Letterboxes I Have Found in 2012

No.Date FoundLetterbox NameStateCounty
2626January 2, 2012Flowers of Faith and DevotionArizonaPima
2627January 14, 2012The Adventures of Tin Tin: #1ArizonaMaricopa
2628January 14, 2012Percy HitchhikerArizonaMaricopa
2629January 14, 2012The Adventures of Tin Tin: #2ArizonaMaricopa
2630January 14, 2012The Adventures of Tin Tin: #3ArizonaMaricopa
2631January 14, 2012P is For....... TravelerArizonaMaricopa
2632January 14, 2012The Dolphin HotelArizonaMaricopa
2633January 14, 2012Paisley TravelerArizonaMaricopa
2634January 14, 2012Dezert Ratty meets Desert Rats TravelerArizonaMaricopa
2635January 14, 2012Gum Under the TableArizonaMaricopa
2636January 14, 2012The Mirror of ErisedArizonaMaricopa
2637January 14, 2012RapunzelArizonaMaricopa
2638January 14, 2012Fire Lizard with her Clutch of EggsArizonaMaricopa
2639January 14, 2012The Mysterious World of NarniaArizonaMaricopa
2640January 14, 2012Rat's AsstronomyArizonaMaricopa
2641January 14, 2012Please Pass the Plate TravelerArizonaMaricopa
2642January 14, 2012Baqash was in AZArizonaMaricopa
2643January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #1ArizonaMaricopa
2644January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #2ArizonaMaricopa
2645January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #3ArizonaMaricopa
2646January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #4ArizonaMaricopa
2647January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #5ArizonaMaricopa
2648January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #6ArizonaMaricopa
2649January 14, 2012G. I. Joe: #7ArizonaMaricopa
2650January 14, 2012Gnome is Where I Park ItArizonaMaricopa
2651January 14, 2012Elvis ChapelArizonaMaricopa
2652January 14, 2012Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force MuseumArizonaMaricopa
2653January 15, 2012BL Stomps & Stamps in AZArizonaMaricopa
2654January 15, 2012Time is the KeyArizonaMaricopa
2655January 15, 20121951 Merc' Lead SledArizonaMaricopa
2656January 15, 2012The Lion KingArizonaMaricopa
2657January 15, 2012Messages of HopeArizonaMaricopa
2658January 15, 2012ThunderbirdArizonaMaricopa
2659January 15, 2012Diary of a Wimpy Kid by MadymooArizonaMaricopa
2660January 16, 2012Squirrel ParkArizonaMaricopa
2661January 16, 2012Walking CactusArizonaMaricopa
2662January 16, 2012To Gila Bend ... And Beyond!!!ArizonaMaricopa
2663January 17, 2012The Fifth of the Five OrdersArizonaPima
2664January 22, 2012Never A Bad Hair DayArizonaPima
2665February 3, 2012Beer Man Knows W.W.I.N.ArizonaPima
2666February 4, 2012Taters & Cactus: My 2 LoverArizonaPima
2667February 4, 2012Walt's Friend TravelerArizonaPima
2668February 4, 2012What's In A Name TravelerArizonaPima
2669February 6, 2012The Letterboxer's AddressArizonaPima
2670February 6, 2012The PavilionArizonaPima
2671February 6, 2012Mickey's IslandArizonaPima
2672February 6, 2012Lil DracArizonaPima
2673February 6, 2012Hey Batter Batter...ArizonaPima
2674February 20, 2012Sabino Canyon White Rock LedgeArizonaPima
2675February 22, 2012Where In The World is Dateland, ArizonaArizonaYuma
2676February 23, 2012Gloria de CristoArizonaYuma
2677February 23, 2012The Bridge to NowhereArizonaYuma
2678February 23, 2012Imperial National Wildlife Refuge #1ArizonaYuma
2679February 23, 2012Desert Drive #3ArizonaYuma
2680February 23, 2012Desert Drive #4ArizonaYuma
2681February 24, 2012Wildlife SitingCaliforniaSan Bernardino
2682February 24, 2012Gram Parsons loved Joshua TreeCaliforniaSan Bernardino
