richard GARMO. He worked for Star Porcelain-Mercer China in Trenton in early 1900s. Invented the porcelain part of the sparkplug. Married C. SORTOR 1888 in Griggstown. 2 daughters Lillie m. HAMPTON & Emily m. Fredrick ABBOTT, mothers maiden name HOUSELL. I would like any information on linkage of these four names as all are my family. All lived in and are buried in NJ.
- Roberta Pastor. 3 February 1999.

Benjamin GETTEN (b. Jun 28, 1913) & Sarah GETTEN (b. Sep 15, 1911) lived in Trenton, NJ. I assume they were husband & wife, but need confirmation of this, and any other helpful information like Benjamin's parents' names.
- Kate Vlach. Minnesota. 4 January 1999.

I was born Gail Mount GOLDENBAUM on March 26, l951 in Trenton, NJ. I was given up for adoption at birth. I am searching for my birth mother. At the time of my birth my mother was 24 years old, divorced, and had a two year old girl. My birth father was 29 years old and single. My birth mother had a sister and many brothers, about 11. They were all about two years apart. I believe they were of English background, possible German, too. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
- Susan Nyquist. P.O. Box 234, Dassel, MN 55325. 8 March 1999.

Norman GOOCH and wife Margaret lived in Trenton in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. He died in 1964 in Trenton. They had one daughter Norma who married a BENSON. They had at least one child, a boy Gerald. Would like get in touch with either Norma or her son Gerald BENSON. Also would like a copy of the obituary to establish the date of death and confirm survivors. Will pay costs.
- Cecil Daniels. 222 Alexandria Dr., Macon, GA 31210. (912) 477-6790. 7 December 1999.

Looking for information on GOODWIN, William B. or Maude B. and GOODWIN, William who came from England in 1850 to the Mercer County area. Thank you.
- Phyllis J. Buchanan. 115 Ferguson Lane, Bakersville, NC 28705. 5 May 1999.

Looking for information about William GREEN (b. abt. 1800) and wife Phebe REED. They lived in Hopewell Twsp., Mercer County, NJ from about 1822 forward. Children are Peter D. GREEN (born Aug 25, 1822 Lawrence, NJ); Phebe died in Titusville, Mercer County, NJ; Mary who married Mr. ROBBINS; Sarah who died unmarried in 1883; George W. who resided in Philly.; Emma Rebecca, died in 1870 married to Vantier; John Holmes, died 1878, married to Hannah BLACKWELL; Marinda ( married to Joseph BIRD or BURD. Please help. I keep hitting a dead end on this family.
- Jim Glantz. 12 April 1999.

I am searching for information about my aunt Mary GREEN LONG who was a nurse . She died in @ 1962, and was honored with a resolution by the Board of Freeholders of Trenton, NJ in Mercer County at her death. I believe her husband was Tom LONG. Her father was Daniel GREEN, and one of her sisters was Dorothy GREEN DUNN(E?). I believe Mary GREEN was a Public Health nurse, and I know that she served in WWI.
- Suzanne Green Flegal. 836 Van Buren St., Herndon, VA 20170. 30 March 1999.

I am seeking info on the GREGORY family, some of the family were involved in education in Trenton, and the city municipal department in Trenton. I am also interested in the siblings of these GREGORYs from New York City and Crawford County, Pa. Especially, Benj. , Joseph, Christopher, Doctor Thomas, Jane (Shaw), and James H. G. GREGORY. Joseph is our line. We have a picture of him taken between 1867-1871 in New York City. Thanks.
- Russell Gregory. 13 September 1999.

I have acquired the following funeral announcement for a Richard A. HAMPTON on Jan. 5th, 1914 at his residence near Fairfield Station, N. J. and buried in the Adelphia Cemetery. Any one interested in this announcement may contact me at the address below. Also have two pictures of surname DE HART 1892, 1893 taken by NORTH of 31 Centre Street, Trenton, NJ. These pictures were acquired 3/6/1999 in Morganton, NC. Another picture of unknown 5 females taken at Deemer Beach, Del. July 1925 also.
- Jack F. Hall, Deadchaser. Webpage: ICQ # 28647943. 8 March 1999.

Trenton, New Jersey, Mercer County, 1900 to 1999. The surnames I am looking for are HANFORD, BROWN, WYLIE, PETERSON. Any information on Paul HANFORD married to Louise BROWN. James C. WYLIE married to Ida PETERSON. They lived on Trent St. in Trenton.
- June A. Hanford Kealey. 20 May 1999.

HANKINS, David or Davidson b.1810 in New Jersey, m. Lydia ? b.1813 in New Jersey; child: Ellen HANKINS b.24 September 1830 in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey. Ellen HANKINS m.24 September 1846 in Macopin County, Illinois. I would like any information on David or Lydia HANKINS.
- Barbara Moore. 19 February 1999.

Looking for more information on Alice Deronde HANKINSON, born in Trenton. Her birth date was May 8, 1897.
- John Shephard. 19 March 1999.

I am looking for any info on a Noah HARBOURT, born 1797, died 1873. Married a Lucy ASHTON in Hunterdon County in 1820 and upon her death married a "Hannah". Buried in Titusville Presbyterian Churchyard (Mercer County, NJ). Children: Sara, Harrison, Elisha, Margaret, Uriah, Jessie C. and Enoch Asten. Thank you.
- Susie Harbourt Gnann. 2 June 1999.

Roseann (nee FEE) HARKINS born in Mercer County, New Jersey; she married James HARKINS and a daughter named Anna (Annie) HARKINS married John George MILLARD. These were my g-grandparents and grandparents and seeking information on them.
- Charles Millard. 8 November 1999.

Looking for information about Edward HART, Jr., brother of John HART the Signer. May have been involved/died in the Battle of Trenton. Somehow connected to a William HART b. abt 1790.
- Robert Mathews. 24 August 1999.

Elizabeth HART (my great grandmother) b Sept. 30 , 1818, her father was "Sam HART of Trenton" according to the Melick genealogy. She married John MELICK on Oct. 30 1844; they lived in Trenton according to the 1850 and 1860 census and in Mercer Co. , Hamilton Twnship in 1870 census. She died March 4, 1876. Can not find the "Sam HART of Trenton" . Any help?
- Mary Jane Melick Johnson. 20 September 1999.

I am searching for my g-grandfather, William H. HENDRICKSON, born 1845 in NJ (location unknown). Family legend says that the family was Swedish and may have spelled the surname HENDRIXSON or HENDRIXON originally. William H. was one of five brothers of a shoemaker and his first wife. When the first wife died, the five brothers left home because they hated their father's second wife. William H. was a Civil War veteran, but we don't know what state he enlisted in (although NJ, NY, or PA are likely). After the war, he became a sewing machine salesman and met my g-grandmother, Emma Frances Kenaga, in Champaign County, Ohio where they were married in 1875. They had four children: three girls, Clara, Helen, and Frances E., and my grandfather, John Kenaga HENDRICKSON (born 28 Aug 1878 in Ohio). If someone has access to the 1850 census, William H. should have been listed as 5 years old in his father's household. Does anyone out there recognize any links to Mercer County? Would appreciate any information that you may have.
- J. L. Hendrickson. 2 September 1999.

I am looking for my family. My name is HENDRICKSON, born in Trenton NJ. My father was Frederick and my grandfather was Daniel, my name is Martin. Can you assist me in this endeavor. Thank you.
- Martin Hendrickson. 2343 21st Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. 4 Janaury 1999.

