If anyone has any other new information about this direct BRADT family line, please contact me.

This family name is also spelled BRAT or BRATT in some records.

(1)Andries Arentse BRADT, b. about 1578 probably in Fredrikstad, Smaalenes, Ostfold, Norway, d. unknown probably in Fredrikstad, Smaalenes, Ostfold, Norway; m. Aefje "Eva" KINETIS (b. about 1584); they resided in Fredrikstad, Smaalenes, Ostfold, Norway; their children:

[#2]    i. Albert Andriessen, b. about 1607-08, d. 7 Jun 1686, m. 1st Annetje Barents ROTTMER,
		m. 2nd Pieterje JANS, m. 3rd Geertruyt Pieterse COEYMANS;
       ii. Arent Andriessen, b. about 1610-15, d. about 1662, m. Catalyntje DE VOS.

Albert Andriessen BRADT (#2 below) is listed here as a son of Andries Arentse BRADT based on secondary sources without documentation. I have not seen primary evidence to verify this.

(2) Albert Andriessen BRADT (aka de Noorman), b. about 1607-08 probably in Fredrikstad, Norway, d. 7 Jun 1686 in Albany, NY; m. 1st., 11 Apr 1632 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Annetje Barents ROTTMER (b. about 1608, d. about 1661; daughter of Barents ROTTMER and Geesje "Geesie" BARENTSDOCHTER); they resided in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and later in Albany, NY; their children:

        i. Affien "Eva", b. about Jan 1633, m. 1st. Anthony DE HOOGES, 
		m. 2nd. Roeloff SWARTWOUT; 
[#3]   ii. Barent Albertse, b. about Oct 1634, d. after 1716, 
		m. Susanna Dirkse MAYER; 
      iii. Stoerm "Storm", b. 2 Nov 1636, d. 1679, m. Hilletje LANSING; 
       iv. Engeltie Albertssen, b. about 1637, d. 1683, m. Teunis C. SLINGERLAND; 
        v. Gisseltie, b. about 1640, d. 1677, m. 1st. Jan VAN EECHELAN, 
		m. 2nd Hendrick WILLEMSZ; 
       vi. Andries, b. about 1642, d. 1706, m. 2nd Neeltie ____,  
		3rd. Cornelia Teunisz VERWEY; 
      vii. Jan Albertse, b. about 1648, d. about 1695, m. 1st. Geesie JANS, 
		m. 2nd. Maria Moockers POST; 
     viii. Dirck, b. about 1650. 
Albert Andriessen BRADT m. 2nd., to Pieterje JANS (b. unknown, d. 1667).

Albert Andriessen BRADT m. 3rd., in 1668, to Geertruyt Pieterse COEYMANS (b. unknown, d. 1695).

Albert Andriessen BRADT is often called Albert de Noorman in early records.

(3) Barent Albertse BRADT, b. about Oct 1634 (bap. 22 Oct 1634) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, d. after 1716 in Albany, Albany Co., NY; m., about 1656 in Albany, Albany Co., NY, to Susanna Dirkse MAYER (b. about 1634, d. about May 1722; daughter of Dirck Dircksen MAYER and Maritje POST); they resided near Albany, Albany Co., NY; their children:

        i. Anthony, b. about 1657, m. Willemie METSELAER; 
       ii. Maritje, b. about 1662, m. Egbert Teunisz METSELAER; 
      iii. Dirk, b. about 1664, m. Anna Teunisz METSELAER; 
[#4]   iv. Anna, b. about 1666, d. unknown, m. 1st Solomon DEBOOGH, 
		m. 2nd Daniel WILKENSON; 
        v. Johanna, b. about 1668, m. David KETELUYN; 
       vi. Johannes, b. about 1673, m. Maria KETELUYN; 
      vii. Jacob, b. about 1674, m. Aefie Everts WESSELS; 
     viii. Isaac, b. about 1676, m. Divertie WESSELS; 
       ix. Daniel, b. about 1677, m. Libbitie "Elizabeth" LANSING, 
		m. Wyntie BOGARDUS; 
        x. Sara, b. about 1679, m. Reynier Meynderste VAN IVERSEN; 
       xi. Rebecca, b. about 1682, m. Claes BOGART. 

(4) Anna BRADT, b. about 1666 near Albany, Albany Co., NY, d. unknown; m. 1st, 1 Jan 1686 in Albany, Albany Co., NY, to Solomon DEBOOGH (b. about 1660, d. about 1696).

Continued on my DEBOOGH Family Page

Anna BRADT m. 2nd, 24 Jul 1696, to Daniel WILKENSON.

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