If anyone has information about the maiden names of the wives of Benjamin [#3 below] or Jacob [#4 below] or any other new information about this direct family line, please contact us.

(1) Jacob FREY, b. unknown probably in Gundetswil, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, d. unknown; m., 26 Jan 1657 in Altheim, Alsace, Germany, to Anna HERTZELLER (b. unknown, d. unknown); they resided in Altheim (or Altenheim), Alsace, Germany; their child:

[#2]    i. Hans Heinrich, b. 17 Jun 1663.
We have not seen proof that the Hans Heinrich son of Jacob (#1 above) is the same as Heinrich (#2 below); however, some circumstantial evidence suggests that he is.

(2) Heinrich FREY, b. 17 Jun 1663 in Altenheim, Alsace, Germany, d. about 1734 in Frederick Twsp., Philadelphia Co., PA; m., 26 Apr 1692 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA, to Anna Catherine LEVERING (b. Mar 1676, d. about 1754; daughter of John Wigard LEVERING & Magdalena BOKER); they resided in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., and later in Frederick Twsp., Philadelphia Co. [now Montgomery Co.], PA; their children:

        i. Jacob, b. about 1693, d. 1784, m. Margaret ____; 			
       ii. William, b. 1695, d. 15 Jun 1768, m. Veronica MARKLEY; 
[#3]  iii. Benjamin, b. about 1696, d. 1753, m. Christiana "Christena" ____.
       iv. Elizabeth Catherine, b. about 1697; 
        v. Henry, b. about 1698, m. Christianna BACHE; 
       vi. Magdalena, b. about 1699; 
      vii. Abraham, b. about 1700; 
     viii. John, b. about 1702, d. 23 Oct 1766, m. Mary KEISLER				
       ix. Rebecca, b. about 1704; 
        x. George, b. about 1705, d. 1750; 
       xi. Elizabeth Amelia, b. 2 Jun 1717, d. 5 Jun 1781, m. Frederick LEINBACH; 
      xii. Rebekah, b. about 1718; 
     xiii. Elizabeth Barbara, b. 1 Jul 1719, d. 1758, m. Dr. Johannes MILLER. 

(3) Benjamin FREY, b. about 1696 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., PA, d. 1753 at "Frye Fort", Frederick Co., VA; m., about 1721 probably in Philadelphia Co., PA, to Christiana "Christena" ____* (b. about 1702-05, d. about 1760); they resided at Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co. [now Montgomery Co.], PA, and later at "Frye Fort", Frederick Co., VA; their children:

        i. Abraham [Sr.], b. about 1723, d. 1807, m. Agnes Ann YOUNG; 
       ii. Henry, b. about 1724, d. 1812, m. Fanny LITTLER; 
[#4]  iii. Jacob, b. about 1726, d. 1808, m. Mary "Molly" ____; 
       iv. Joseph, b. about 1727, d. 1781, m. Ann FUNK; 
        v. Samuel [Sr.], b. about 1729, d. 1814, m. Christina SPEARS; 
       vi. Benjamin [Jr.], b. about 1731, d. 1813, m. Catherine ____; 
      vii. Christina, b.  about 1733; 
     viii. William, b. about 1735, d. 1796, m. Rachel SPEARS; 
       ix. Elizabeth, b. about 1737. 
[*Some descendants believe Christena's maiden name may be MARKLEY?, however, we have not seen proof.]

(4) Jacob FRY / FRYE [Sr.], b. about 1726 in Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co., PA, d. 1808 in Frederick Co., VA; m. to Mary "Molly" ____; they resided in Frederick Co., VA; their children:

[#5]    i. John [Sr.], b. about 1754, d. 19 Aug 1782, m. Catherine SPEARS; 
       ii. William, b. 1761, d. 1834, m. Phoebe SMITH; 
      iii. Joseph, b. 1767, d. 1805, m. 1st Rhoda SMITH, 
		m. 2nd Elizabeth HOTSBEILER; 
       iv. Jacob [Jr.], b. 1768, d. 1838, m. Catherine FRYE; 
        v. Catherine, b. 5 Aug 1773, d. 14 Mar 1857, m. Isaac FRYE; 
       vi. Mary "Polly", b. about 1775, d. about 1821, m. Abraham CHRISMAN; 
      vii. Christina, b. unknown, m. Abraham JAMISON; 
     viii. Elizabeth, b. unknown, m. John KELLER. 
Jacob FRYE [Sr.] was a soldier in about 1776 in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War.

(5) John FRY / FRYE [Sr.], b. about 1754 in Frederick Co., VA, d. 19 Aug 1782 at Blue Licks Battlefield, Fayette Co., KY; m., about 1777 probably in Augusta Co., VA., to Catherine SPEARS (b. 16 Sep 1760, d. 1 Apr 1848; daughter of George SPEARS & Christenah HARDIN); they resided in Rockingham Co., VA, and later in Lincoln Co., KY; their children:

        i. Leah, b. 30 Nov 1778, d. 11 Jan 1820, m. Jacob CARPENTER; 
       ii. Christine, b. unknown before 1782; 
[#6]  iii. John [Jr.], b. 29 Oct 1782, d. 19 Nov 1853, m. Sarah "Sally" McKINNEY. 
John FRYE [Sr.] was a soldier in the Kentucky Militia during the Revolutionary War; he died in the Battle of Blue Licks, 19 Aug 1782, and is buried at the battlefield.