2683February 24, 2012ChemehueviCaliforniaSan Bernardino
2684February 25, 2012Huelle Family MonumentCaliforniaSan Bernardino
2685February 25, 2012Hello ArizonaArizonaLa Paz
2686February 25, 2012Where in the World is Bouse, ArizonaArizonaLa Paz
2687February 26, 2012Tuggin' a TrailerArizonaMaricopa
2688March 16, 2012Irish BellArizonaPima
2689March 17, 2012The Hockomock Birdman HitchhikerArizonaPima
2690March 17, 2012Target Mini Lady Bug HitchhikerArizonaPima
2691March 17, 2012The Thatch Clan HitchhikerArizonaPima
2692March 17, 2012Things That Bounce #6 HitchhikerArizonaPima
2693March 17, 2012Mephitis HitchhikerArizonaPima
2694March 17, 2012Shoot For The Moon HitchhikerArizonaPima
2695March 17, 2012New Puppy Survival Kit: Doggie Biscuits HitchhikerArizonaPima
2696March 20, 2012Thunder on the Plains HitchhikerArizonaPima
2697March 20, 2012Honu on Vacation HitchhikerArizonaPima
2698March 20, 2012Miles Borne HitchhikerArizonaPima
2699March 25, 2012F-111ArizonaPima
2700March 26, 2012PetroglyphArizonaPima
2701April 4, 2012Desert Tortoise AZArizonaYavapai
2702April 5, 2012Oatman Sisters MysteryArizonaMohave
2703April 5, 2012A New Mexican On The Road In NevadaNevadaClark
2704April 5, 2012Kodiak Bear #74NevadaClark
2705April 5, 2012Rattlesnake Spring TanksNevadaClark
2706April 6, 2012Back To Vegas!NevadaClark
2707April 6, 2012Ladyhawke TNevadaClark
2708April 6, 2012Ode to a Horned ToadNevadaClark
2709April 6, 2012Celtic Petroglyphs #1NevadaClark
2710April 6, 2012Celtic Petroglyphs #2NevadaClark
2711April 6, 2012Nevada 1864NevadaClark
2712April 7, 2012MEgaCacheUtahWashington
2713April 7, 2012Welcome to UtahUtahWashington
2714April 7, 2012Brooks BunnyUtahWashington
2715April 7, 2012Kachina DollUtahWashington
2716April 7, 2012Cool Critters: Cool CoyoteUtahWashington
2717April 7, 2012Cool Critters: Cool TortoiseUtahWashington
2718April 7, 2012Snow Canyon's OverlookUtahWashington
2719April 7, 2012Gone Fishing!UtahWashington
2720April 7, 2012TuacahnUtahWashington
2721April 7, 2012Kolob ArchUtahWashington
2722April 7, 2012Utah 1896UtahWashington
2723April 7, 2012Canary in KanarravilleUtahIron
2724April 8, 2012Toquerville First-TimerUtahWashington
2725April 8, 2012oldpaintUtahWashington
2726April 8, 2012SGFDHM Series: Box 4 - Kiki's Delivery ServiceUtahWashington
2727April 8, 2012Knot MaoriUtahWashington
2728April 8, 2012Like A VirginUtahWashington
2729April 8, 2012Touched for the Very 1st TimeUtahWashington
2730April 8, 2012Grafton Ghost Town: The Bicycle SceneUtahWashington
2731April 8, 2012Grafton Ghost Town: The Church/School HouseUtahWashington
2732April 8, 2012Winter VisitorUtahWashington
2733April 8, 2012Bumbleberry PieUtahWashington
2734April 8, 2012Narrow EscapeUtahWashington
2735April 9, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2ArizonaCoconino
2736April 9, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #3ArizonaCoconino
2737April 15, 2012The Book BikeArizonaPima
2738April 17, 2012Rose Canyon Rainbow TroutArizonaPima
2739April 28, 2012Armed and DangerousArizonaPima
2740April 28, 2012Terms of Endearment: Mon Bijou FleaArizonaPima
2741April 28, 2012Sweet, Spicy or SavoryArizonaPima
2742May 4, 2012Kodiak Bear #70ArizonaNavajo
2743May 4, 2012A New Mexican On The Road In ArizonaArizonaApache
2744May 5, 2012Ring around the xmas treeArizonaCoconino
2745May 6, 2012A view of the Grand CanyonArizonaCoconino
2746May 6, 2012Buddhist DharmachakraArizonaCoconino
2747May 6, 2012The Sedona SheepArizonaCoconino
2748May 6, 2012Home is Where You Park ItArizonaCoconino