Seeking information in Mercer County re HENDRICKSON, Justus, born 1774-1775 and died 1819 who married Mary LAURY. Their daughter, Mary HENDRICKSON married Henry DE BARGER. Seeking information on the children of Henry and Mary HENDRICKSON DE BARGER and family of Mary LAURY.
- Pat Richardson. 14 January 1999.

I am searching for my ggg grandfather, Tunis HICKSON/HIXON/HIXSON and his wife Margaret. Last name unknown. Tunis was born Feb. 1818 in NJ. According to the 1850 Census for Hopewell Twp., Mercer Co., NJ, Tunis and his wife Margaret and 3 children, Winfield Scott, Sarah J., Abram were living there. Tunis was born in NJ. Is there anyone out there that could check in the History of Mercer County, NJ to see if there is any info on the surname of HIXON/HIXSON/HICKSON. I would like to find out where he was born and who his parents were. Any information would be helpful. Thank You.
- Anna Narcavage. HC 64 Box 32B, Huntington Mills, PA 18622. 11 May 1999.

Hightstown - Cedar Hill Cemetery, SODEN:
William and Jacob SODEN families are interred at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hightstown. Seeking reference to earlier SODEN families interred in this cemetery or other Mercer County cemeteries. Jonathan SODEN, b. ca. 1776, d. ca. JAN/1848 and Lydia APPLEGATE, d. ca. 1813, were the parents of Willliam and Jacob.
- Glenn Soden. or 13 September 1999.

HILL, William Reynolds 1876-1914. Address at time of death = 858 Farmount Ave., Trenton. Was my grandfather but have no indication of his ancestors.
- William R. Hill. 118 Lowell Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08619. 19 February 1999.

HILL, William Reynolds Jr. 1900-1927. Lived 858 Fairmount Ave. Trenton NJ at time of death. Was my uncle. I believe there was off-spring but have no record or indication. Would like to meet same if possible.
- William R. Hill. 118 Lowell Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08619. 19 February 1999.

I am looking for the parents of Ann HOAG. She was born abt 1646-1652 in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. She died 11 Feb 1709 in Chesterfield, Burlington, New Jersey. She was married to Robert WITHAM in 1662 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. They had one child named Susanna who was born 29 Nov 1668 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Susanna was md. to Richard STOCKTON who was born abt 1650 in London, Middlesex, England and died, I believe, abt July 1709 in Princeton, (now Mercer Co.) New Jersey. They had 6 children. Ann HOAG had a 2nd marriage to a Robert WILLSON where she had 4 more children by him. She was a widow at that time. Any help in finding Ann HOAG's parents would be greatly appreciated.
- Darla Tooley. 4 June 1999.

Am seeking information on the HOFF family of Mercer County; Derick Paulusen HOFF husband of Aeghie Tunis COEVERT in particular. Gladly willing to correspond, share information!
- Suzanne Huff. 8 April 1999.

Seeking information on: HOFFMAN, William, born prior to 1800, wife Katherine. Children: Britton, Lucretia, Margaretta, Elijah, Mary Ann and John L (possibly Lafayette). This family lived in Trenton for many years, some children lived there until the late 1900's. Thank you!
- Ginny Owen. 9 January 1999.

I am looking for information on John HOGARTY (b.1820), and his wife, Mary. He was listed in the Trenton City Directory, beginning in 1854 as a boatman. Sons John Jr.(b.1847), Richard (b.1854), Edward (b.1857), George (b.1860), and Henry (b.1862) also worked on the canal. Daughter Anna (b.1851), my g.grandmother, married Luke GRAY in 1869. Luke and Anna were the parents of Mary (b.1869), Sarah (b.1872), John (b.1875), Rosa (b.1877) [ my grandmother ], Lewis (b.1879), and Richard (b.d. unknown ). Any additional information would be appreciated.
- Ellie Lynch. 10 August 1999.

I am looking for any information on HORNSTEIN from the Trenton area. Have little information so far. Please help with info you might have. Thank You!
- 14 May 1999.

William David HUDNET/HUDNUT, born: 9-21-1813, married Grace ? (possibly WINTER) ca 1834. Had a son Theodore Isaac HUDNET, born: 8-12-1835. Apparently she died and William married Rachel T. HUTCHINSON at Hamilton Square Baptist Church, Washington Twp., Mercer Co.1-9-1840. Their children were: Charles H. W. (Henry Winter) born: 2-24-1841; Jasper H., born: 3-22-1843; Christiana, born: 12-10-1845 and married Charles H. BRANING; Emeline H., born: 5-12-1847; Garret H., born: 11-8-1850; Mary E., born: 6-30-1852; Petena, born: 11-27-1854. William & Rachel HUDNET are buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hightstown, Mercer Co., N.J.
- Dorothy A. Brown. 2163 Copeland Rd., S.W., Albuquerque, NM 87105. 19 November 1999.

I am looking for information on Auley McCalla HULINGS, born 1800 in Trenton, NJ. He married Margaret PEACOCK, born in 1800 also. Married in 1821. His father was Abraham M. HULINGS, born 1765. Also any information on him or further back.
- M. L. Anderson. 6 February 1999.

I am compiling a family history and would like any information (birth and death) for my 2nd Great Grandmother. Name: Emma S. HULLFISH. Gender: Female. Date of Birth: 05/29/1855. Place of Birth: Groveville, New Jersey (Mercer County). Date of Death: 03/22/1889. Place of Death: Mercer County, New Jersey.
- Victoria E. Sredinski. 29 November 1999.

Seeking information on Sevilla O. HUNT, married a Charles H. WILCOX sometime in the 1840's or 50's. Sevilla O. HUNT was from Lawrenceville, Mercer Co., New Jersey. They left for the Calif. gold rush, but returned east and settled in Jefferson County, New York. Children: Jennie E. Wilcox VINCENT, Rev. James Foster WILCOX (b. 1870), Orra WILCOX (?).
- Jeffrey M. Nicklaw. 16 June 1999.

Seeking information about James J. JEFFERSON, born 1831, married January 8, 1887 in Trenton to Jane AMISON TAMS, born 1837, Staffordshire, England. This is a second marriage for both. The pastor of Clinton Ave. Baptist married them. James' father was Pierce JEFFERSON. If you are researching this line, please e-mail me.
- Pamela Myer Sackett. 11 January 1999.

Elwood KELLY - Born in 1832 in Trenton, N.J., died 2-25-1900. Married Susan KENNARD, had 8 children. His father's name is David KELLY. Trying to find any information that would help me.
- Alice Schenck. 28 October 1999.

KENNEDY, Conover b. 3-17-1855 (57?) Dublin, Ireland. Immigrated age 2 1/2 with one story says aunt. Parents may be James & Margaret KENNEDY. Married McDERMOTT, Kathryn J. on January 2, 1875 in Hopewell, Mercer Co, NJ. Later moved to Nebraska. Conover shows up on the 1870 Mercer County Census w/mother? Margaret & maybe Uncle Thomas KENNEDY (7 years older & listed as head of house). Any help appreciated.
- Carolyn Welch. 19 February 1999.

KERN, Ruth - where & when born (early 1800's), Mercer Co., (Trenton perhaps), where & when died, parents names? ULYSSES, William - where & when born (early 1800's), Mercer Co., (Trenton ?), where & when died, parents names? ULYSSES, Sarah Elizabeth - where born (12/7/1881), Mercer Co. (Trenton ?). Parents above supposedly owned a steel mill.
- Lillie Barnes - 18 January 1999.

