If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of John STOUT, or the parents of Penelope PRINCE or Frances HEATH, or any other new information about my direct STOUT family line, please contact me.

(1) John STOUT, b. unknown probably in Nottinghamshire, England, d. unknown; m., 13 Nov 1609 in Burton Joyce Parish, Nottinghamshire, England, to Elizabeth KEE (b. unknown; parents unknown); they resided in Burton Joyce Parish, Nottinghamshire, England; their child:

[#2]    i. Richard [Sr.], b. unknown, d. 1705, m. Penelope PRINCE.

(2) Richard STOUT [Sr.], b. unknown in Nottinghamshire, England, d. 1705 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ; m., about 1648 in Gravesend, Long Island, NY, to Penelope PRINCE* (b. possibly about 1629, d. unknown; parents unknown); they resided in Gravesend, Long Island, NY, and then in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Mary, b. unknown, m. James BOWNE; 
       ii. John, b. unknown, d. 1724, m. Elizabeth CRAWFORD; 
[#3]  iii. Richard [Jr.], b. unknown, d. 10 Jul 1717, m. 1st Frances HEATH, 
		m. 2nd Mary SEYMOUR; 
       iv. James, b. unknown, m. Elizabeth TRUAX; 
        v. Alice, b. unknown, m. 1st John THROCKMORTON, 
		m. 2nd Robert SKELTON; 
       vi. Peter, b. unknown, d. 1703, m. 1st Mary BULLEN, 
		m. 2nd Mary BOWNE; 
      vii. Sarah, b. about 1655, d. 1714, m. John PIKE; 
     viii. Jonathan, b. about 1658, d. 24 Nov 1722, m. Anna BOLLEN; 
       ix. David, b. unknown, d. 1732, m. Rebecca ASHTON; 
        x. Benjamin, b. unknown, d. 1734, m. 1st Mary LEONARD, 
		m. 2nd Agnes TRUAX. 

(*Some secondary sources without documentation suggest that PRINCE may be her married name from a previous deceased husband and that her maiden name may be KENT.)

(3) Richard STOUT [Jr.], b. unknown in Gravesend, Long Island, NY, d. 10 Jul 1717 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ; m. 1st, before 1671 in Monmouth Co., NJ, to Frances HEATH? (b. unknown; daughter of Mr. ____ HEATH? and Frances ____*); they resided in Middletown & Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ; their children:

        i. John, b. 1671, d. 1699, m. Amerentia CHRISTIANSA; 
[#4]   ii. Lucy, b. about 1675, m. Elisha LAWRENCE; 
      iii. Richard [III], b. unknown, m. Eve TRUAX; 
       iv. Robert, b. unknown; 
        v. Joseph, b. unknown, d. 1729, m. Hannah JACOCKS; 
       vi. David, b. unknown, d. 1718. 
[*Frances HEATH's mother Frances ____ married 1st a Mr. ____ HEATH?; she married 2nd Robert WEST; she married 3rd Edmund LAFETRA (according to references #10, 12, 14, 15, and 17 listed below)].

Richard STOUT [Jr.] m. 2nd to Mary SEYMOUR; their children:

      vii. Seymour, b. unknown; 
     viii. Penelope, b. unknown, m. Henry James FALKINBURGH; 
       ix. Rebecca, b. unknown, m. John CRAMER; 
        x. Benjamin?, b. unknown, m.? Miss READING?. 

(4) Lucy STOUT, b. about 1675 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ, d. after 1724 in Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ; m., 12 Jan 1692 in Monmouth Co., NJ, to Elisha LAWRENCE (b. 17 Feb 1666, d. 25 Apr 1724).

Continued on my LAWRENCE Family Page


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Penelope: A Novel of New Amsterdam

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