2749May 7, 2012The One That Got Away: A Mother's Day Fish StoryArizonaYavapai
2750May 7, 2012A Whole Lot of Happiness: Happy DaysArizonaYavapai
2751May 7, 2012A Whole Lot of Happiness: The Happy CoupleArizonaYavapai
2752May 7, 2012The Palace SaloonArizonaYavapai
2753May 7, 2012Flamin' DrumArizonaPima
2754May 8, 2012Advent of Mass Market Printing, TheArizonaPima
2755May 13, 2012Caballo LocoArizonaPima
2756May 15, 2012Who Do You Think You Are?ArizonaPima
2757May 15, 2012Some Sun in the SunshineArizonaPima
2758May 16, 2012The HermitageArizonaPima
2759May 19, 2012BodyQuest's Relay for Life Series 2012: Save the Ta-TasArizonaPima
2760May 19, 2012BodyQuest's Relay for Life Series 2012: Fight BackArizonaPima
2761May 19, 2012BodyQuest's Relay for Life Series 2012: Fight Like a GirlArizonaPima
2762May 19, 2012BodyQuest's Relay for Life Series 2012: (Badge of) Hope (for a cure)ArizonaPima
2763May 26, 2012Arizona Chapter KArizonaPima
2764May 26, 2012Beauty in the MundaneArizonaPima
2765May 27, 2012Arizona SunshineArizonaYavapai
2766June 1, 2012The Wolf's HowlUtahIron
2767June 1, 2012Landlocked LighthouseUtahIron
2768June 1, 2012Cedar CityUtahIron
2769June 1, 2012Castle in the PinesUtahIron
2770June 1, 2012L'il Artists on the Move - Spray HitchhikerUtahIron
2771June 1, 2012An Easter Egg HuntUtahIron
2772June 1, 2012You Can Quote MeUtahIron
2773June 1, 2012L'il Artists on the Move - Paint HitchhikerUtahIron
2774June 1, 2012The BardUtahIron
2775June 1, 2012Diamond ZUtahIron
2776June 2, 2012UTSS: Dutch OvenUtahIron
2777June 2, 2012Cow CarNevadaWhite Pine
2778June 2, 2012Slow and SteadyNevadaWhite Pine
2779June 3, 2012Nevada Northern RailwayNevadaWhite Pine
2780June 3, 2012Eureka Opera HouseNevadaEureka
2781June 3, 2012Hickison Petroglyphs: The HunterNevadaLander
2782June 3, 2012Hickison Petroglyphs: The HuntedNevadaLander
2783June 3, 2012Sand Mountain #2NevadaChurchill
2784June 3, 2012Grimes PointNevadaChurchill
2785June 3, 2012Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe FestivalNevadaChurchill
2786June 4, 2012The BlacksmithNevadaChurchill
2787June 4, 2012Lego ManNevadaCarson City
2788June 4, 2012Squirrely Switchbacks and Bear Prints #1NevadaDouglas
2789June 4, 2012Squirrely Switchbacks and Bear Prints #2NevadaDouglas
2790June 4, 2012Little BearCaliforniaEl Dorado
2791June 4, 2012Happy HolidaysCaliforniaEl Dorado
2792June 4, 2012A Scoop to Go HitchhikerCaliforniaEl Dorado
2793June 5, 2012New York SantaCaliforniaEl Dorado
2794June 5, 2012One Red AppleCaliforniaEl Dorado
2795June 5, 2012The Pupkin KingCaliforniaEl Dorado
2796June 5, 2012Apple Hill FarmsCaliforniaEl Dorado
2797June 8, 2012Twin BridgesCaliforniaEl Dorado
2798June 8, 2012Take in the Views at Echo Lakes Series #1CaliforniaEl Dorado
2799June 8, 2012Take in the Views at Echo Lakes Series #2CaliforniaEl Dorado
2800June 8, 2012Take in the Views at Echo Lakes Series #3CaliforniaEl Dorado
2801June 9, 2012Giant PandasCaliforniaSacramento
2802June 9, 2012Babby BottleCaliforniaSacramento
2803June 9, 2012The Unicorn's GiftCaliforniaSacramento
2804June 11, 2012Shady RaccoonCaliforniaSacramento
2805June 11, 2012Harrington FlowersCaliforniaColusa
2806June 11, 2012Leaving CentralCaliforniaColusa
2807June 12, 2012The Fierce Dragons of Mt. Lassen Series: The Flying Fierce DragonCaliforniaShasta
2808June 12, 2012The Fierce Dragons of Mt. Lassen Series: The Lost Wizard KeyCaliforniaShasta
2809June 12, 2012Pokemon Roadtrip: PigniteCaliforniaShasta
2810June 12, 2012The Fierce Dragons of Mt. Lassen Series: The Greedy WizardCaliforniaShasta
