(1) Edmund BEAKES, b. unknown in Somersetshire, England, d. 3 Oct 1661 in Somersetshire, England; burial: place unknown; m., 11 May 1636 in St. Andrews Church, Backwell Parish, Somersetshire, England, to Joyce PARSONS (b. unknown; parents unknown); they resided in Farleigh, Backwell, Somersetshire, England; their children:

[#2]    i. William. b. about 1637, d. 14 Sep 1687, m. Mary WALL; 
       ii. Edmund Jr., b. unknown. 

(2) William BEAKES, b. about 1637 in Farleigh, Backwell, Somersetshire, England, d. 14 Sep 1687 in Makefield Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; burial: place unknown; m., 12 May 1661 in North Somerset MM, Somersetshire, England, to Mary WALL (b. 9 Aug 1628, d. 14 Jan 1696; daughter of William WALL); they resided in Makefield Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; their children:

        i. William Jr., b. 22 Jun 1663, d. 1711, m. 1st Ruth STACY, m. 2nd Elizabeth WORRILOW; 
       ii. Stephen, b. 28 Apr 1665, d. 10 Jun 1700, m. Elizabeth BILES; 
[#3]  iii. Samuel, b. 14 Mar 1667, d. Jan 1732, m. Joannah BILES; 
       iv. Abraham, b. 14 May 1670, d. 1703, m. Margaret HOOPES. 
William was a member of the PA Provincial Assembly, and a justice of the Bucks County Court.

(3) Samuel BEAKES, b. 14 Mar 1667 in Backwell, Somersetshire, England, d. Jan 1732 in Middletown Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; burial: place unknown; m., 4 Jul 1695 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA, to Joannah BILES (b. 1 Mar 1675; daughter of William BILES & Johannah HELLARD); they resided in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; their children:

        i. Sarah, b. 16 Dec 1695, d. 22 Mar 1696; 
       ii. Joannah, b. 21 Jan 1696, m. John AXFORD; 
      iii. Samuel Jr., b. 14 May 1698, d. 15 Dec 1702; 
[#4]   iv. Rebeckah, b. 27 Sep 1700, d. about 1763, "friend" of Josiah WOOD, 
		m. Charles AXFORD; 
        v. Ruth, b. 27 Sep 1702, d. Dec 1702; 
       vi. Abraham, b. 28 Nov 1703, d. about 1732, m. Susannah ____; 
      vii. Amy, b. unknown, m. Josiah APPLETON. 
Samuel was a member of the PA Provincial Council and the Sheriff of Bucks County.

(4) Rebeckah BEAKES, b. 27 Sep 1700 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA, d. about 1763 in NJ; burial: place unknown; she was not married when she had a child fathered by Josiah WOOD [Sr.] (b. about 1695, d. 1764; son of Joseph WOOD [Sr.] & Elizabeth WALTON); their child:

[#5]    i. Josiah, b. about 1725, d. 1792, m. Rachel EVERITT. 
Rebeckah BEAKES m. 13 Oct 1735 in NJ, to Charles AXFORD [Sr.] (b. unknown, d. about 1763; parents unknown); they resided in Trenton, NJ; their children:
       ii. Charles AXFORD [Jr.], b. unknown; 
      iii. James AXFORD, b. unknown. 

(5) Josiah BEAKES, b. about 1725 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA, d. 1792 in Pennington, Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: place unknown; m. to Rachel EVERITT (b. 30 May 1716, d. 20 Jan 1812; daughter of Samuel EVERITT); they resided in Pennington, Hunterdon Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; their children:

[#6]    i. Maj. Samuel, b. 1 Mar 1753, d. 1827, m. 1st. Mary DISBOROUGH, 
		m. 2nd Hannah ASHBURN, m. 3rd Catherine VANKIRK; 
       ii. Rebeckah, b. about 1754, d. 30 Oct 1769. 

(6) Maj. Samuel BEAKES, b. 1 Mar 1753 in Pennington, Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 1827 in Pennington, Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: place unknown; m. 1st, about 1775 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Mary DISBOROUGH (b. unknown, d. about 1778; parents unknown); they resided in Pennington, Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; their children:

[#7]    i. Mary, b. 1 Jan 1777, d. 11 Mar 1861, m. Moses BALDWIN. 
Maj. Samuel BEAKES m. 2nd, about 7 Jan 1779 in Newtown Presbyterian Church, Bucks Co., NJ, to Hannah ASHBURN (b. 30 Aug 1754, d. 7 Nov 1815, daughter of John ASHBURN & Juliann JOLLY); burial: Pennington Presbyterian Church Cemetery; their children:
       ii. William, b. 26 Oct 1780, d. 2 Feb 1865, m. Elizabeth MUIRHEID; 
      iii. Rebekah, b. 21 Apr 1788, d. 25 Jun 1871, m. 1st Garrett J. SCHENCK, 
		m. 2nd Benjamin HOFF. 
Maj. Samuel BEAKES m. 3rd, 25 Jun 1818 in Hopewell Baptist Church, Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Catherine VANKIRK (b. unknown, d. 24 Sep 1827; parents unknown).

Gravestone for
1777 - 1861

Samuel BEAKES was an ensign in the Hunterdon Co., NJ Militia during the American Revolution; he was later commissioned a major in the militia.

(7) Mary BEAKES, b. 1 Jan 1777 in Pennington, Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 11 Mar 1861 in Hopewell Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ; burial: Pennington Presbyterian Church Cemetery; m., 16 Jan 1796 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Moses BALDWIN, (b. 5 Apr 1776, d. 30 Jan 1847).

Continued on my BALDWIN Family Page



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