Searching for information about my ancestors Louis KINNEY who married Mary B. WIILLIAMS on January 5, 1762 in Trenton, Mercer County. Louis KINNEY was born February 28, 1734/35 and was the son of Louis KINNEY and Esther DUBOISE. Mary Brower KINNEY was the daughter of John WILLIAMS and Mary BROWER. Any replies will be appreciated! Thank you!
- Emy Stewart. 9 May 1999.

Looking for several LANNING family members in Mercer County, starting with John LANNING, b. before 1675 in England, d. 1733, NJ. Also, Joseph LANNING, b.11/16/1731, d. approx. 1800, married to Marcy LOWNSBERRY. Place names are Mt. Holly, Bordentown and Crosswick. Thanks for your help.
- Mike Lanning. 5 February 1999.

Amos LANNING (b. ca 1804, Ewing Twp, Hunterdon Co (now Mercer Co, NJ; d. 25 Nov 1887, Mercer Co); marr. 26 Feb 1826, Burlington Co, NJ, Huldah THORN (b. 7 Sept 1804, Chesterfield, Burlington Co; d. 30 June 1850, "Dog Town", Hamilton Twp, Mercer Co) [Does anyone know where "Dog Town" was?] According to Cooley's "Genealogy of the Early Settlers of Trenton and Ewing" Amos was the son of Nathaniel LANNING and _______ LEE. The 1992 edition of the International Genealogical Index (available at any L.D.S. Family History Center) has her name as Mehitable LEE. The children of Nathaniel & Mehitable are supposed to be: John LANNING (b.1802), Amos LANNING (above), Nathaniel LANNING (b.1810), Samuel LANNING (b.1814), Thisbe LANNING ( 1815), and Penina LANNING ( 1817) Nathaniel LANNING's parents (according to Cooley) are Stephen LANNING and Elsie REED. I am looking for more info. on the families of Nathaniel and Stephen LANNING and on their wives. Does any one have info on the parentage of Mehitable LEE &/or Elsie REED? I have been combing thru Hunterdon Co wills looking for someone named LEE who had a dau. named Mehitable OR whose married name was LANNING, but so far no luck. I've discovered quite a few discrepencies with Cooley's account, so would really appreciate any help on verifying information.
- Patricia M. Bergener. Virginia Beach, VA. 14 January 1999.

Seeking info. on LARRISON / LARRISON families. George, Roger, William and John from Hopewell Twp., [now Mercer Co.] NJ. This was around 1700.
- Paul Larrison. 8 March 1999.

I am looking for information about Emma LEE born in Grover(s)ville, NJ about 1849. Married Henry Pethuel MASON in 1874 and died in Somerville, NJ 1920.
- Bob Bartlett. 1895 Creat Trail, Smyrna, GA 30080. 9 May 1999.

I am seeking information about William LILLEY, born 1879, son of William LILLEY Snr. a Methodist Minister from City of Trenton, Mercer County. According to the 1900 New Jersey Census, William LILLEY (Jnr.) was a teacher at the Pennington Seminary, Hopewell Township, Mercer County. William Jnr. had two sisters, Gertrude (married ? MINSHALL) and Rebecca (married ? HIRES). Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated by me, a distant relative of this family living in sunny New South Wales, Australia.
- Norm Lilley. 5 November 1999.

Researching the surname LOATES worldwide. A reference to a Sarah LOATES, married to William GROVE of West Windsor, appears on page 724 of the Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey under the editorial supervision of Francis Bazley Lee.
- Drew Adamson. 35 Freyberg Terrace, Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. 4 July 1999.

Seek information on parentage of Jane Harsell LORILLARD. She was born say circa 1805-10 Trenton (now Mercer Co., NJ) She married 29 August, 1830 Benjamin B. VAN STEENBURGH, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY. According to First Reform Dutch Church she was a "spinster". It is unclear from records whether her maiden name was HARSELL or LORILLARD. Records say she was LORILLARD but HARSELL seems to be a family name. Will gladly share information.
- James G. Brown. 2 June 1999.

LUBIEJEWSKI, Catherine married to Joseph MALKOWSKI bef 1904, child Michael Joseph MALKOWSKI 1904-1969, Mercer County, Trenton NJ; Violet Malkowski CRUE 1923-1996 Trenton? NJ. Michael MALKOWSKI married Theresa Elizabeth COLLINS 24 Nov 1928 in Mercer County, Trenton NJ.
- Joyce Brown. 23 June 1999.

Daniel Joseph LYONS, born Jan, 29, 1859 in Dublin, NJ. Where is "Dublin, NJ."? I believe it is north of Trenton. Thank you.
- Dan Lyons III. 1 December 1999.

Looking for any info on parents of Sandra Louise LYONS who was b. 13 Oct 1948 in Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ. Thanks.
- Tamara Stevens. 12 April 1999.

Seeking info re: Fred W. MACKENTHUN of Mercerville (Hamilton Twp.), Mercer County, NJ. (1870's-??) Family tradition indicates his parents were killed in a buggy accident and he was taken in by Daniel (1854-1941) and Rebecca Hughes KLOCKNER of Mercerville. Fred later married Daniels' dau. Elizabeth (1879-1967) and by her had two daughters, Frances E (1903-1996) and Marion E. (1905- ). Apparently Fred and Lizzie (my great grandmother) didn't get along, so his whereabouts and his lineage are unclear. Please help.
- Rett Campbell. 17 April 1999.

Searching for info on John MAGENNIS - son of John MAGENNIS and Lena KOSLOWSKI formaly from PA and moved to NJ abt 1930. John Sr was son of Peter MAGENNIS and Margaret MEEHAN - of Mt Carmel Northumberland Co., PA -- John Sr. died Norfolk, VA area 1945. I believe Lena and son John Jr lived in Mercer Co., NJ, at time of deaths. John Jr. was a school teacher and had 5 sons -- names unknown to me. Any information would be appreciated. I have good facts on MAGENNIS family in PA. Thank you.
- Peg Reardon Stoner. PO Box 808, Funkstown, MD 21734. 18 August 1999.

I am looking for information on my great grandfather William Brown MARGERUM b. 1860 in Trenton, NJ and on his mother and father Charles Hunt MARGERUM and Elizabeth DOUGHERTY. Could these be the MARGERUM's that owned the Scrapple Co. in Trenton? Would also like to know of any siblings of Willam Brown or his wife Anna PATTON.
- Thelma M. Kifer. 4 January 1999.

My father is Milton G. MARION, 410 South Main St. Pennington, NJ 08534. My grandparents were Wallace E. MARION and Jennibelle MARION who last lived in Mercerville, NJ.
- Paul M. Marion. 1448 Newman Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073. 8 March 1999.

I would like information on my family name, MATTHEWS, William and Elizabeth lived in Hopewell around the turn of the 20th century.
- Richard Matthews. 1002 Ingraham Av, Delray Beach, FL 33483. 30 March 1999.

Patrick MCADAMS and his wife, Mary Jane WALKER, are listed on the 1870 Federal Census for Ewing Township, Mercer Co., NJ. Patrick "worked in the quarry" as did most of the men listed on the same page. Patrick was born in Ireland and Mary Jane listed Scotland as her birthplace, though both her parents were born in Ireland. These are my g/grandparents and I am interested in any information I can find regarding them, the area, the quarry, etc.
- Kathleen Garner. 17 December 1999.