2811June 13, 2012Liberty BellCaliforniaShasta
2812June 13, 2012Hat Creek HerefordCaliforniaShasta
2813June 13, 2012The Flying Fox HitchhikerCaliforniaShasta
2814June 13, 2012Camero puer de plasticaCaliforniaShasta
2815June 13, 2012US License Plate Tour - OregonOregonKlamath
2816June 14, 2012Diamond LakeOregonDouglas
2817June 14, 2012Homeslice Goes to First Grade!!OregonDeschutes
2818June 14, 2012Paulina FallsOregonDeschutes
2819June 14, 2012East LakeOregonDeschutes
2820June 14, 2012Kaboom!OregonDeschutes
2821June 14, 2012Big TreeOregonDeschutes
2822June 14, 2012Ashes to New LifeOregonDeschutes
2823June 15, 2012100 Thank You's Juliette Low: Juliette LowOregonDeschutes
2824June 15, 2012100 Thank You's Juliette Low: GS SignOregonDeschutes
2825June 15, 2012100 Thank You's Juliette Low: Traditional PinOregonDeschutes
2826June 15, 2012100 Thank You's Juliette Low: 1912-2012OregonDeschutes
2827June 15, 2012100 Thank You's Juliette Low: GS Big Tree CampoutOregonDeschutes
2828June 15, 2012Laughing Gull HitchhikerOregonDeschutes
2829June 15, 2012Oonie's LekOregonDeschutes
2830June 15, 2012McGregor ViewpointOregonDeschutes
2831June 15, 2012PlusleOregonDeschutes
2832June 15, 2012Lunar ExplorersOregonDeschutes
2833June 15, 2012Grunk The Tool Nut HitchhikerOregonDeschutes
2834June 15, 2012Sign to Sign #1OregonDeschutes
2835June 15, 2012Welcome to BendOregonDeschutes
2836June 15, 2012C'mon Down!OregonDeschutes
2837June 15, 2012Seeking Marmalade at June in Central OR 2012 Pre-PartyOregonJefferson
2838June 15, 2012Paradise Tanager (Traveler?)OregonJefferson
2839June 15, 2012Kitty's Lanyard TravelerOregonJefferson
2840June 15, 2012Phedre's Marque TravelerOregonJefferson
2841June 15, 2012Kitty's Crush JM TravelerOregonJefferson
2842June 15, 2012Kitty's Crush GB TravelerOregonJefferson
2843June 15, 2012Crooked River SnakeOregonJefferson
2844June 16, 2012Seeking Marmalade at June in Central OR 2012 The EventOregonJefferson
2845June 16, 2012Cowboy UpOregonJefferson
2846June 16, 2012High Desert Denizens - RattlesnakeOregonJefferson
2847June 16, 2012Crooked River Ranch Series #2OregonJefferson
2848June 16, 2012Canyon OwlOregonJefferson
2849June 16, 2012HipsOregonJefferson
2850June 16, 2012June in Central Oregon 2012 Bookmark: JuneOregonJefferson
2851June 16, 2012June in Central Oregon 2012 Bookmark: InOregonJefferson
2852June 16, 2012June in Central Oregon 2012 Bookmark: CentralOregonJefferson
2853June 16, 2012June in Central Oregon 2012 Bookmark: OregonOregonJefferson
2854June 16, 2012June in Central Oregon 2012 Bookmark: 2012OregonJefferson
2855June 16, 2012Homeslice TravelerOregonJefferson
2856June 16, 2012Apple Jacks TravelerOregonJefferson
2857June 16, 2012Pretzel TravelerOregonJefferson
2858June 16, 2012Mom Skippy TravelerOregonJefferson
2859June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: MM TravelerOregonJefferson
2860June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: AS TravelerOregonJefferson
2861June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: D TravelerOregonJefferson
2862June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: MLK TravelerOregonJefferson
2863June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: AoGG TravelerOregonJefferson
2864June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: S TravelerOregonJefferson
2865June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: OS TravelerOregonJefferson
2866June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: MG TravelerOregonJefferson
