If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Thomas LAND [Sr.], or proof that John [Sr.] is the son of Thomas [Sr.], or any other new information about my direct LAND family line, please contact us.

(1) Thomas LAND [Sr.], b. about 1725-34 in VA, d. unknown in Wilkes Co., NC; m., about 1755 in Louisa Co., VA, to Anna SUMTER (b. about 1737, daughter of William SUMPTER & Elizabeth ____); they resided in Louisa Co., VA, and then later in Wilkes Co., NC; their children:

        i. Jonathan, b. about 1755-58, d. after 1820;
[2]    ii. John, b. about 1755-56, d. about 1804, m. 1st. Elizabeth BARLOW,
		m. 2nd Rebecca Narcissus RENFROE;
      iii. Mary, b. about 1759, d. 1796;
       iv. Joseph, b. about 1760;
        v. Nancy, b. 1764, d. after 1790, m. Benjamin TILLEY;
       vi. Thomas [Jr.], b. about 1766, d. 1796, m. Nancy McGeehee;
      vii. Franka, about 1767, d. after 1845, m. 1st Benjamin TILLEY, 
		m. 2nd Daniel ISBELL;
     viii. David, b. unknown.

(2) John LAND [Sr.], b. about 1755-56 in VA (possibly in Louisa Co.), d. about 1804 in KY, probably in Jessamine Co.; m. 1st, about 1781 probably in VA, to Elizabeth BARLOW (b. 1762, d. about 1796; daughter of Henry B. BARLOW) [Sr.] & Judith ____; they resided probably in Madison Co., Jessamine Co., & Scott Co., KY; their children:

        i. Mildred, b. 27 Dec 1781, m. Joseph RENFRO; 
       ii. Thomas, b. 26 Mar 1783, d. 1852, m. Virginia "Jane" MILLER; 
      iii. Henry, b. 25 Dec 1784, d. 27 Dec 1827, m. Eleanor HOSAC; 
       iv. John [Jr.], b. 2 Dec 1786, 1849, m. Rebecca RENTFRO; 
        v. Judith, b. 22 Oct 1788, m. Peter RENFROE [Jr.]; 
       vi. William, b. 7 Dec 1790, d. 1815, Susannah WOODS; 
[#3]  vii. James [Sr.], b. 14 Oct 1792, d. 24 Jul 1866, m. 1st Jane WILLIS,
		m. 2d Permilia HELMS; 
     viii. Nancy, b. 2 Oct 1794, m. William A. MASTIN; 
       ix. Elizabeth, b. 1 Jan 1796, 9 Apr 1880, m. Willis GULLEY. 
John LAND [Sr.] m. 2nd, 12 Apr 1802 in Madison Co., KY, to Rebecca Narcissus RENFROE (b. about 1770-73, daughter of Peter RENFROE & Eleanor HUNTER); their children:
        x. Fountain, b. 7 Feb 1803, m. 1st Barbara SANDS,
		m. 2nd Emily RUYLE; 
       xi. Cecelia, b. 15 Dec 1804.  

The widow Rebecca Narcissus (RENFROE) LAND then married on either 25 Feb or 5 Dec, 1807, Isaac BUTCHER.

(3) James LAND [Sr.], b. 14 Oct 1792 in KY, possibly in Fayette Co., d. 24 Jul 1866 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m. 1st, 12 Mar 1817 in Jessamine Co., KY, to Jane WILLIS (b. about 1795, d. 5 Feb 1830; daughter of Sherwood "Sherrod" WILLIS) & Mary Ann ____; they resided in Jessamine Co., KY, and then Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:

        i. Mary Ann, b. 10 Dec 1817, m. Isaac R. LAMB; 
[#4]   ii. Nancy, b. 8 Sep 1823, d. about 1895, m. Joel O. WALTERS; 
      iii. Martha Ann, b. unknown, m. Mr. EDDS; 
       iv. Mildred, b. unknown, m. Mr. EDDS; 
        v. Mahala, b. unknown, m. Mr. WOLFE; 
       vi. John W., b. about 1830, m. Clary TRIMBLE. 
James LAND [Sr.] m. 2nd, 16 Sep 1830 in Sullivan Co., IN, to Permilia HELMS (b. 1809, d. 22 Apr 1883); they resided in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; their children:
      vii. Thomas J., b. about 1832, m. Mary BRAY; 
     viii. James R., b. about 1833; 
       ix. William H., b. about 1836; 
        x. Jacob N., b. about 1838; 
       xi. Anna, b. about 1840; 
      xii. Elizabeth J., b. about 1842, m. John McCLANAHAN; 
     xiii. Permelia H., b. about 1845, m. Thomas JENKINS; 
      xiv. California / Calfenia, b. about 1847, m. Jacob WOODWARD; 
       xv. Fountain B., b. about 1850, m. Julia A. WOODWARD; 
      xvi. Leroy S., b. about 1852. 
James LAND [Sr.] was a soldier in the 13 Regt., KY Militia, in 1812 during the War of 1812.

(4) Nancy LAND, b. 8 Sep 1823 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, d. about 1895 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m., 28 Mar 1848 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN, to Joel O. WALTERS (b. 18 Jan 1824, d. 17 Jan 1889).

Continued on my WALTERS Family Page


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