I am searching for the parents of my great-great grandfather George Washington MCGALLIARD. He and 3 or 4 brothers were born I believe in Mercer Co., New Jersey. Maybe one of them born in Pennsylvania. The family moved to Ohio in 1800 to 1830. George married Mary SCOBY in Miami County, Ohio in 1846. They moved to Deleware County, Indiana in 1858 I believe. George's brother Andrew, also moved to Deleware County, Indiana. I think another man named Andrew MCGALLIARD was the father and Ann was the mother. If you have any information on these relatives I would like to hear from you. George W. MCGALLIARD was 1812 or 1813 and died 1875 in Deleware County, Indiana. Thanks.
- Dick McGalliard. 619 North Ship Street, Portland, Indiana 47371. 1-219-726-7437 or 726-8224. 16 December 1999.

Researching great-great grandparents Rosanna MCKEE, born 6 May 1831 Belfast, Ireland, died 6 September 1920 Edgerton, Wisconsin -- married 6 July 1856 Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey to --- Patrick MOONEY, born November 1835 Ireland, died 12 May 1916 ,Edgerton, Wisconsin. Looking for information on additional family in New Jersey.
- Bill Hantke. 22 September 1999.

Matthew Tice MEASURE or Samuel HABERSTICK, Jr.; latter is my grandfather who was born in Prospertown on Oct 10, 1878. According to NJ historical library Prospertown no longer exists, but was incorporated into Mercerville. I believe his mother was visiting MEASURE relatives at the time of his birth. Any help re family names or town of Prospertown greatly appreciated.
- J. Baker. 24 August 1999.

Mercer County cities:
Do you have any idea how I can determine exactly where various cities of Mercer County were located prior to 1838? I would like to pinpoint my 1830 census search to the right county. Thanks.
- Ginger Matte. jmattey@aol. 14 February 1999.

I am looking for information on my parental great-grandfather born in Trenton, Mercer County. My grandfather was John G. MILLARD born in Philadelphia, Penna. His parents were killed in a carriage accident and John was left an orphan. John G. MILLARD married Annie HARKINS who's father was from Ireland and her mother also from New Jersey. My line with holes is traced back to a male MILLARD (first name unknown) and was a French huguenot and settled in Trenton, N.J. in 1679. Any help would be helpful.
- Charles J. Millard. 9 June 1999.

John J. MILLARD born in Trenton, Mercer County, N.J. Married Mary Lee (nee) MILLARD. They had a son: John G. MILLARD, born Sept. 15, 1874. Married Anna (nee HARKINS) MILLARD in 1896, then moved to Philadelphia, Pa. This is my great-grandparents and seeking information.
- Charles J. Millard. 25 October 1999.

I am looking for information on Anna E. MILLER. Found an Annie MILLER born 4/3/1867 in Trenton, NJ to Martin and Caroline MILLER. The information I have on Anna is that she was born in 1867 and died in 1915. She is buried in the Cherryville Cemetary with her husband Jacob Quick CASE. Their children were Elizabeth, Mary, George, Samuel and Henry. Anna is my great grandmother. Let me know if you know anything of these MILLER's. Thanks.
- Rich Fisher. 25 October 1999.

Need info on descendants of William W. MONTGOMERY who was born 7 December 1778 Monmouth Co., NJ, married 23 June 1813 Marie Augustine Louise Pulcherie PIVER in New Orleans, Orleans Par., LA, died 1 October 1864 in Delaware Co., PA at the house of his son, Richard R. MONTGOMERY in Glenays, Delaware Co., PA. Richard R. MONTGOMERY married Elizabeth BINNEY, who died 28 September 1888 in Philadelphia, PA. Another son, Augustus Rhea MONTGOMERY, died 10 May 1888 Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ.
- William P. Farrington. 7 March 1999.

Looking for the parents of John G. MORRIS born 1816 in now Mercer County, and Sarah H. HOLMES born September 29, 1816 now Mercer County. Married Nov. 30, 1839 in Hightstown, Mercer County, NJ. Known children: Hester, Mary Emma, William Henry, Charles Pitman, Franklin John, and Elizabeth B. PRICE. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Would love to hear from any one with conections to this family. Have information to share.
- Doris Walker. 18 January 1999.

I am looking for information on David MORRISON who worked in an assylum in Trenton, N.J in or about 1855 to 1857. The hospital was run by Dorothea Dix I believe. David met and married Matilda DUNCAN while working there and we understand that they were married in Trenton. Some of Matilda's sisters also worked there and when Dorothea Dix went to nurse the wounded at Gettysburg at least one of the sisters went with her. I would appreciate it if you could give me any informatiion you can about any of the above. Thank you very much.
- Nancy Morrison Janssen. 24 January 1999.

Looking for ancestors of a Mary MORTON m. Nathan ZIMMERMAN. She was from English descent. Her father ? MORTON had the distinction of being a soldier in the Revolutionary war under General Greene, and the Hessian army camped at one time on the MORTON farm near Trenton, New Jersey. Time period: early to mid 1800's Any connection to this family would be super! Thank you.
- Christine Sykes. OH. 13 December 1999.

I am seeking the maiden names of the wives of Richard MOUNT who died in 1787 in Nottingham Twsp., Burlington Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ. His last wife was named Lydia ____. Some descendants believe he had an earlier wife named Rebecca ____. Because a Joseph DISBROW was named guardian for some of his children, some descendants believe one of Richard's wives was a DISBROW. Because one of Richard's daughter's middle name was Konover, some descendants believe one of Richard's wives was a CONOVER. Also, which wife was the mother of Richard's son Matthias MOUNT b. 1761?
- Jack Mount. 664 N. Citadel Ave., Tucson, AZ 85748. Webpage: 7 July 1999.

Seeking info on the MURRAY family who lived in Mercer County, Trenton, on Liberty Street in the 1030s and on Rosedale Ave in the 1960. Any info is welcome.
- James Walsh. 14 April 1999.

MYER/MYERS/MEYER - Name has been spelled each way in Mercer County over the years. Seeking information on two Charles MYER(S) (father and son), father born c1840, died 1890 and son born c1860, died 1898. Both buried in Riverview Cemetery and were potters. Have no place of birth for either. Charles (father) married Lydia LANE (from Cassville, NJ) c1860 and Charles (son) married Elizabeth TAMS in 1886. Elizabeth TAMS family was AMISON from Staffordshire, England. LANE is supposedly French Huguenot. My grandfather Charles MYER III worked for John A Roebling in the early 1920s and was Chief Draftsman for the George Washington Bridge. I would love to hear from other NJ MYERS, or people with knowledge of JAR Co. in the 20s.
- Pamela Myer Sackett. 11 January 1999.

Mary Ella NAYLOR, daughter of Daniel NAYLOR. Born ca 1859. Married George Willson SMITH son of Robert H. SMITH and Mary WILLSON. Anyone connect with them? My ggrandparents, parents of Cora Elizabeth SMITH born March 27, 1887, Trenton, NJ.
- Eleanor Dobbs. 28 October 1999.

Trenton, 1720 to 1745 approximately, NEWLAND, John and wife, Mary.
- Helen Hauschild. 18 June 1999.

Frances E. "Virginia" NORMENT was b July 1893 in Baltimore MD, d/o Dr. Richard Baxter NORMENT. She married Dr. Robert E. SMITH Jr. In 1953 she was living in Baltimore. In June 1971 she was mentioned in her sister's obituary as Mrs. Robert E. SMITH, living in Princeton, NJ. Would like to know anything about her.
- Diane Bender. POB 178, Washington Grove, MD 20880. 5 November 1999.

We are looking for information for William NORTON born 2-23-1792 in Trenton, New Jersey, died on 6-14-1862 in Trenton New Jersey. Also looking for information for Henrietta HILL born on 5-12-1816 in Trenton, New Jersey, died on 1-25-1906 in Trenton New Jersey. They were married. Thank You.
- Connie Kudron. 24 January 1999.