2867June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: DA TravelerOregonJefferson
2868June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: CJ TravelerOregonJefferson
2869June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: JD TravelerOregonJefferson
2870June 16, 2012Word of Mouth TravelerOregonJefferson
2871June 16, 2012Dobby TravelerOregonJefferson
2872June 16, 2012Her Dog Friday TravelerOregonJefferson
2873June 16, 2012Lady Unicorn TravelerOregonJefferson
2874June 16, 2012Famous Teachers Throughout History: MF TravelerOregonJefferson
2875June 16, 2012Wandering Thunderbird June in Central Oregon 2012 TravelerOregonJefferson
2876June 16, 2012Sparky TravelerOregonJefferson
2877June 16, 2012Sudoku #1 TravelerOregonJefferson
2878June 16, 2012Traveler TravelerOregonJefferson
2879June 16, 2012Carving TravelerOregonJefferson
2880June 16, 2012The M.O.M. TravelerOregonJefferson
2881June 16, 2012Da Sista TravelerOregonJefferson
2882June 16, 2012The D.A.D. TravelerOregonJefferson
2883June 16, 2012The Oregon Head Hunters TravelerOregonJefferson
2884June 16, 2012The Red King TravelerOregonJefferson
2885June 16, 2012Thundercloud the Letterbox Car TravelerOregonJefferson
2886June 16, 2012They Glow!: Pandora Wood SpriteOregonJefferson
2887June 16, 2012They Glow!: Comb JellyOregonJefferson
2888June 16, 2012They Glow!: Luminous CentipedeOregonJefferson
2889June 16, 2012They Glow!: Midwater ShrimpOregonJefferson
2890June 16, 2012They Glow!: Deep Sea Glass SquidOregonJefferson
2891June 16, 2012They Glow!: Noctiluca PhytoplanktonOregonJefferson
2892June 16, 2012They Glow!: Angel FishOregonJefferson
2893June 16, 2012They Glow!: Jack-O-Lantern MushroomOregonJefferson
2894June 16, 2012They Glow!: FireflyOregonJefferson
2895June 16, 2012They Glow!: Plankton WormOregonJefferson
2896June 16, 2012They Glow!: Carribean Brittle StarOregonJefferson
2897June 16, 2012They Glow!: Viper FishOregonJefferson
2898June 16, 2012I Got So Sweaty In The CanyonOregonJefferson
2899June 16, 2012TumbleweedOregonJefferson
2900June 16, 2012Carv'n VagaBoxOregonJefferson
2901June 17, 2012Welcome to the Rockin'K Ranch!OregonJefferson
2902June 17, 2012Magpie #13OregonJefferson
2903June 17, 2012Loud and SocialOregonJefferson
2904June 18, 2012Nine MountainsOregonWasco
2905June 18, 2012Papa's First BoxOregonMorrow
2906June 18, 2012Mercy ThompsonWashingtonFranklin
2907June 18, 2012Water FoliesWashingtonBenton
2908June 19, 2012X Marks the Hot SpotWashingtonKittitas
2909June 19, 2012Wild LeaderWashingtonKittitas
2910June 19, 2012Ohme Gardens: Koi FishWashingtonChelan
2911June 19, 2012Ohme Gardens: Wishing WellWashingtonChelan
2912June 19, 2012Ohme Gardens: Yodel FlowerWashingtonChelan
2913June 20, 2012Cry-Baby Moon at Lake ChelanWashingtonChelan
2914June 20, 2012Snug as a BugWashingtonChelan
2915June 20, 2012Lake Chelan MonsterWashingtonChelan
2916June 20, 2012Maul's RestWashingtonChelan
2917June 21, 2012Deerly DauntingWashingtonChelan
2918June 22, 2012S'moresWashingtonChelan
2919June 22, 2012Spring-loaded Cam: Rock Climbing Series #5WashingtonChelan
2920June 23, 2012Don't Bring Your Gun to TownWashingtonOkanogan
2921June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: DorothyWashingtonOkanogan
2922June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: TotoWashingtonOkanogan
2923June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: Cowardly LionWashingtonOkanogan
2924June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: ScarecrowWashingtonOkanogan
2925June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: Tin ManWashingtonOkanogan
