If anyone has information regarding the ancestry* of Mordecai MCKINNEY or any other new information about my direct MCKINNEY family line, please contact us.

(1) Mordecai McKINNEY [Sr.], b. probably about circa 1689 probably in Scotland (place unknown)*, d. ?20 May 1760 in Lebanon Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; m., probably about 1713 probably in Bergen Co. or Somerset Co., NJ, to Mary SEBRING (b. about 1689, d. unknown; daughter of Jan Roelofse SEBRINGE and Adrianna POLHEMUS); they resided in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ, and later in Lebanon Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; their children:

        i. John, b. about Jun 1714, d. 1772, m. Susanna CAMPBELL; 
       ii. William, b. about Aug 1715, d. between 1759 and 1771; 
[#2]  iii. Daniel [Sr.], b. about 1717, d. about 1808, m. Margaret COFFEE; 
       iv. Jacob, b. about Apr 1719; 
        v. Annetje "Ann", b. about 1720-21, m. William SCOTT; 
       vi. David, b. about 1725, d. before 20 Jul 1785, m. Rebecca LANE; 
      vii. Mordecai [Jr.], b. about May 1727, d. 4 Apr 1782, m. Agnes BODYN/BODINE. 
Mordecai McKINNEY [Sr.] was a soldier in 1715 in 6th Co., Col. Farmar's Reg., NJ Militia.

*There are several different accounts of Mordecai's ancestry in Scotland. However, we have not seen primary proof given for any of them.

(2) Daniel McKINNEY [Sr.], b. about 1717 (bap. 3 Apr 1717) in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ, d. about 1808-09 probably in Readington Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; m., probably in NJ, to Margaret COFFEE (b. about 1715, d. about 1808-09; daughter of possibly John Daniel & Margaret COFFEE); they resided in Readington Twsp., Hunterdon Co., and Bridgewater Twsp., Somerset Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Mordecai, b. about 1738. 
       ii. Archibald, b. about 1739, m. ?McCLURE; 
      iii. James Collin, b. about 1740, d. 1811, m. 1st. Sarah BOONE, 
		m. 2nd Rebecca TUTTLE, m. 3rd Margaret FINLEY; 
       iv. Mary, b. about 1741, m. John ____; 
        v. Susan, b. about 1742, m. Robert LUCAS; 
       iv. Henry, b. about 1743, m. Sallie PORTER; 
[#3]  vii. Daniel [Jr.], b. about 1740, d. 29 May 1809, m. Mercy BLATCHLEY; 
     viii. Hiram, b. about 1745, m. Mary JENNINGS; 
       ix. Rebecca, b. about 1748, m. Mr. ARMSTRONG; 
        x. Charles, b. about 1749, m. Ruth BOYD; 
       xi. William Donald, b. about 1750, m. Hannah ____; 
      xii. Robert, b. about 1751; 

(3) Daniel McKINNEY [Jr.], b. about 1740 probably in Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 29 May 1809 in McKinney Station, Lincoln Co., KY; m., in NJ, to Mercy BLATCHLEY (b. 3 Mar 1745, d. 25 Jul 1825; daughter of Dr. Ebenezer BLATCHLEY [Jr.] and Hannah MILLER); they resided probably in Hunterdon Co., NJ, then possibly later in Washington Co., VA, and then later in McKinney Station, Lincoln Co., KY; their children:

        i. Ebenezer, b. about 1765, d. 1813, m. Susanna RUTHERFORD; 
       ii. Collin, b. 17 Apr 1766, d. 8 Apr 1861, m. 1st Amy MOORE, 
		m. 2nd, Betsy COLEMAN; 
      iii. Daniel Younger, b. 9 Apr 1769, d. 29 Aug 1825, m. Margaret McCLURE; 
       iv. Blatchley, b. 9 Apr 1769; 
        v. Emeline (Eveline), b. about 1775, m. Roland BURKE; 
       vi. Peggy, b. about 1776; 
      vii. Polly, b. about 1777, m. George MOORE; 
[#4] viii. Sarah "Sally", b. 19 Aug 1782, d. 30 May 1845, m. John FRYE [Jr.]; 
       ix. Rebecca "Becky", b. about 1787, m. William AKIN; 
        x. Elizabeth "Betsy", b. about 1790, m. John AKIN. 
Daniel McKINNEY [Jr.] was a soldier in 1776-1779 in the VA state troops (=continental line) (variously 3rd, 4th, 8th, or 14th regiments) during the Revolutionary War.

(4) Sarah "Sally" McKINNEY, b. 19 Aug 1782 in Lincoln Co., KY, d. 30 May 1845 in Casey Co., KY; m., 31 Jan 1803 in Lincoln Co., KY, to John FRYE [Jr.] (b. 29 Oct 1782, d. 19 Nov 1853).

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