If anyone has additional information regarding this MOOR / MOHR family, please contact me.

This family in America preferred to spell its name MOOR. However, references to it have also been spelled MORE, MOORE or MOHR.

(1) Philipp MOHR, b. unknown; m. to Anna Catharina ____ (b. unknown); they resided in Obernhof, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; their child:

[#2]    i. Johann Andreas, b. unknown.

(2) Johann Andreas MOHR, b. unknown; he resided in Obernhof, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; his child:

[#3]    i. Johann Jakob, b. about 1690, m. Anna Apolonia MORET.

(3) Jacob MOOR [Sr.], b. about 1690 in Obernhof, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, d. after 1755 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; m., 24 Sep 1719 in New York, NY, to Anna Apolonia MORET (b. about 1691; daughter of Jacob MORET & Anna Eva HALMER?); they resided in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Elisabeth, b. about Dec 1721, m. Heinrich DIRDORFF; 
       ii. Jacob [Jr.], b. 10 Mar 1723, d: 17 May 1784, m. Christine ____; 
[#4]  iii. Daniel [Sr.], b. 20 Apr 1729, d. 30 Dec 1807, m. 1st Catherine STORTS, 
		m. 2nd Elizabeth ROWZER. 
Jacob MOOR [Sr.] was naturalized in NJ on 8 July 1730. He was one of the founders of the Amwell Brethren Church.

Gravestone for
Daniel MOOR
1729 - 1807

(4) Daniel MOOR / MOORE [Sr.], b. 20 Apr 1729 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 30 Dec 1807 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: Moore Cemetery; m. 1st, 23 December 1753, to Catherine STORTS; their children:

        i. Elizabeth, b. 9 Oct 1757, d. 25 Dec 1833, 
		m. Henry MASKELL; 
       ii. Abram, b. 30 Apr 1759, d. 11 Jun 1818, 
		m. Anna LAWSHE; 
      iii. Rebecca, b. 14 Mar 1761, d. 9 Jan 1852, 
		m. Mathias PEOPLESDORF; 
       iv. Daniel [Jr.], b. 28 Feb 1763, d. 1 May 1860; 
        v. Jacob, b. 16 Oct 1764; 
       vi. Catherine, b. 17 Mar 1767; 
      vii. Susannah, b. 3 Jan 1769; 
     viii. Esther, b. 23 Jan 1770, d. before Jun 1797, 
		m. Rev. Israel POULSON Sr.; 
       ix. John, b. 27 May 1772. 
Daniel MOOR / MOORE [Sr.] m. 2nd, 20 Feb 1774 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Elizabeth ROWZER (b. 25 Sep 1748, d. 22 Jul 1819; daughter of Rev. Gideon ROWZER); they resided in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; their children:
        x. Gideon, b. 19 Feb 1775, d. 19 Sep 1840, m. Catherine YORKS; 
[#5]   xi. Hannah, b. 4 May 1776, d. 21 Sep 1839, m. Rev. Israel POULSON Sr.; 
      xii. Mary, b. 28 May 1777, m. 1st Henry LAWSHE, m. 2nd Rev. Israel POULSON Sr.; 
     xiii. David, b. 13 Jan 1779, m. Elizabeth HUDNET; 
      xiv. Solomon, b. 2 Mar 1780, m. Ruth BROWN; 
       xv. Sarah, b. 31 Mar 1782, m. Arthur PRALL; 
      xvi. Judith, b. 30 Sep 1783, m. Henry LICE; 
     xvii. Isaac, b. 4 Feb 1785;
    xviii. Rhoda, b. 6 Aug 1786, m. George BIGGS; 
     xviv. Ann, b. 6 May 1788, m. Jacob PENCE; 
       xx. Agnes, b. 5 Mar 1790, m. John CASE. 

Gravestone for
1776 - 1839



(5) Hannah MOOR / MOORE, b. 4 May 1776 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 21 Sep 1839 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: Lower Amwell Graveyard/Dunkard Graveyard; m., 25 Jun 1797 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ., to Rev. Israel POULSON Sr.(b. 1770, d. 13 Feb 1856).

Continued on my POULSON Family Page.



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