2926June 23, 2012This ain't Kansas: The WizardWashingtonOkanogan
2927June 23, 2012Wedded BlissWashingtonOkanogan
2928June 23, 2012Lady by the RiverWashingtonOkanogan
2929June 24, 2012Coulee Corridor #3: The Fantastic Laser Light ShowWashingtonDouglas
2930June 24, 2012Kettle Falls GrouchWashingtonStevens
2931June 24, 2012Seven BaysWashingtonLincoln
2932June 25, 2012Coulee Corridor #1: Coulee CorridorWashingtonGrant
2933June 25, 20122nd Annual Spokane Boxing Bash Boxes!: Where My Heart IsWashingtonSpokane
2934June 25, 20122nd Annual Spokane Boxing Bash Boxes!: MarjorieWashingtonSpokane
2935June 25, 20122nd Annual Spokane Boxing Bash Boxes!: Fairy EyeWashingtonSpokane
2936June 25, 2012Have a Nice DayWashingtonSpokane
2937June 27, 2012KB Admires OspreyWashingtonSpokane
2938June 27, 2012Fly Away HomeWashingtonSpokane
2939June 27, 2012Hebrew Aleph-Bet: Aleph HitchhikerWashingtonSpokane
2940June 27, 2012CT's InsectWashingtonSpokane
2941June 27, 2012Weird Animal Names: Pumpkinseed FishWashingtonSpokane
2942June 27, 2012A Pioneer's Resting PlaceWashingtonSpokane
2943June 28, 2012The Pelican BriefIdahoBoundary
2944June 28, 2012In This StormIdahoBoundary
2945June 29, 2012Montana Memories: #4 A G.I.G.MontanaFlathead
2946June 29, 2012The "Merc"MontanaFlathead
2947June 30, 2012Quickie Series #3 Trip MosaicMontanaFlathead
2948June 30, 2012PricelessMontanaFlathead
2949June 30, 2012WHS Mascot Series #2MontanaFlathead
2950June 30, 2012WHS Mascot Series #3MontanaFlathead
2951June 30, 2012WHS Mascot Series #1MontanaFlathead
2952June 30, 2012Montana Memories: #2 PlaytimeMontanaFlathead
2953June 30, 2012Rails & Trails Hwy 2MontanaFlathead
2954June 30, 2012Now What!?MontanaFlathead
2955June 30, 2012PineconeMontanaFlathead
2956July 2, 2012Goat LickMontanaFlathead
2957July 2, 2012The Silver StairsMontanaFlathead
2958July 2, 2012Blessed Be the Day HitchhikerMontanaFlathead
2959July 3, 2012Glacier Park LodgesMontanaGlacier
No.     Date Found     Box NameCountryProvince
2960July 6, 2012Canada GooseCanadaAlberta
No.     Date Found     Letterbox NameStateCounty
2961July 8, 2012Great Falls Series: GMontanaCascade
2962July 8, 2012Leaping FishMontanaCascade
2963July 9, 2012Great Falls Series: LMontanaCascade
2964July 9, 2012Iowa DragonMontanaCascade
2965July 10, 2012Hardy Lookout DeerMontanaCascade
2966July 10, 2012Little Blackfoot RaccoonMontanaPowell
2967July 11, 2012The Big HoleMontanaBeaverhead
2968July 11, 2012Decked out birdMontanaBeaverhead
2969July 11, 201245th Parallel - McAtee BridgeMontanaMadison
2970July 12, 2012Got MooseMontanaMadison
2971July 12, 2012West YellowstoneMontanaMadison
2972July 14, 2012RIP Emily ButtonMontanaPark
2973July 19, 2012Chubby BasketMinnesotaCarlton
2974July 22, 2012MinoquipWisconsinOneida
2975July 25, 2012Rest stop relief #5, QuenchedTexasFranklin
2976July 26, 2012Jealous GhostTexasCallahan
2977July 27, 2012ChamizoTexasEl Paso
2978September 16, 2012Julian Wash GreenwayArizonaPima
2979September 29, 2012Agent N's Determined SlierArizonaYavapai
2980September 29, 2012Love in SedonaArizonaCoconino
2981September 29, 2012Made of Recyclable MaterialsArizonaCoconino
2982September 29, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks: #1 RainmakerArizonaCoconino
2983September 29, 2012DreamcatcherArizonaCoconino
2984September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #1 ArizonaCoconino
2985September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #2 ArizonaCoconino
2986September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #3 ArizonaCoconino