Seeking living members of Samuel Zane & Mary Ellen O'BRIEN Family. Samuel b. c1832 Bordentown and d. 11 Aug 1885 Princeton. Who was his father? I need to have proof as well as name. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am working on papers for prospective DAR member.
- S. Jones. 10 February 1999.

Trying to get info on an Ann or Annie OPDYKE who was married to a Jonathan REED. They had at least 2 children; John Larrison REED (b. 1877 in Mt. Rose, NJ) and Ida. John spent most of his life in or around Trenton, NJ. Ida is believed to have gone to MA. Any info at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
- Jackie Sabo. 17 February 1999.

I have been researching ORNER's in PA for almost nine years. I am now starting to research ORNER's in NJ. From I have found two ORNER's in Mercer Co., NJ. 1870 census there is a John B. ORNER living in 7 W. Trenton and a Sarah H. ORNER living there as well. I am interested in finding all ORNER's and their families in NJ. So any thing you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
- Debbie Orner. 17 November 1999.

Hello, I am just getting started and would like any help you may be able to provide on finding-out details on Thomas or Jacob PARKER who lived in Kingston, NJ circa 1750-1800. I have the following information that I was able to obtain from the Mormon home page: . The areas that I believe my ancestors come from are either Penns' Neck or Hopewell.
- Geoff Parker. 7 December 1999.

Searching for information regarding the family of John PORTERFIELD. Born in 1675 in Duchall Castle, Scotland. John died in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey in 1738; he was 63. Occupation: Merchant in Trenton, New Jersey. Religion: Presbyterian. Children: William (~1712-~1789), Charles (1714-1778), Robert (1716-1785), James (1718-1777), Patrick (1720-1789), Eleanor (1722-1782, John (1724-1786) & Samuel (1726-1789).
- John Kieffer. Webpage: 14 February 1999.

I am trying to find information about my ggf, Frederick J. POTTER, b. 3/31/1853, d. 1/19/1921. Family history indicates that his first wife was Louise PRICE who died at age 23. I have no information about her. They had two children, James R. POTTER and Frederick A. POTTER. His second wife was Sarah WRIGHT and they had four children, Marion, Robert, Edmund and Ellis. I was told that he lived in Bordentown and was at one time President of a bank there. He was also affiliated with the railroad. In addition he lived in Trenton for some time. Any information would be appreciated. Although I have dates on my ggf, I have no information about his birthplace or burial place and nothing on his wives.
- Sharon Henry. 14 May 1999.

READING, Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. My Great Great Grandparents Alfred and Bridget READING left Ewing and came to Trenton, NJ abt 1875. They ended up living on Stuyvesant Avenue for years. These are their children: John J. READING married Ella BUCKLEY, Alfred A. READING married Maria COSTELLO, Pearson P. READING married Rose HINES, Joseph H. READING, Charles A. READING married Lettie HAROLD, Emma T. READING married Daniel J. TOOMEY, Mary A. READING married George F. BEHM, Elizabeth A. READING married James W. BENNETT, Catherine C. READING married James P. BUCKLEY (my great grandparents). Would love to talk to anybody reasearching Alfred READING or anybody in his family.
- Gerald Varner. 18 January 1999.

Looking for info on Elizabeth REED; born April 5, 1851 in East Windsor Twp., Mercer Co., NJ. Her parents were Aaron REED and Susan LAFETRA. Thanks.
- Bonnie Kilker. 8 August 1999.

I'm researching the REED family of Mercer Co., NJ. Below is the family information that I have. I'm in need of help with the one child Rhoda REED; I am searching for whom she married, when she was born, and when, and where she died. For I have a Rhoda REED in my family line that married a William HOLLINGSWORTH, therefore I would like to be able to verify if the Rhoda REED with this family in Mercer Co., NJ could possibly be one and the same. Any and all help would be deeply appreciated, for I have searched for many years on this lady. Thank You.
- Jerrimarie Henson. Oklahoma. Webpage: 2 September 1999.

John REED born c1675, likely on Long Island, NY. Married c1705 Elizabeth SMITH. His will is dated, 20 Aug 1731, Hunterdon Co. NJ, in whick he names his wife, Elizabeth and sons John and Richard. Other children are mentioned but not named. Both he and Elizabeth are buried in the Hunt Cemetery at Hopewell (Mercer Co) NJ. Her stone reads. 4 May 1764 age 84 years. Elizabeth SMITH, was born 2 mo 1680 in Hopewell, NJ, daughter of Andrew and Olive SMITH. Quaker records and Smith Bible records as for her birth date. She was also bapt: in 1702 with her sibblings at St. Mary's Church in Burlington. As Elizabeth SMITH, she was the executor along with her brother Thomas, to the 16 Jan 1703/4 will of their father Andrew SMITH Sr. I would like to prove if the following are possibly the children of John and Elizabeth (SMITH) REED. Also if they had a son Andrew REED found in the Trenton, NJ records. Did they have a daughter named Olive, named for her mother? 1. John REED, Jr. Will, dated 18 Mar. 1749/50 wife Susannah______, children Susannah, Nathaniel, Jerimah, Mary and Alse REED. Children not yet of age. 2. Richard REED. mar. Mary____. They may have been the parents of: (i) Peniah REED, born 9 Feb 1751, died 28 Oct 1827, mar. Jacob Lane GOLDEN. (ii) John REED, born 6 July 1742 died 16 June 1829 mar. Leah GOLDEN. (iii) ______ REED, born c1754 mar. Jacob DECKER. (iv) Richard REED, born 6 June 1759 died 28 Jan 1835 mar. Catherine DISBROW. 3. William REED, Will 27 Sept 1748, wife Mary, children not named, but are all under 21 yeas of age. His executors were hes wife and brothers, John and Joseph REED. 4. Joseph REED, no information found. I would appreciate any information on this family.
- Gloria Padach. Laguna Beach, CA. 30 August 1999.

I am trying to find information on my ancestors beyond my grandparents. My grandfather was Abraham Skillman REED. He was born in New Jersey, possibly Trenton, on July 19, 1842. His father was Charles REED and his mother was Maria SKILLMAN, born in 1855 in Trenton, NJ.
- R. Reed. 11 October 1999.

I am looking for anyone who may have heard of RIECE name in Mercer County - Michael and Mary RIECE. Any help will be appreciated.
- Marie G. 1 December 1999.

Seeking ancestry of Ebenezer ROLFE, b. 14 Nov 1782 possibly Princeton, NJ, m. 1809 _?, Nancy HUMPHREY, b. 17 Nov 1791, NB, CAN; d. 30 Jul 1862, Princeton, ME. Ebenezer ROLFE, was possibly born in Princeton, Mercer County, NJ. His surname was spelled "ROLF" in the 1830 Census of Maine. Children of Ebenezer and Nancy: 1. Putnam ROLFE, b. 24 Feb 1811, NB, CAN; d. 7 Jul 1878 Princeton, ME. 2. John Humphrey ROLFE, b. 6 Jul 1813, NB, CAN; d. 28 Jan 1883; Edinburgh, Scotland. 3. Leonard ROLFE, b. 30 Jun 1816, prob. Princeton, Washington Co., ME; d. 28 Oct 1840, Princeton, ME. 4. Asa T. ROLFE, b. Mar 1819, prob. Princeton, ME; d. 1 Aug 1874, Princeton, ME. 5. William J. ROLFE, b. 21 Jul 1821, prob. Princeton, ME; d. Jun 1848, Princeton, ME. 6. Harris ROLFE, b. 30 Oct 1823, Princeton, ME; d. 17 Jan 1873, Princeton, ME. 7. Charles H. ROLFE, b. 24 Dec 1827, prob. Princeton, ME; d. 14 May 1889, Princeton, ME. 8. Jane Amelia ROLFE, b. 21 Dec 1831, prob. Princeton, ME; d. 28 Sep 1833, Princeton, ME. Any help is most appreciated.
- Bob Colby. Illinois. 8 March 1999.

