If anyone has additional information about my direct HAMMELL family line, please contact me.

(1) Johan Hans VAN HAMEL, b. unknown in Desit, The Netherlands, d. unknown; m. to Theodore Dirkje VAN EMPEL (b. unknown; daughter of Meester Westpheringius VAN EMPEL); they resided in Desit, The Netherlands, and later in Bois-le-Duc, The Netherlands; their child:

[#2]    i. Daniel VAN HAMEL, b. 1587, m. Geertriud KNYSTEN.

(2) Daniel VAN HAMEL, b. 1587 in Desit, The Netherlands, d. unknown in Bois-le-Duc, The Netherlands; m. to Geertriud KNYSTEN (b. unknown, d. 1642; daughter of Gysbert KNYSTEN & Susanne VAN CASTEREN); they resided Bois-le-Duc, The Netherlands; their children:

        i. Lt. Col. Jacobus, b. 1612;
       ii. Gijsbert, b. 1617;
[#3]  iii. Dirk Theodorus, b. 1618, d. 2 Jul 1660, m. Sophia VAN WIJCKERSLOOT;
       iv. Geertruy, b. unknown, m. Nicholas VAN ROYEN;
        v. Maria, b. unknown, m. Jeremias DE LAET;
       vi. Susanne, b. unknown.

(3) Dirk Theodorus VAN HAMEL, b. 1618 in Bois-le-Duc, The Netherlands, d. 2 Jul 1660 in Fort Orange, NY; m., 20 Jul 1652 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, to Sophia VAN WIJCKERSLOOT (b. about 1630 [baptised 7 Feb 1630], d. Sep 1710; daughter of Hendrik VAN WIJCKERSLOOT & Catalijna VOSCH); they resided in Leyden, The Netherlands, and later in Fort Orange, New Netherlands [NY]; their children:

        i. Daniel, b. about Mar 1653, d. 4 Apr 1692, m. Susanna VAN HERZEELE;
       ii. Catherine Nachtelind, b. about Oct 1654;
[#4]  iii. Jan "John", b. about 1656, d. Sep 1734, m. Geertje CROM;
       iv. Henric, b. about Sep 1659;
        v. Feiter, b. unknown;
       vi. Maria, b. unknown.  
I have not seen primary proof that John HAMMEL (#4) is the son of Dirk (#3); however, some circumstantial evidence and secondary sources suggest he may be.

(4) Jan "John" HAMMEL [Sr.], b. about 1656 probably in NY, d. about Sep 1734 in Burlington, Burlington Co., NJ; m. 1st, about 1682 probably in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY, to Geertje CROM (b. about 1656, d. before 1703; daughter of Willem Gijsbertsz. CROM and Maycken Hendricks VAN DEN OEVER); they resided in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, and later in Lazy (Lessa) Point (aka Wingerworth) and Burlington, Burlington Co., NJ; their children:

        i. Catrine, b. about Oct 1683;
       ii. Elizabeth, b. about Jul 1686, m. James THOMPSON;
[#5]  iii. John [Jr.], b. about Aug 1688, d. Nov 1770, m. Elizabeth ____;
       iv. Mayken "Mary", b. about Apr 1693, m. Peter ROSE;
        v. William, b. about 1695;
       vi. Michal, b. about 1697, m. Michael FREASLAND.
Jan "John" HAMMEL [Sr.] m. 2nd, 14 Feb 1703 in New York, NY, to Christina VAN ROOSEVELT.

(5) John HAMMELL [Jr.], b. about Aug 1688 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, d. about Nov 1770 in Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ; m., about 1713 in NJ, to Elizabeth ____; they resided in Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ; their children:

        i. John [III], b. about 1714, d. 1803, m. Mercy GIBBS;
       ii. Catherine, b. about Oct 1718;
[#6]  iii. Elizabeth, b. about 1720, d. 1778, m. Robert CHAMBERS;
       iv. Deborah, b. unknown;
        v. James, b. unknown, m. Sarah BUTLER;
       vi. Laban, b. unknown, d. 1809;
      vii. Mary, b. unknown;
     viii. Rachel, b. unknown;
       ix. William, b. unknown, m.? Eliz LAIRD?

(6) Elizabeth HAMMELL, b. about 1720 in Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ, d. 1778 in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; m. to Robert CHAMBERS (b. about 1720, d. 1774).

Continued on my CHAMBERS Family Page


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