2987September 30, 2012The Escape 2003 HitchhikerArizonaCoconino
2988September 30, 2012Long Haired Kachina BonusArizonaCoconino
2989September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #4 ArizonaCoconino
2990September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #5 ArizonaCoconino
2991September 30, 2012Kachina's of the San Francisco Peaks #2: #6 ArizonaCoconino
2992September 30, 2012Snake Doctor #2 HitchhikerArizonaCoconino
2993October 1, 2012Top Dog and Inky Boy Go to Page, AZArizonaCoconino
2994October 2, 2012Bryce Canyon Utah, HoodoosUtahGarfield
2995October 2, 2012Frog at the Hole-in-the-RockUtahGarfield
2996October 3, 2012Moki RuinsUtahWayne
2997October 3, 2012The Wild BunchUtahWayne
2998October 4, 2012Every Cemetery Needs OneUtahGrand
2999October 4, 2012Is It a Uni-corn? HitchikerUtahGrand
3000October 4, 2012Camping TeddyUtahGrand
3001October 5, 2012The Ghost of Dead Horse PointUtahGrand
3002October 5, 2012A Cabin in the MountainsColoradoLa Plata
3003October 5, 2012Red HotNew MexicoSan Juan
3004October 6, 2012Navajo LakeNew MexicoRio Arriba
3005October 6, 2012Blue-winged OliveNew MexicoSan Juan
3006October 6, 2012Wines of the San JuanNew MexicoSan Juan
3007October 6, 2012Metals: CopperNew MexicoSan Juan
3008October 6, 2012Qwest ParkNew MexicoSan Juan
3009October 6, 2012Metals: TinNew MexicoSan Juan
3010October 6, 2012Metals: ZincNew MexicoSan Juan
3011October 6, 2012Metals: GoldNew MexicoSan Juan
3012October 6, 2012A Green ThumbNew MexicoSan Juan
3013October 6, 2012Baqash was in New Mexico I-40 Exit 8New MexicoMcKinley
3014October 7, 2012CopperArizonaPinal
3015October 7, 2012MattieArizonaPinal
3016October 7, 2012Breaking WindArizonaPinal
3017October 13, 2012Cookies and QuackersNew MexicoLuna
3018October 14, 2012Enso: #1 EnsoNew MexicoGrant
3019November 22, 2012The Olive MillArizonaMaricopa
3020November 22, 2012The Wing KilnArizonaMaricopa
3021November 23, 2012Early BirdArizonaMaricopa
3022November 23, 2012Windmills WestArizonaMaricopa
3023November 23, 2012Roses, Roses, RosesArizonaMaricopa
3024November 23, 2012Psalm 23ArizonaMaricopa
3025November 24, 2012Mesa, AZArizonaMaricopa
3026November 24, 2012Peace in the CongoArizonaMaricopa
3027November 24, 2012The Snoopy Palo VerdeArizonaMaricopa
3028November 24, 2012Best Green Chile Bacon Cheeseburger in the WorldArizonaMaricopa
3029November 24, 2012Coneacopia/Happy ThanksgivingArizonaMaricopa
3030December 21, 2012Dzrt Bxng in AZArizonaMaricopa
3031December 21, 2012Ol' Guts and GloryCaliforniaRiverside
3032December 21, 2012Cabazon DinosCaliforniaRiverside
3033December 21, 2012Notes From the Lost CivilationCaliforniaRiverside
3034December 22, 2012Coffee Please TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3035December 22, 2012Kelsung's Personal TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3036December 22, 2012Vagon Constructor Fleet TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3037December 22, 2012Dharma Turtle TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3038December 22, 2012Everybody Lies TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3039December 22, 2012Happy Valentimes TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3040December 22, 2012Natural Disasters: TsunamiCaliforniaLos Angeles
3041December 22, 2012Natural Disasters: VolcanoCaliforniaLos Angeles
3042December 22, 2012Natural Disasters: EarthquakeCaliforniaLos Angeles
3043December 22, 2012Myan Glyphs: Artifact 1CaliforniaLos Angeles
3044December 22, 2012Myan Glyphs: Artifact 2CaliforniaLos Angeles