My ancestor Charles C. ROSE was supposedly born in Trenton, NJ in 1819. His parents were Jonathon ROSE and Elizabeth CARHART. I would be very interested in finding out more about these families, ancestors, siblings etc. Thank you very much in advance.
- Kim Welter. 1 January 1999.

I am looking for information regarding the surname ROSNICK. My great-grandfather's name was Michael ROSNICK (? - 9/30/1940) and his wife's name was Julia (KWIKLINSKA sp.?) ROSNICK. They lived in Trenton (Mercer County) and had a son Albert, born in 1901. I believe my great-grandfather owned a bakery in Trenton, but later moved from the city to Helmetta (Middlesex County). His wife Julia died when their son Albert was 8 or 9. Michael ROSNICK opened a bakery in Helmetta where one of his employees was later to open MENDOKER'S bakery in Jamesburg. Michael's son Albert was raised by his aunts until he was 15, when he joined the Army. During World War I, Albert was poisoned with mustard gas and died from it on February 20, 1924. He had been married to my grandmother, Victoria (WITKOWSKI) ROSNICK for only a year and my father, also named Albert, was 9 months old. Michael ROSNICK was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Trenton on 10/3/1940 by a woman named Katharina BAK. I do not know if this woman was his sister or one of the many women he took up with following the death of his wife. Michael ROSNICK was a wealthy man for most of his life but lost it all on drinking and opportunistic women. He owned some large tracts of land in Jamesburg and Monroe Township (Middlesex County), one of which he gave away to a woman named STUMP. It became known as the Stump Farm. It is possible that Michael ROSNICK may have had an illegitimate son named Stephen ROSNICK but I know nothing about him or when he may have been born. The only other thing I know about my great-grandfather is that he was most likely a member of St. Stanislaus R.C. Church while in Trenton and belonged to Holy Trinity Church in Helmetta thereafter.
- Janette Rosnick Vance. 26 April 1999.

Please send me any information on Fredrick SAYEN of Hamilton Square. I am a gardener at Sayen Gardens. People constantly ask me for information about Fredrick, and his family. He owned the Mercer Rubber Factory that is located across the street form his old estate. I have very liitle information on the family history, and accounts of Mr. SAYEN. I have worked in the garden for 12 years, and would like to do this man some justice for creating such a wonderful environment. We are currently a staff of three working on his old estate. They wanted to tear it down and put up 52 homes. Yeah right? You must see what we have done. All I need is something reputable that I can relate to the people who come in to the garden. Thank you very much.
- Kenny Glover. 9 June 1999.

SERENI, Paul or Paulo: Looking for my grandfather who immigrated to Trenton, NJ from Italy. He married Erminia SALVATORE also from Italy. Both arrived through Ellis Island. They had four children, Alfred, Nicholas, Peter and Louis. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
- Carol Lofton. 5840 Sun Valley Way, Sacramento, CA 95823. 29 November 1999.

Looking for info on an Ernest SEVERS. In 1920 he lived at 44 N. Overbrook Ave. in Trenton. His occupation is listed as 'manager'. What was his profession? Was he related to Sarah SEVERS, widow of Samuel? She lived at 22 Cooper St. in Trenton.
- Gayle Fuller. 8 August 1999.

I am looking for information about Ross SHAW, who was born in Middlesex County in 1838, but that may have become part of Mercer County. He was born to Aaron SHAW and Ellen BARCALOW.
- Dorothy Garcia. 10 December 1999.

I am looking for information about the husband and family of Catherine Anderson SHERRARD who married Thomas SHERRARD. They lived in Trenton, NJ in the early 1700's. Catherine was the daughter of Joshua ANDERSON and Engeltie OPDYCK d. 1741 of Hunterdon County (Hopewell) (now Mercer Co.). I believe that Thomas and Catherine SHERRARD may be the parents or grandparents of Catharine SHERRARD who married 1. Daniel PIATT, and 2. Charles MCHENRY. She died in Warren County in 1827 and is buried in the Mansfield/Woodhouse Cemetary.
- Judith K. Arthur. 24 Highland Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221-6802. 12 July 1999.

SIENKOWSKA or SZYNKOWSKI, Apolonia; last known address 1803 Liberty Street, Trenton.
- Gerri Inferrera. 16 February 1999.

Cora Elizabeth SMITH b. 3/27/1887 to George Willson and Mary Ella Naylor SMITH at Trenton, N. J. Cora married William C. STRASSER at Sebring, OH 8/1/1905. They had 3 daughters: Laura May b. 5/02/1906, Eleanor Ruth b. 2/18/1914, Genevieve b. June 1912. Cora, Genevieve and unborn son died in 1918 December of influenza. They are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, IN in the Strasser plot provided by Xavier F. STRASSER for his children and heirs. Can anyone provide info? Regards.
- Eleanor M. Dobbs. 1806 Pontiac Road, Fairview Hts., IL. 62208-1526. 9 March 1999.

I believe Trenton or Hopewell Township may be the part of Mercer I need to research. My grandmother Cora Elizabeth was born to George Willson and Mary Ella Naylor SMITH 3/27/1887 at Trenton. George is the son of Robert H. SMITH and Mary WILLSON. Mary Ella's father was Daniel NAYLOR. Robert H. SMITH was a farmer. Do you have a marriage record of George and Mary Ella? They had three children- Cora, Robert and one that died. They married ca 1885 Pennington Presbyterian Church, Trenton, December 24. Anyone familiar with these SMITHs?
- Eleanor M. Dobbs. 1806 Pontiac Road, Fairview Hts., IL. 62208-1526. 30 March 1999.

Looking for information about Samuel Stanhope SMITH, 7th president of the College of New Jersey - now Princeton University. Born around 1750, died in the early 1800s. He married Ann WITHERSPOON, daughter of the 6th president. Any geneological information before or after his presidency would be much appreciated.
- Sally Petrilli. 4 October 1999.

Would like assistance locating information on parents, siblings, etc. James SMITH. Also any information in connection with his descendants: James1 SMITH born 1732 Trenton, Mercer Co., N. J. , died 1819 Hamshire Co W. Va. Married (1) Anne PARKE in Trenton N. J. (2) Mary CAPEN 1755 Frederick Va. Issue: Aaron SMITH2 1751. Aaron2 SMITH born 1751 Trenton, N. J., died 1826 Harrison Co., W. Va. Married Sarah ALLEN 1772 in Frederick Co. Issue: James Allen SMITH3 1773. James3 Allen SMITH born 1773 Monongalia Co., Va., died 1835 Harrison Co. W. Va. Married (1) Sarah CUTRIGHT 1792 Harrison Co., W. Va., (2) Elizabeth MOORE after 1798. Issue: Rachel4 SMITH 1798. Rachel4 SMITH born 1798 Harrison Co., W. Va., died 1839. Married Mordecai SMITH 1818 in Harrison Co., W. Va. It is thought James1 father was Aaron SMITH born ca 1706, however, this not verified and need any information. Any assistance on any ancestors or descendants of these individuals will be appreciated.
- J. A. Selph, Jr. 26 September 1999.

