If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of William THORNE [Sr.] or any other new information about him, or the name of the wife of #3 John THORN [Jr.], please contact me.

(1) William THORNE [Sr.], b. about 1616 possibly in Lincolnshire or Dorsetshire, England, d. about 1657 in Jamaica, Queens Co., Long Island, NY; burial: Quaker Meetinghouse Cemetery; m. 1st, probably before 1636, to Susannah BOOTH (b. about 1617, d. after 1675; parents unknown); they resided in Lynn, MA, and later in Jamaica, Long Island, NY; their children:

        i. William [Jr.], b. about 1636, d. 1698, m. Winnifred LINNINGTON; 
[#2]   ii. John [Sr.], b. about 1639, d. 1707, m. Mary PARCELL; 
      iii. Joseph, b. about 1642, d. 3 May 1727, m. 1st Anna LAWRENSON, m. 2nd Mary BOWNE; 
       iv. Susannah, b. about 1645, m. John LOCKERSON; 
        v. Samuel, b. about 1648, d. about 1732. 

William THORNE [Sr.] signed the Flushing Remonstrance of 1657 which is recognized as the foundation of freedom of religion in America.

(2) John THORNE [Sr.], b. about 1639 in Lynn, MA, d. 1707 in Flushing, Queens Co., NY; m., 9 May 1664 in Flushing, Long Island, NY, to Mary PARCELL (b. unknown, d. after 1691; daughter of Nicholas PARCELL) and Sarah ____; they resided in Flushing, Queens Co., NY; their children:

[#3]    i. John [Jr.], b. about 1665, d. 14 Jun 1737, 
		m. Kathron "Catherine (OAKLEY? or KING?); 
       ii. Joseph, b. about 1668, d. Jul 1753, m. Marth Johanna BOWNE; 
      iii. Mary, b. about 1669, d. 1714, m. William FOWLER; 
       iv. Elizabeth, b. about 1673, d. 1710, m. Frederick SHUERMAN; 
        v. Hanna, b. 1678, d. 26 Oct 1756, m. Richard CORNELL; 
       vi. Sarah, b. about 1680, m. Joshua CORNELL; 
      vii. William, b. about 1682, d. 1742, m. Meribah ALLEN. 

(3) John THORN [Jr.], b. about 1665 in Flushing, Long Island, NY, d. 14 Jun 1737 in Chesterfield Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ; m., about 1688, to Kathron "Catherine" (possibly OAKLEY? or KING?) (b. about 1670, d. Nov 1766); they resided in Flushing, Long Island, NY, and later in Chesterfield Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Thomas, b. 1691, d. 1765, m. Mary ____; 
       ii. John [III], b. about 1692, d. 8 May 1759; 
      iii. Mary, b. about 1693, d. after 1766; 
       iv. Elizabeth, b. about 1695, d. before 1736; 
        v. Deborah, b. about 1698, d. before 1736, m. Mr. SIMMONS; 
       vi. Joseph. b. Nov 1700, d. Jun 1776, m. Sarah FOULKE; 
      vii. Rebecca, b. about 1703, m. Mr. SIMMONS; 
     viii. Samuel, b. about 1704, d. 1777, m. Hannah CLAY; 
       ix. Benjamin, b. about 1705, d. 1787, m. Sarah BUNTING; 
        x. Catharine, b. about 1707, m. 1st Francis KING, m. 2nd Francis JERVIS; 
[#4]   xi. Sarah, b. 3 Jun 1711 d. 30 Jun 1811, m. David WRIGHT Sr.; 
      xii. Hannah, b. about 1714, m. Caleb SHREVE. 

(4) Sarah THORN, b. 3 Jun 1711 in Chesterfield Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ, d. 30 Jun 1811 in New Hanover Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ; m., 5 May 1743 in Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, Burlington Co., NJ, to David WRIGHT Sr. (b. about 1706, d. 16 Jun 1791).

Continued on my WRIGHT [#1] Family Page


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