If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of this FREEMAN family or any other information about John? or his wife Ann, please contact me.

(1) (possibly John?) FREEMAN, b. unknown in England, d. 1682 in Philadelphia, PA; m., in England, to Ann ____ (b. unknown, d. before Apr 1720 [Ann m. 2nd, before Apr 1720, Francis WALKER]); they resided in England (place unknown); their children:

[#2]    i. Henry, b. about 1670; 
       ii. Edward, b. unknown, m. 1st Hannah PHILLIPS, m. 2nd Elizabeth THARP; 
      iii. Elizabeth, b. Mar 1681, m. 1st John FORD, m. 2nd John LINDSLEY. 

(2) Henry FREEMAN, b. about 1670 in England (place unknown), d. 10 Oct 1763 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ; m., 16 May 1695 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ, to Elizabeth BENUE (b. unknown, d. 5 Dec 1760); they resided in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Ann Elizabeth, b. 16 Feb 1696, m. John RUNYON; 
       ii. John, b. 5 Nov 1698, m. Martha MOORE; 
      iii. Jonathan, b. 13 Jul 1700, m. Charity FORCE; 
       iv. Mary, b. 5 Jun 1702, m. David DUNHAM Jr.; 
        v. Sarah, b. 1 Feb 1704, d. before 1760; 
       vi. Rachel, b. 18 Jan 1705, m. Vincent RUNYON; 
      vii. Samuel, b. 31 Mar 1708, m. Mary STONE; 
     viii. Joseph, b. 21 Dec 1709, m. 1st Desire WALKER, m. 2nd Susannah TOMS; 
       ix. Hannah, b: 21 Oct 1711; 
        x. Benjamin, b. 3 Jun 1713, m. 1st Christian GILMAN, m. 2nd Rachel ____, 
		m. 3rd Esther CUTTER; 
       xi. Isaac, b. 25 May 1715, m. 1st Ellinor RIDDEN, m. 2nd Sarah TAPPEN; 
      xii. Henry Jr., b. 23 Mar 1717, m. 1st Abigail CARMAN, m. 2nd Mary READ; 
[#3] xiii. James, b. 1 Nov 1719. 

(3) James FREEMAN, b. 1 Nov 1719 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. about Apr 1793 in South Brunswick Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; m. to Eupheamea REYNOLDS (b. unknown, d. 1796; daughter of John REYNOLDS); they resided in Woodbridge and South Brunswick Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Hannah, b. 17 Mar 1743, d. 10 Aug 1791, m. John MOUNT; 
       ii. James W., b. about 1745, m. Ann "Nancy" RICE; 
[#4]  iii. Abigail, b. about 1747, m. Amos ROGERS; 
       iv. John, b. about 1749, d. 1817, m. Sarah SUTPHIN; 
        v. Jonathan, b. about 1702, m. Mary ____; 
       vi. Euphamea, b. 24 Feb 1754, m. James BREES; 
      vii. Anne, b.about 1757, m. Mr. WILLIAMSON; 
     viii. Elizabeth, b. about 1760, m. James ROCK. 

(4) Abigail FREEMAN, b. about 1747 in Middlesex Co., NJ, d. after Nov 1796 probably in Nottingham Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ; m. to Amos ROGERS (b. about 1729-34, d. 1807).

Continued on my ROGERS Family Page

  1. Chambers, T. F. "A Memorial of Henry Freeman of Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Some of His Descendants". In: Early History of the Freeman Family, C. E. Birely Press, Los Angeles, CA, 1901, pages 17-23 & 52.

  2. Freeman, Eupheamia. "[Abstract of her will, written 24 November 1796, proved 5 Dec 1796]". New Jersey Post-Revolutionary Documents, Calendar of Wills - 1796-1800, page 135.

  3. Myers, Patty B. Ancestors and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman, With Related Families, Penobscot Press, Camden, ME, 1995, 938 pages.



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