I am looking for my great grandfather Zachriah Taylor SMITH born 7-8 Sep 1847-48 to John SMITH born in Sweeden or Norway. Zachriah was born in Mercer, New Jersey or Greens, Miss. Lived in Virginia in 1910, was on the census there. Was also in Fremont, Nebraska. Might be buried there.
- Julia Denison. 8 June 1999.

I am searching for information on the following families of Mercer County, New Jersey: SMITH, Andrew m. PITT, Olive; SMITH, Thomas b. 11/20/1677 Hopewell Mercer Co. NJ; SMITH, Thomas m. Ruth Stout @1724 Hopewell Twp NJ; HOUGHTON, Mary Ann m. John Smith Hopewell or Amwell Twp NJ. Thank you!
- Linda Walker. 15 July 1999.

Looking for records on Robert H. SMITH and Mary WILLSON, his wife, ca 1859. Son George Willson SMITH married Mary Ella NAYLOR. Robert and Cora Elizabeth were born to them. She is my grandmother b 3/27/1887 Trenton. George lived in Harburton and Mary Ella lived in Woodvale when they were married in the First Presbyterian Church, Pennington, NJ on 24 Dec 1879. Where could I inquire for marriage licenses for Robert and Mary SMITH and George and Mary Ella Naylor SMITH? Regards.
- Eleanor Dobbs. 17 November 1999.

I am looking for a W. Peter SNYDER listed in the IGI as being born 1818 in Mercer, Trenton OF, 1st Ward. I am trying to find his birth record and his parents names. W. Peter SNYDER is my grandfather's Lester W. SNYDER's grandfather. Thank you.
- Shirley Hering. 11 May 1999.

Looking for information on Leonard SPARKS, m. Lydia, son Henry b. about 1805 in Trenton, NJ. Have lots of info on descendants that I can share, but need more on place of birth, death, siblings, etc. of Leonard and Henry. Henry m. Rebecca DAVIS and moved to Pittsburg, he was a teacher there.
- Toni Britton. 31 March 1999.

My mother, Helen Marie STANTON and several of her siblings were placed in an orphanage sometime between the late teen's and 1920's. I've been told the orphanage was located in Hopewell, NJ. I would like to find the name of this institution, who it was run by, (State or Church), and any hints as to where I might begin to see if there are any records of the children who were there. Thank you in advance for any and all help you might be able to provide.
- Jackie Brown. 9 January 1999.

STELLE, Fredrick. I'm seeking any information on Fredrick STELLE. Listed in Washington Twp, Mercer Cnty Census (1860 - p.211 and 1870 - p.572). I'm trying to establish if this is the same Fredrick STELLE who immigrated from Sweden in 1849. He was born in 1819 in Rogberga, Wastraby, Sweden. Thank you.
- Mary Ross. 10 August 1999.

I am seeking information about the first wife of Robert STOCKTON who was born in Princeton on April 3,1699, son of Richard STOCKTON who, in 1701, built Morven, the STOCKTON ancestral home and formerly the New Jersey Governor's mansion. Robert married and had seven children by his first wife whose name is unknown. His second wife was Rebecca PHILLIPS by whom he had one child.
- David Ressler. 24 January 1999.

John SWALLOW - NJ. County, Hunterdon, now Mercer Co. Location MaidenHead Twp.-1741, page # 053. (Census Index:Colonial America, 1607-1789). Anyone know about this fellow. Would appreciate any info, suggestions on how to find more about this John SWALLOW and family, etc.
- Jan Foster. 10 July 1999.

Would someone be kind enough to look up an obituary for me on Josephine SWISHER who died in Trenton on Saturday, July 17th of this year? Thank you.
- Norine Swisher. 10 August 1999.

I would like info on Theresa TAKACH, born 1881 - Palanka, Bacs Bodrog, Hungary, came to the U.S. in 1906 to Mercer County, Trenton, N.J.
- John Feldenzer. 11 May 1999.

I am searching for any reference to the family TEUTSCHBEIN. Residency in Trenton was certain in 1885, and probably continued until 1893 or 1894. Start of residency could have been as early as 1882, the year of immigration of Reinhold August TEUTSCHBEIN. Three children were born in Trenton between 1885 and 1893.
- Ernest Teutschbein. 11 May 1999.

Looking for information on Scharlene Margrett THOMPSON; was told she was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1930's or early 40's. Married Earl Gordon DAYMUDE in 1950's. Had 2 children Willie Jacob DAYMUDE, and Donna Marie DAYMUDE. Dissappeared from family in 1960. Children were born in Washington D.C. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
- Linda Bonham. 26 January 1999.

Seeking info on any THORN(E) families or descendants that lived in Windsor Twp. area 1740-1840, then Middlesex Co., now Mercer Co., NJ. Joseph THORN m. Mary KINNAN ca. 1745, need marriage record and death date for Mary and any info on Mary's (KINNAN) family . Joseph & Mary had 3 ch. Lorain b. 1748 m. Jane PAXTON, Rebecca b. ca. 1751 m. Amos WOOD, Richard b. 1754 m. Margaret APPLEGATE. Need any info on Rebecca's descendants.
- Kathy Swope. 1 January 1999.

Help needed please in looking for relatives of Daniel TILSTONE (born Goldenhill U.K. 1910 ) who worked for Delaval Turbines until death 1965. Married Virginia BENTIVOGLI who died 24th November 1993. Sisters families Bertha MURRAY, Frances HANCOCK and Edith CARVER all born Goldenhill U.K. All lived at one time in Trenton.
- Norman Holt. 16 Alverstoke, ClosePendeford, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV9 5PS. 9 March 1999.

Trenton canals:
I'm seeking information on canal history in the Trenton area. According to the 1870 and 1880 census, my ancestors were boatmen. I would be interested in talking to someone knowledgeable on this subject. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
- Ellie Lynch. 29 September 1999.

F. J. Ullrich & Sons Inc.:
F. J. Ullrich & Sons Inc, funeral director, Trenton, NJ, 1929, Mercer County. Any one with information on how to obtain funeral details arranged by this funeral director, please email me. The funeral director is no longer listed in the phone books, and I am unable to determine if another company bought them out or who would have the records.
- Joyce. 1 October 1999.

ULMER, William P., b. 1821 d. 1890 and his wife Roseanna BUNN d. 1901 moved to Trenton from Alexandria Twp., Hunterdon County after 1878 with at least four of their children: Jacob ULMER b. 1857, killed in a railroad accident near Lawrenceville in 1913 m. Florence, unknown; James ULMER b. 1859; John Wesley ULMER m. Minnie KITCHEN; Emma ULMER. Other children were Samuel b. 1854, Lizzie b. 1863 and Cornelius V.B. ULMER who drowned in the Delaware in Hunterdon County. By his first wife Elizabeth, William had Amy B. b. 1843, Mary A. 1844, William M., b. 1847 and Henry J. b. 1850. I have information to share about William ULMER's line and would like to find "cousins" to share with.
- Donna Evans. 17 June 1999.

VANDENBERGH, Vandenbergh Distillery:
Between 1875 and 1910 Samuel VANDENBERGH and his son J. M. VANDENBERGH ran a distillery on the old road between Hightstown and Englishtown. Could someone tell me who the potter was who made the jugs that the applejack was sold in?
- R. F. Paschall. 1721 Oak Grove Rd., Washington, GA 30673. 4 January 1999.

