If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of [#1] Thomas POWELL [Sr.] or any other new information about this direct POWELL family line, please contact us.

Some secondary sources suggest that a William POWELL is the father of [#1] Thomas POWELL [Sr.]; however, we have not seen primary documentation to verify it.

(1) Thomas POWELL [Sr.], b. about 1630 in place unknown, d. Apr 1701 in Sittenburn Parish, Essex Co., VA; m., 22 Oct 1667 in Essex Co., VA, to Mary PLACE (b. about 1638, d. Dec 1710; daughter of Francis PLACE & Ann WILLIAMSON); they resided in Old Rappahannock Co., and Essex Co., VA; their children:

        i. Place, b. about 1668, d. about 1715, m. Mary ____; 
       ii. Honorias "Honor", b. about 1669, d. 1763, m. 1st Molly BEASLEY,
		m. 2nd Mrs. Joyce LAMBERTH; 
      iii. John, b. about 1670, m. Sarah YARDLEY; 
       iv. Elizabeth, b. about 1671, m. John SALMON; 
        v. Frances, b. about 1673; 
       vi. Francis, b. about 1674; 
[#2]  vii. Thomas [Jr.], b. about 1675, d. about 1739, m. Mary ____; 
     viii. William, b. about 1683, d. 1705; 
       ix. Ann "Annie" Ester POWELL, b. about 1684, d. 1726, m. 1st Robert DOOLING,
		m. 2nd Edward COFFEY. 

(2) Thomas POWELL [Jr.], b. about 1675 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA, d. about 1739 in Caroline Co., VA m. to Mary ____ (b. unknown, d. about 1754; daughter of Elizabeth GIBSON who was daughter of William GIBSON); they resided in Caroline Co., then Essex Co., VA; their children:

[#3]    i. Richard [Sr.], b. about 1705, d. about 1774, m. Elizabeth ____; 
       ii. James, b. unknown; 
      iii. William, b. unknown; 
       iv. John, b. unknown, m. Elizabeth ____; 
        v. Edward, b. unknown; 
       vi. Elizabeth, b. unknown, m. Josia JOPLING; 
      vii. Sarah, b. unknown, m. John SMITH. 

(3) Richard POWELL [Sr.], b. about 1705 in Essex Co., VA, d. about 1774 in Amherst Co., VA; m. to Elizabeth ____ (b. unknown, d. 1835); they resided in Goochland Co., then Albemarle Co., then Amherst Co., VA; their children:

        i. John, b. unknown, d. about 1760, m. Elizabeth ____; 
       ii. Clary, b. about 1739, d. 1825, m. Capt. David WOODROOF; 
[#4]  iii. Edmund, b. 10 Dec 1742, d. 1825, m. Lucy JOPLING; 
       iv. Rhoda, b. unknown, m. John TUCKER; 
        v. Richard [Jr.], b. unknown, d. 1815, m. Elizabeth ____; 
       vi. Thomas, b. unknown, d. 30 Sep 1788, m. Sarah THOMAS; 
      vii. Wiatt, b. unknown, d. 1818, m. Sallie FLOYD; 
     viii. Winnifred, b. unknown. 

(4) Edmund POWELL, b. 10 Dec 1742 in Goochland Co., VA, d. 1825 Casey Co., KY; m., about 1764 in Amherst Co., VA, to Lucy JOPLING (b. about 1746, d. unknown; daughter of Thomas JOPLING & Hannah FREEMAN); they resided in Amherst Co., VA, and then Lincoln Co., and then Casey Co., KY; their children:

        i. William, b. 10 Apr 1765, d. 13 May 1802, m. Mary MARSHALL; 
       ii. Frances, b. about 1766, m. Chales KAVANAUGH; 
      iii. Mary, b. about 1769, m. John Marshall TAYLOR; 
       iv. Elizabeth, b. about 1771, m. John BROADEN; 
        v. Hannah, b. about 1773, m. Robert SIMPSON; 
[#5]   vi. Dr. Lindsey, b. 14 Mar 1776, d. 3 Dec 1863, m. Margaret CARPENTER. 
Edmund POWELL was a 2nd Lt. in the Amherst Co., VA Militia, in 1780 during the Revolutionary War.

(5) Dr. Lindsey POWELL, b. 14 Mar 1776 in Amherst Co., VA, d. 3 Dec 1863 in Casey Co., KY; m., 24 Feb 1798 in Lincoln Co., KY, to Margaret CARPENTER (b. 7 Jul 1780, d. 1 Jul 1846; daughter of John CARPENTER & Elizabeth SPEARS); they resided in Lincoln Co., and then Casey Co., KY; their children:

        i. James, b. about 1798, d. about 1822; 
       ii. John Carpenter, b. 3 Jun 1801, m. Catherine NEWMAN; 
      iii. Elizabeth "Betsey", b. 28 Jun 1803, d. 27 Jan 1868, m. 1st Ishom JACKSON,
		m. 2nd George NEWMAN; 
       iv. Sallie, b. 14 Dec 1805, b. George CARPENTER. 
        v. Edmund, b. 19 Apr 1808, d. 8 Jan 1859, m. Elizabeth CARPENTER; 
       vi. David, b. 29 Jun 1813; 
[#6]  vii. Frances "Frankie", b. 17 May 1814, d. 28 Jun 1849, m. John FRYE [III]; 
     viii. Amanda, b. 25 Jan 1817, m. Henry CARPENTER; 
       ix. George C., b. 24 Mar 1819, d. 7 Jan 1898, m. Beersheba JONES; 
        x. Lucinda, b. about 1820, m. David CARPENTER; 
       xi. William Carrell, b. 19 Aug 1821, d. 12 Feb 1879, m. Nancy C. JONES; 
Dr. Lindsey POWELL m. 2nd, after 1846, to Bethany ____ (b. about 1788).

(6) Frances "Frankie" POWELL, b. 17 May 1814 in Casey Co., KY, d. 28 Jun 1849 in Lincoln Co., KY; m., about 1839 probably in Casey Co., KY, to John FRYE [III] (b. 4 May 1810, d. 18 Mar 1893).

Continued on my FRYE Family Page


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