If anyone has additional information regarding my direct CHAMBERS family line, please contact me.

This CHAMBERS line is not proven. The relationships between the people in this family are based on information from old genealogies/secondary sources* without documentation. This chart is my best guess based on currently available information.

Some secondary sources suggest that a Robert CHAMBERS of Scotland is the father of John CHAMBERS [Sr.]; however, I have not seen any proof for this.

(1) John CHAMBERS [Sr.], b. about 1645 possibly in Lanark, Scotland, d. unknown in Piscataway Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; possibly m., 24 Oct 1670 in Lanark Parish, Scotland, possibly to Marion CROCKONRIG (b. about 1649, d. unknown); they resided in Piscataway Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; their children:

[#2]    i. John [Jr.], b. about 1675-80;
       ii. William, b. unknown, m. Sarah WEBSTER;
      iii. James, b. unknown, d. 1748.

(2) John CHAMBERS [Jr.], b. about 1675-80 possibly in Lanark, Scotland, d. before 1760 in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; his wife is unknown; he resided in Piscataway Twsp., Middlesex Co., and later near Allentown, in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; his children:

[#3]    i. Robert, b. unknown, d. 1774, m. Elizabeth HAMMELL;
       ii. James, b. unknown, d. 1748, m. Phebe ____;
      iii. John [III], b. about 1712, d. 4 Dec 1778, m. Susannah CARTER;
       iv. Martha, b. unknown, m. James HAMILTON;
        v. Joseph, b. unknown, d. 1777, m. Mary ____;
       vi. Elizabeth, b. unknown, m. ?John HAMMELL;
      vii. Francis, b. unknown.
This John [Jr.] may be the John who was the constable for Piscataway in 1712, and a soldier in Col. Farmer's Regiment of NJ Militia in 1715. He was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church of Allentown from 1744 to about 1759/60.

(3) Robert CHAMBERS, b. unknown in Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 1774 in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ; m. to Elizabeth HAMMELL (b. unknown, d. 1778; daughter of John Jr. & Elizabeth HAMMELL); they resided in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; their children:

        i. William, b. 1753, d. 1799, m. Rachel SCUDDER;
       ii. Capt. Robert, b. 28 Jul 1758, d. 26 Jan 1813, m. Francina REEDER;
      iii. David, b. about 1759, m. Rachel STILLE;
[#4]   iv. Elizabeth, b. 14 Dec 1761, d. 12 Jan 1829, m. Matthias MOUNT;
        v. John, b. unknown, d. after May 1774;
       vi. Mary, b. unknown, d. after May 1774, m. John LEWIS.

Gravestone for
1761 - 1829

(4) Elizabeth CHAMBERS, b. 14 Dec 1761 in Windsor Twsp., Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 12 Jan 1829 in Nottingham Twsp., Burlington Co., NJ; burial: First Presbyterian Churchyard ; m., about 1788 probably in Middlesex Co., NJ, to Matthias MOUNT (b. 4 Apr 1761, d. 20 Nov 1837).

Continued on my MOUNT Family Page

I have not seen primary proof that the Elizabeth that married Matthias MOUNT is the same as the Elizabeth daughter of Robert CHAMBERS; however, some secondary sources and circumstantial evidence suggest that she probably is.


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