3045December 22, 2012Myan Glyphs: Artifact 3CaliforniaLos Angeles
3046December 22, 2012NotCaliforniaLos Angeles
3047December 22, 2012Myan Glyphs: Artifact 4CaliforniaLos Angeles
3048December 22, 2012Purple Raven TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3049December 22, 2012100 Years of Girl Scouting TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3050December 22, 2012We're all mad here TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3051December 22, 2012Thanks to Alfred TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3052December 22, 2012Grateful Pumpkin TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3053December 22, 2012Grandkids TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3054December 22, 2012Peanuts Gang Grab Bag: Snoopy TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3055December 22, 2012Peanuts Gang Grab Bag: Schroder TravelerCaliforniaLos Angeles
3056December 22, 2012World War III: MissileCaliforniaLos Angeles
3057December 22, 2012World War III: MegatonCaliforniaLos Angeles
3058December 22, 2012Rock And Roll Will Never Die: Slip Sliding AwayCaliforniaLos Angeles
3059December 22, 2012Rock And Roll Will Never Die: Shadowboxing The ApocalypseCaliforniaLos Angeles
3060December 22, 2012Rock And Roll Will Never Die: The EndCaliforniaLos Angeles
3061December 22, 2012Rock And Roll Will Never Die: The Age of AquariusCaliforniaLos Angeles
3062December 22, 2012Zombies!: They're Here CaliforniaLos Angeles
3063December 22, 2012The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows: I. First Gate ~ Silence is goldenCaliforniaLos Angeles
3064December 22, 2012The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows: Satanic StarCaliforniaLos Angeles
3065December 23, 2012Tiki TimeCaliforniaSan Diego
3066December 23, 2012DragonflyCaliforniaSan Diego
3067December 23, 2012Angel FishCaliforniaSan Diego
3068December 23, 2012A Drop of SnowCaliforniaSan Diego
3069December 24, 2012License Plate Series - (Box #7) CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Diego
3070December 24, 2012Cabrillo LightCaliforniaSan Diego
3071December 24, 2012Sonoran Voyager #4 HitchhikerCaliforniaSan Diego
3072December 25, 2012PerseidCaliforniaSan Diego
3073December 25, 2012Day of the Dead CoupleCaliforniaSan Diego
3074December 25, 2012!Cuidado!CaliforniaSan Diego
3075December 26, 2012Playground: FootballCaliforniaLos Angeles
3076December 26, 2012Playground: Sand ToysCaliforniaLos Angeles
3077December 26, 2012Ribbons of Memories #2CaliforniaLos Angeles
3078December 27, 2012Strawberry FiestaCaliforniaVentura
3079December 27, 2012Disnee Dogs: StitchCaliforniaSanta Barbara
3080December 28, 2012Camelot: The SwordCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3081December 28, 2012Camelot: Purple DragonCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3082December 28, 2012Camelot: Goblet of Eternal LifeCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3083December 28, 2012Camelot: Camelot CastleCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3084December 30, 2012Beach Vacation Series: Beach VacationCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3085December 30, 2012Beach Vacation Series: OceanCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3086December 30, 2012Beach Vacation Series: FishiesCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo
3087December 30, 2012Beach Vacation Series: Palm TreeCaliforniaSan Luis Obispo


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