If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK or any other information about him, or my direct VAN HOOK family line, please contact me.

(1) Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK, b. about 1623 in Hooksiel, Oldenburg, Germany, d. about 1697 in New York, NY; m. 1st, 30 Mar 1652 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Sara VAN DE CLIET (b. about 1629).

Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK m. 2nd, 29 Jan 1654/55 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Geertje EVERTS (b. about 1631); their children:

        i. Vrowte, b. May 1657, d. before 1672; 
       ii. Evert Arentszen, b. about 1661, d. about May 1711, 
		m. 1st Johanna VAN SPYCK, m. 2nd Neeltje JACOBS; 
      iii. Isaac, b. unknown, d. before Jun 1694, m. 1st Anna POPELAER, 
		m. 2nd Harmtje GERRITTS; 
       iv. Bennony, b. unknown, d. 9 Feb 1690, m. Jacomyntie SWART. 
Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK m. 3rd, 9 Aug 1665 in New Amsterdam, NY, to Styntie Christiana LAURENS (b. about 1648, d. before Aug 1685, parents unknown); they resided in New York, NY; their children:
        v. Catherina, b. Sep 1666; 
[#2]   vi. Lawrence, b. 1670, d. Aug 1725, m. Johanna "Hanna" Hendricks SMITH; 
      vii. Vrouwtie, b. Nov 1672, m. George WALKER; 
     viii. Maria, b. Jul 1675; 
       ix. Roelof, b. Sep 1677. 
Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK m. 4th, 16 Aug 1685 in New York, NY, to Lysbeth STEVENS.
Arent Isaackson VAN HOECK m. 5th, 12 Jan 1695/96 in New York, NY, to Maria VAN HOBOCKEN.

(2) Lawrence VAN HOOK Esq., b. 1670 in New York, NY, d. Aug 1725 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ; m. 2 Jul 1692 in New York, NY, to Johanna "Hanna" Hendricks SMITH (b. 1673, d. 2 Jun 1747; daughter of Hendrik Barents SMITH & Geertije WILLEMS; they resided in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ; their children:

[#3]    i. Johanna "Hannah", b. Jun 1693, m. Frederick DEBOOGH; 
       ii. Gerritje, b. Sep 1695; 
      iii. Gerritje, b. Dec 1696; 
       iv. Arent "Aaron", b. Oct 1698, d. 1760, m. Catherine BALCK; 
        v. Hendrick "Henry", b. Feb 1700/01, d. 1750, m. Deborah PARENT; 
       vi. Isaac, b. Aug 1703; 
      vii. Gerritje, b. Oct 1704; 
     viii. Benjamin, b. Jan 1706/07; 
       ix. Maria "Mary", b. Apr 1710, d. 1746, m. Robert CUMMING; 
        x. Francinke "Frances", b. Oct 1714, d. 14 Feb 1786, m. Rev. Samuel BLAIR. 
Lawrence Esq. was a judge for Monmouth Co., NJ.

(3) Johanna "Hannah" VAN HOOK, b. Jun 1693 in New York, NY, d. after 1730 in Orange Co., NC; m., 8 Jun 1712 in New York, NY, to Frederick DEBOOGH (b. Sep 1682, d. 19 Dec 1757).

Continued on my DEBOOGH Family Page


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  4. Van Hook, Lawrence. His will, written 14 Jul 1724, proved 14 Aug 1724.

  5. Van Hook, Matthew, Written communications, 13 Mar 1997 to 17 Nov 1998.



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