If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Thomas BLATCHLEY, the parents of his wife Susanna, the name of Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Sr.]'s first wife, or any other new information about this direct BLATCHLEY family line, please contact us.

(1) Thomas BLATCHLEY, b. about 1615 possibly in Hertfordshire, England, d. about 1674 in Boston, MA; m., 5 June 1643 in New Haven, CT, to Susanna BALL? (b. unknown, d. about 1680; parents unknown); they resided in Hartford, CT, New Haven, CT, Branford, CT, and Boston, MA; their children:

[2]     i. Aaron, b. Aug 1644, d. Aug 1699, m. 1st Mary DODD, 
	   m. 2nd Sarah FOOTE;
       ii. Moses, b. 15 Mar 1650, d. 15 Oct 1693, m. Susannah BISHOP;
      iii. Miriam, b. about 1652, d. 1694, m. Samuel POND;
       iv. Abigail, b. unknown, m. Edward BALL.

(2) Aaron BLATCHLEY, b. Aug 1644 in New Haven, CT, d. Aug 1699 in Guilford, CT; m., Feb 1665 probably in Branford, CT, to Mary DODD (b. 1647, d. before 1686; daughter of Daniel DODD and Mary WHEELER); they resided in Guilford, CT, and Newark, NJ; Their children:

        i. Thomas, b. about 1665, d. 20 Dec 1692;
       ii. Susannah, b. 1667, d. 19 Jan 1728, m. Ebenezer FRENCH;
      iii. Mary, b. about 1668, m. Nathaniel ALLIS;
       iv. Sarah, b. 1670, m. 1st Christopher WEST, 
	   m. 2nd Samuel NORTON;
        v. Samuel, b. 1672, d. 14 Oct 1756, m. 1st Sarah, 
	   m. 2nd Abigail FINCH;
       vi. Hannah, b. 5 Mar 1674;
      vii. Daniel, b. 9 Jan 1676, d. 3 May 1712, m. Mehetable EVARTS;
[3]  viii. Ebenezer [Sr.], b. 1677, d. 1729, m. 2nd Jane ____;
       ix. Joseph, b. 1680, d. 14 Oct 1704, m. Mehitable KEELER;
        x. Benjamin, b. unknown, d. 17 Dec 1741, m. Naomi DUDLEY.
Aaron BLATCHLEY m. 2nd, 1686 probably in Branford, CT, to Sarah FOOTE.

(3) Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Sr.], b. 1677 in Guilford, CT, d. 1729 probably in Dix Hills, Huntington Twsp., Long Island, NY; m. 1st to wife unknown; he resided in Dix Hills, Huntington Twsp., Long Island, NY, and Queens Village, Long Island, NY; their children:

        i. Elizabeth, b. 8 Mar 1708, m. 1st Timothy TITUS, 
	   m. 2nd Ephriam KELLUM;
[4]    ii. Dr. Ebenezer [Jr.], b. 9 Oct 1709, d. 1795, m. Hannah MILLER;
      iii. Ann, b. 1711;
       iv. Joseph?, b. 1713, m. Esther COLLINS.
Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Sr.] m. 2nd to Jane ____; their children:
        v. Benjamin, b. 6 Aug 1718;
       vi. Daniel, b. 1721, d. 15 Oct 1781, m. Prudence WEISER.
Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Sr.] was a private in the Huntington, Long Island, NY Militia in 1715.

(4) Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.], b. 9 Oct 1709 in Dix Hills, Long Island, NY, d. 1795 in The Ponds, Milford Twsp., Bergen Co., NJ; m. to Hannah MILLER (b. unknown, d. unknown; daughter of Robert MILLER [Jr.] & Mary BECKWITH); they resided in The Ponds, Milford Twsp., Bergen Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Frances, b. 19 Nov 1731, m. John WOOD;
       ii. Zophar, b. 23 Nov 1733, d. Mar 1810;
      iii. Dr. Ebenezer [III], b. 13 Feb 1736, d. 18 Apr 1805, m. Mary Cooper WICK;
       iv. Dr. Miller, b. 13 Mar 1738, d. 1815;
        v. Sarah, b. 23 Nov 1739, m. Daniel ROBBINS;
       vi. Cornelius, b. 23 May 1741;
      vii. Mary, b. 29 Oct 1742, m. Joshua ROBBINS;
[5]  viii. Mercy, b. 3 Mar 1745, d. 25 Jul 1825, m. Daniel McKINNEY [Jr.].
Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.] m. 2nd Mary MILLER.

Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.] m. 3rd Mrs. FRANCIS.

Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.] m. 4th Mrs. ESTIS.

Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.] m. 5th Miss NICHOLS.

(5) Mercy BLATCHLEY, b. 3 Mar 1745 in The Ponds, Milford Twsp., Bergen Co., NJ, d. 25 Jul 1825 near Texarkana, TX; m., about 1763 in NJ, to Daniel McKINNEY [Jr.] (b. 1740, d. 29 May 1809).

Continued on my MCKINNEY Family Page


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