If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Samuel WALTERS or any other information about this direct WALTERS family line, please contact us.

Samuel's father might be a John WALTERS. Robert, John & Samuel WALTERS (probably brothers) were administrators of the estate of John WALTERS brought to court in 1800 in Jessamine Co., KY.

(1) Samuel WALTERS, b. unknown in VA, d. 1805 in Jessamine Co., KY; m. to Sarah ____ (b. unknown); they resided in Jessamine Co., KY; their children:

[#2]    i. Luke L., b. 8 Feb 1800, d. 24 Mar 1865, m. Avarilla R. LAMB; 
       ii. Betsy, b. unknown, m. Thomas EDWARDS; 
      iii. Francis, b. unknown; 
       iv. John, b. unknown, d. 1823, m. Mary SCRIPTO; 
        v. Polly, b. unknown, m. Joel ____; 
       vi. Sampson, b. unknown; 
      vii. Samuel Jr., b. unknown, m. Elizabeth LAMB. 

(2) Luke L. WALTERS, b. 8 Feb 1800 in Jessamine Co., KY, d. 24 Mar 1865 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m., 18 Mar 1823 in Jessamine Co., KY, to Avarilla R. LAMB (b. 6 Nov 1802, d. 12 Aug 1869; daughter of William LAMB & Emillia REYNOLDS); they resided in Jessamine Co., KY, and later in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:

[#3]    i. Joel O., b. 18 Jan 1824, d. 17 Jan 1889, m. Nancy LAND; 
       ii. Samuel, b. about 1826, m. Martha ____; 
      iii. Mary, b. about 1835, m. Mr. BAKER; 
       iv. Luke E., b. 7 Jun 1838, d. 28 Oct 1865; 
        v. Frances M., b. about 1841; 
       vi. William L., b. about 1843; 
      vii. Permilia, b. unknown, m. Mr. BOATMAN. 

(3) Joel O. WALTERS, b. 18 Jan 1824 in Jessamine Co., KY, d. 17 Jan 1889 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m., 28 Mar 1848 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, to Nancy LAND (b. 8 Sep 1823, d. about 1895; daughter of James LAND & Jane WILLIS); they resided in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:

        i. James K., b. about 1850; 
       ii. Mahala, b. 15 Oct 1851, m. James H. WILLIS; 
      iii. Bazil, b. about 1852;
       iv. Nancy Jane, b. 18 Mar 1852, d. 28 Mar 1852; 
        v. Luke, b. about 1852, m. J. A. ____;
       vi. Amanda, b. about 1853; 
      vii. Ava M., b. Sep 1854, d. 1 May 1855;
     viii. Mary J., b. about 1854; 
[#4]   ix. John Wesley, b. 12 Apr 1856, d. 16 Jan 1922, m. Leah Anne NASH; 
        x. James, b. about 1857; 
       xi. Isaac, b. about 1858, d. 6 Jan 1881; 
      xii. Joel Jr., b. about 1858; 
     xiii. Martha A., b. 1 Nov 1859; 
      xiv. William J., b. 17 Sep 1861; 
       xv. infant, b. 20 Oct 1863, d. 1863; 
      xvi. Permilia, b. 28 Apr 1865, d. Sep 1896, m. Franklin Marion ANDERSON. 

(4) John Wesley WALTERS, b. 12 Apr 1856 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 16 Jan 1922 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m., 1 Apr 1880 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, to Leah Anne NASH (b. 31 Oct 1860, d. 7 Dec 1929; daughter of James L. NASH & Sarah J. ROSS); they resided in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:

        i. Lorena "Fay", b. 29 Dec 1881, d. 19 Aug 1967, m. Carl GOBIN; 
       ii. James Nash, b. 7 Mar 1884, m. Georgia ARMSTRONG; 
      iii. Bessie, b. 20 Sep 1885, d. 10 Aug 1954, m. Andy SINCLAIR; 
       iv. Joel Elmore, b. 27 Sep 1887, d. 11 May 1888; 
        v. William Leland, b. 17 Jun 1889, d. 11 Apr 1930, m. Zelma FITZPATRICK; 
       vi. Melvin Emett, b. 7 Mar 1891, d. 1 Oct 1910; 
      vii. Jennie, b. 10 Mar 1895, d. 28 Sep 1971, m. Lee COLLINS; 
[#5] viii. Marvel Walker, b. 12 Nov 1897, d. 24 Apr 1973, m. Clore Pauline MINICH; 
       ix. Ransom Ross "Pete", b. 25 Jul 1899, d. 17 Feb 1972. 

(5) Marvel Walker WALTERS, b. 12 Nov 1897 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 24 Apr 1973 in Aurora, Dearborn Co., IN; m. 1st, 8 Sep 1919 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, to Clore Pauline MINICH (b. 8 Sep 1898, d. 23 Nov 1964; daughter of Charles A. MINICH & Virginia Haddon PEARCE); they resided in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:

[#6]    i. Anne Pearce, b. 4 Jul 1920, d. 4 Nov 1998, m. Harry Dunn FRYE; 
       ii. Charles Minich "Tony", b. 17 Jul 1926, d. 5 Aug 1998, 
		m. Mary Kathryn PARKER; 
      iii. Thomas Lee, b. 16 Nov 1932, m. Rebecca SHAKE. 
Marvel Walker WALTERS m. 2nd Flo ____.

(6) Anne Pearce WALTERS, b 4 Jul 1920 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. 4 Nov 1998 in Green Valley, Pima Co., AZ; m., 8 Jul 1944 in Ft. Chaffee, AR, to Harry Dunn FRYE (b. 19 Feb 1923).

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