(6) John FRYE [Jr.], b. 29 Oct 1782 in Lincoln Co., KY, d. 19 Nov 1853 in Casey Co., KY; m., 31 Jan 1803 in Lincoln Co., KY, to Sarah "Sally" McKINNEY (b. 19 Aug 1782, d. 30 May 1845; daughter of Daniel MCKINNEY & Mercy BLATCHLEY); they resided in Lincoln Co. [now Casey Co.], KY; their children:

        i. Thomas, b. 20 Jan 1805, m. Nancy PENN;
       ii. Archibald, b. 7 Jan 1808, d. 1 Nov 1843;
[#7]  iii. John [III], b. 4 May 1810, d. 18 Mar 1893, m. Frances "Frankie" POWELL; 
       iv. Leah, b. 7 Jan 1812, d. 29 Jan 1892, m. William WOODSON; 
        v. Katherine, b. 31 Jan 1814, d. 22 Mar 1839; 
       vi. Elizabeth, b. 2 Apr 1816, d. 5 Jun 1844; 
      vii. George, b. 7 Dec 1817, d. 7 Nov 1895, m. Mary Jane AVRITT; 
     viii. Sarah "Sally", b. 18 Feb 1820, d. 10 Feb 1900, m. George WILLIAMS; 
       ix. Jane, b. 6 Oct 1822, d. 16 Jun 1839; 
        x. Eliza, b. 9 Mar 1826, d. 5 Jun 1844; 
       xi. Emaline, b. 25 Apr 1828. 

(7) John FRYE [III], b. 4 May 1810 in Casey Co., KY, d. 18 Mar 1893 in Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY; m. 1st, about 1838 probably in Casey Co., KY, to Frances "Frankie" POWELL (b. 17 May 1814, d. 28 Jun 1849; daughter of Lindsey POWELL & Margaret CARPENTER); they resided in Casey Co., and Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY; their children:

        i. George W., b. about 1840; 
[#8]   ii. Archibald McKinney, b. 12 Sep 1841, d. 20 Oct 1934, m. Fannie E. PHILLIPS;
      iii. Sarah "Mag" Margaret, b. about 1844, d. 8 Mar 1887, m. Harry P. DUNN; 
       iv. Elizabeth C., b. 4 Jul 1845, d. 26 Aug 1912 KY, m. James J. McKINNEY; 
        v. John L., b. Dec 1847, d. 15 Aug 1853. 
John FRYE [III] m. 2nd, about 1850 in KY, to Eliza J. TUCKER (b. 31 Dec 1829, d. 22 Jan 1865); their children:
       vi. Virginia A., b. 31 Jan 1853, d. 31 Mar 1884; 
      vii. John Clinton, b. about 1855, m. Loretta J. JONES. 
     viii. James T., b. about 1856, d. 15 Oct 1928, m. Letha SPRAGGINS; 

Archibald Mckinney FRYE
1841 - 1934

(8) Archibald McKinney FRYE, b. 12 Sep 1841 in Casey Co., KY, d. 20 Oct 1934 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY; m. 1st, 28 Dec 1869 in KY, to Fannie E. PHILLIPS (b: 1847, d: 1886; daughter of Felix Grundy PHILLIPS & Frances Moss PENICK); they resided in Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY; their children:

        i. Mayme F. "Mamie", b. Jan 1871, d. 16 Feb 1961, 
	   m. George GRAHAM; 
       ii. Diana L., b. 22 Dec 1875, d. 29 Dec 1876; 
[#9]  iii. Harry Dunn [Sr.], b. 28 Dec 1885, d. 3 Apr 1924, 
	   m. Abbie LUTES. 
Archibald McKinney FRYE m. 2nd, 9 Nov 1888 in Lincoln Co., KY., to Lizzie PAGE (b. Jan 1852).
Archibald McKinney FRYE was a Sergeant in the 19th KY Regiment during the Civil War.

(9) Harry Dunn FRYE [Sr.], b. 28 Dec 1885 in Lincoln Co., KY, d. 3 Apr 1924 in Tampa, FL; m., 29 Sep 1909 in Lexington, KY, to Abbie LUTES (b. 12 Feb 1885, d. 14 Aug 1959; daughter of John LUTES & Lucinda GUM); they resided in Hubble & Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY, and later in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY; their children:

        i. John Archibald, b. 17 Jun 1910, d. 21 Jul 1991, m. Mary JEFFERS; 
       ii. Graham, b. 9 Oct 1911, d. 9 April 2001, m. Frances RUSSEL; 
[#10] iii. Harry Dunn, b. 19 Feb 1923, d. 13 July 2002, m. Anne Pearce WALTERS; 

(10) Harry Dunn FRYE, b. 19 Feb 1923 in Hubble, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 13 July 2002 in Tucson, AZ; m., 8 Jul 1944 at Ft. Chaffee, AR, to Anne Pearce WALTERS (b. 4 Jul 1920, d. 4 Nov 1998; daughter of Marvel Walker WALTERS & Clore Pauline MINICH); they resided in Vincennes, IN, Vineland, NJ, & Toledo, OH, and lastly in Green Valley, Pima Co., AZ; their children:

        i. Jane Anne, b. 21 Nov 1945, m. Jack Howard "Sandy" McPHERSON Jr.; 
       ii. Elizabeth, b. 1 Nov 1947, m. James KIMBROUGH; 
[#11] iii. Patricia, b. 19 Dec 1953, m. Jack Douglas MOUNT. 

*** Visit Harry Frye's Web of Life ***

(11) Patricia FRYE, b. 19 Dec 1953 in Vincennes, Knox Co., IN; m., 23 Jul 1979 at Lake Tahoe, Douglas Co., NV, to Jack Douglas MOUNT (b. 17 Mar 1943); they reside in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ.


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