If anyone has any additional information about my direct BILES family line, please contact me.

(1) Alexander BILES, b. unknown, d. about 1620 in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England; m. to Ann SPEARE (b. unknown, d. about Aug 1631; daughter of John SPEARE); they resided in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England; their child:

[#2]    i. Alexander Jr., b. unknown, d. Jun 1682, m. Dorothy STRONG. 

(2) Alexander BILES Jr., b. unknown in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England, d. Jun 1682 in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England; m. to Dorothy STRONG (b. unknown, d. about 1692; daughter of William STRONG); they resided in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England; their children:

[#3]    i. William, b. about 1644, d. about 18 May 1710, m. Johannah HELLARD; 
       ii. Charles, b. about 1665, m. Sarah ____; 
      iii. Rebecca, b. 1654, m. Robert SCUTT; 
       iv. Mary, b. unknown; 
        v. Thomas, b. unknown, m. Marie MITCHELL; 
       vi. John, b. unknown; 
      vii. Jonathan, b. unknown. 

(3) William BILES [Sr.], b. about 1644 in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England, d. about 18 May 1710 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; m. 1st, 6 May 1669 in Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England, to Johannah HELLARD (b. 1646, d. about 2 Sep 1687); they resided in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England, and Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA; their children:

        i. Elizabeth, b. 3 Jun 1670, d. 17 Jul 1767, m. 1st Stephen BEAKES, 
		m. 2nd Matthew HUGHES; 
       ii. William [Jr.], b. 12 Jan 1672, d. 1 Sep 1739, m. Sarah LANGHORNE; 
      iii. George, b. 4 Sep 1673, d. Dec 1708, m. Martha BLACKSHAW; 
[#4]   iv. Joannah, b. 1 Mar 1675, m. Samuel BEAKES; 
        v. John, b. 31 Jan 1678, d. 1726, m. Mary LAMBERT; 
       vi. Rebecca, b. 29 Dec 1680, d. 1728, m. Joseph JANNEY; 
      vii. Mary, b. 1 Nov 1682, m. Mr. ROBBINS; 
     viii. Ann, b. 13 Jun 1685, d. 11 Aug 1767, m. Thomas YARDLEY. 
William BILES [Sr.] m. 2nd, 11 Dec 1688 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA, to Jane (BOID) ATKINSON (b. unknown, d. about 19 Dec 1709).

William BILES [Sr.] was a member of the Pennsylvania Provincial Council and Assembly. He was a justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He was the treasurer and constable for Bucks Co.

(4) Joannah BILES, b. 1 Mar 1675 in All Saints Parish, Dorsetshire, England, d. unknown; m., 4 Jul 1695 in Falls Twsp., Bucks Co., PA, to Samuel BEAKES (b. 14 Mar 1667, d. Jan 1732).

Continued on my BEAKES Family Page

  1. Biles, Bryan W. The Biles Family, Altus, OK, 1969, 715 pages.

  2. Lawton, Chester A. "That Ridiculous Old Man: William and Johannah (Hellard) Biles". The Bucks County Ancestors of Josiah Beakes of Pennington, N.J., manuscript, Trenton, NJ, 1995, pages 43-62.

  3. White, Miles, Jr. "William Biles". Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 26, 1902, pages 58-70, 192-206, 348-359.



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