Looking for Benjamin VICKRY (VICKERY). According to the New York Journal of Feb. 9, 1775 it was reported that Benjamin VICKRY along with many others of the town wished to let their thoughts be known concerning the sending of delegates to the contenential congress. I believe this Benjamin VICKRY could be the father of my Benjamin VICKERY born in 1788, and who later moved to Phila. According to the article Benjamin VICKRY was a citizen in the town of Ridgefield, very near to Trenton. Any help would be welcome.
- Billie Stan. 27 April 1999.

Looking for information on children, forbears of John D. (?) (1773-1840) and Catherine VROOM(E) (1780-1845), buried at Hazen, Oxford Twp., Warren County, but believed to have original ties in Mercer County.
- Bob Bohman. 20 April 1999.

Rose A. WALKER, Trenton, Mercer County, NJ.
- Robert F. Walker. 9 March 1999.

Mary WALL, Patrick WALL. Mary WALL b. abt 1795 in Ireland d.1867 in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. and her son, Patrick WALL b. abt. 1825 in Goresbridge, County Kilkenny, Ireland d. 1862 in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. Both are buried in St. John's Cemetery on Lalor St. in Trenton.
- Peggy Strieby. 10 September 1999.

Looking for Information on Allan Bartholomew WALSH, B: 29 August, 1874 in Trenton and D: 5 August 1953. He was a representative to the U. S. Congress from N.J. in 1913-1915, and is buried at Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery, Trenton, N.J. Interested in know of any siblings and his parents. I believe he is my great uncle. Thank You.
- Rob Messner. 23 April 1999.

Need info on my grandparents: William J. WALSH (B?, D1918 in Trenton, NJ), & his wife Anna M. ZISGEN WALSH (B?, D1919 in Trenton, NJ). I think that William was a trial attorney. They had 6 or 7 children: John, Robert P. (my father), Edward, Agnes, Margaret, a son who died in WWI, & possibly another child. Grandfather William WALSH had many siblings, including Harry & Edward WALSH. I believe that my great-grandparents were John & Margaret WALSH, & that they lived at 471 Bellevue Ave in Trenton (across the street from Mercer Hospital). Any info appreciated.
- Karen Walsh Smith. 22 November 1999.

West Creek:
I am looking for information about an 1860-70s town called West Creek. I am unable to find it on a map but suspect it was in Mercer County. Does anyone have any information about this town? Thank you.
- Bob Bartlett. 11 May 1999.

I am looking for Sarah and Samuel WESTLAKE, who lived in Trenton in mid 1700's. Any help would be wonderful.
- Anne Beidler. 3 November 1999.

Searching for information on William WHITLOCK, b. abt. 1800. He married Rachel A., who was born abt. 1812. Recorded on the 1850 census were children Mary, John, Abram, Isaac & Benjamin (twins) b. August of 1849 in Mercer County, New Jersey. Benjamin married Sarah Ann DENNIS in 1872 in Philadelphia. Have made contact with some of the descendants of Benjamin & Sarah. Would like to know more about William and Rachel and their other children.
- Carol Comp. Oklahoma City. 12 November 1999.

Looking for information for Catherine WILDER born Nov. 28, 1825, Trenton, NJ.
- Richard P. O'Tool. RPOTOOL@AOL.COM. 27 January 1999.

Looking for parentage and other info for WILSON and YOUNG. Frank (or Franklin WILSON), lived in Trenton (Mercer County) died Nov. 25, 1928; married Matilda YOUNG, Feb. 13, 1885. Matilda YOUNG born March 2, 1865, died Feb. 23, 1937 in Trenton (Mercer County). Matilda is daughter of Samuel YOUNG, born October 27, 1838, and Sarah CLAYTON, died April 3, 1886. All presumed in Trenton or Mercer County area. Thank you.
- Gail Brown Wershing. 25 March 1999.

Looking for parents of Rev. Isaac WINNER, b 1800 NJ, d 5 Jul 1868 Trenton, Mercer County, NJ. Methodist minister m bef 1823 Mary Ann ? b 1809 NJ, d bef Jul 1868. Known children Ogden, Ann Eliza Laura and Mary.
- Rollin C. Cowperthwaite Jr. 4 June 1999.

Looking for information on John F. WOOD (may have gone by the first name Frank), died in 1935. He was married to Florence HINELINE. They had twin daughters, Catherine and Anginetta. Later separated and may have divorced. They lived in Trenton, NJ, at 405 Stuyvesant Ave, before 1916, and 362 1/2 Reservoir St, after 1916. Florence later moved to Phillipsburg, NJ with their children. Any information on John F. WOOD would be greatly appreciated.
- Billie Jo Rothstein. 21 April 1999.

Looking for parents / family of Charles Smith WORTHINGTON, b ca 1838, m May 19,1860 in Trenton to Amy Ann BOWMAN b ca 1837.
- Anita L. Young. 1103 East Rome Street, Gonzales, LA 70737. 2 September 1999.

Edward WORTHINGTON and Catherine NEVINS WORTHINGTON, died ca 1920 Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, my maternal gparents. There were 13 children, Marie Rea, born 02/04/1907, Philadelphia, PA, twin brother died shortly after birth, Dorothy and Peter, possibly Richard, only known names. Searching for any information on this part of my family, searching for years. Attempted to obtain birth and death records but none could be located. Local libraries do not have any leads. Appreciate any help.
- Beverly Benn. 4095 Old Independence Road, Brenham, TX 77833. 28 June 1999.

Searching for Edward WORTHINGTON, md Catherine NEVINS/NEVENS, both died ca 1920 Trenton, NJ. 13 children, only known names are: Dorothy; Marie Rhea, my mother, b 02/04/1907, Philadelphia, PA, twin brother died shortly after birth; and Peter, born ca 1913. Know Catherine died first, Edward about 6 months later. Marie, age 13, oldest at home at time of parents death and Peter was 7. Older sister, her family and Marie raised the younger children. Unable to locate birth or death/probate records on any of above.
- Bev Benn. 8 August 1999.

Searching for the parents of Montgomery D. WRIGHT, born Trenton, NJ, 11 Nov 1830, died 15 Jan 1895. Married Victorine BOILEAU, 7 Jan 1856. 10 children: Eugene, Mahlon, Phebe Flowers, Mary Ella, Beaulah Gorden, Anna Amelia, Thomas J. J., Lillian Boileau, Katie Boileau and Emma Eva.
- Tom Wright. 25 June 1999.

Looking for information on Nellie May YALE, Arthur E. DODGE (her husband), and Yale Edward DODGE, who was born 3/30/1914 in Trenton, NJ. This family later moved to Allentown, PA (Lehigh County). Believe Yale Edward DODGE to be my grandfather.
- Toni Dodge Albarano. 18 January 1999.

Need info on my grandparents: William J. WALSH (B?, D1918 in Trenton, NJ), & his wife Anna M. ZISGEN WALSH (B?, D1919 in Trenton, NJ). I think that William was a trial attorney. They had 6 or 7 children: John, Robert P. (my father), Edward, Agnes WALSH BRANNEN (spelling?), Margaret WALSH MILLER, a son who died in WWI, & possibly another child. Grandfather William WALSH had many siblings, including Harry & Edward WALSH. I believe that my great-grandparents were John & Margaret WALSH, & that they lived at 471 Bellevue Ave. in Trenton (across the street from Mercer Hospital). Any info appreciated.
- Karen Walsh Smith. Corporate Account Manager, SCO, US Field Sales - Western Region. 408-427-7139 (fax 408-427-5445). 16 December 1999.


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