Letterboxes I Have Found in 2006

No.     Date Found     Letterbox NameStateCounty
426January 3, 2006Uncle Bud Postal--------
427January 21, 2006Arizona Cacti?Arizona???
428January 22, 2006Boys of SummerArizonaPima
429February 5, 2006Finger RockArizonaPima
430February 11, 2006HW MarketArizonaPima
431February 11, 2006Avian OrienteerArizonaPima
432February 16, 2006Gila RiverArizonaYuma
433February 16, 2006Saguaro CactusArizonaYuma
434February 16, 2006Fish HookArizonaYuma
435February 16, 2006Cow SkullArizonaYuma
436February 17, 2006London Bridge - Lake HavasuArizonaMohave
437February 26, 2006To the Bat CaveArizonaCochise
438March 12, 2006White Rock Canyon #1ArizonaMohave
439March 12, 2006White Rock Canyon #2ArizonaMohave
440March 13, 2006Lost LizardNevadaClark
441March 13, 2006Purple Mountains Majesty HitchhikerNevadaClark
442March 13, 2006Xmas in Las VegasNevadaClark
443March 13, 2006Calico CanyonNevadaClark
444March 13, 2006Birthday in Las VegasNevadaClark
445March 14, 2006Pony ExpressNevadaClark
446March 14, 2006Shotgun ShortyArizonaMohave
447March 14, 2006Catch of the Day in UtahUtahWashington
448March 14, 2006Tadpole CountryUtahWashington
449March 14, 2006Snow Canyon OverlookUtahWashington
450March 16, 2006Papago Park #1ArizonaMaricopa
451March 16, 2006Papago Park #2ArizonaMaricopa
452March 16, 2006Sun Devil #2ArizonaMaricopa
453March 16, 2006On the PondArizonaMaricopa
454March 17, 2006The Kachina Doll MysteryArizonaMaricopa
455March 20, 2006AH + RSArizonaPima
456March 21, 2006Irish Fever Cootie - The Twist BugArizonaPima
457March 21, 2006Makin' Tracks HitchhikerArizonaPima
458March 26, 2006Picacho WildflowersArizonaPinal
459March 27, 2006Team LB's National Park Series: Virtualbox #5: Crater Lake--------
460March 31, 2006Cabinet BoxNew MexicoLuna
461April 1, 2006Windy DayNew MexicoOtero
462April 1, 2006El RefugioNew MexicoSocorro
463April 2, 2006A Tale of Two ChimneysArizonaNavajo
464April 3, 2006Oak FlatArizonaPinal
465April 4, 2006David's DesertArizonaPima
466April 4, 2006Team LB's National Park Series: Virtualbox #4: Yosemite--------
467April 9, 2006Tanque Verde WashArizonaPima
468April 16, 2006Mystery Man of the CanyonArizonaCochise
469April 16, 2006Weeble & Bob HitchhikerArizonaCochise
470April 21, 2006Well That Johnny DugArizonaMaricopa
471April 24, 2006Purple Heart ParkArizonaPima
472April 29, 2006Aspen Creek WaterfallArizonaYavapai
473April 30, 2006Lynx LakeArizonaYavapai
474April 30, 2006Ironman ArizonaArizonaMaricopa
475May 6, 2006Feathered Cap Postal---- ----
476May 6, 2006Microsoft Office: FrontPage HitchhikerArizonaPima
477May 20, 2006Herb the MartyrArizonaCochise
478May 24, 2006Gates Pass Trail #1ArizonaPima
479May 24, 2006Gates Pass Trail #2ArizonaPima
480May 24, 2006Gates Pass Trail #3ArizonaPima
481May 28, 2006The Church of Logic, Sin, and LoveArizonaPima
482May 28, 2006Kings of the DiamondArizonaPima
483May 28, 2006The Bat-Brained HitchhikerArizonaPima
484May 28, 2006Gold K9ArizonaPima
485May 31, 2006AMARCArizonaPima
486May 31, 2006Superstitions & Bad Luck Omens: Ladders HitchhikerArizonaPima
487June 3, 2006Kissing DeerArizonaMaricopa
488June 3, 2006Native Designs #1ArizonaCoconino
489June 3, 2006Native Designs #2ArizonaCoconino
490June 5, 2006Lunch at the ParkCaliforniaKern
491June 5, 2006Pacific Crest Trail - Desert RegionCaliforniaKern
492June 6, 2006Saga of Engine BellCaliforniaKern
493June 6, 2006Tehachapi LoopCaliforniaKern
494June 6, 2006BuckCaliforniaKern
495June 8, 2006SequoiaCaliforniaFresno
496June 8, 2006PO8, Outlaw SeriesCaliforniaFresno
497June 13, 2006Samuel's CabinCaliforniaTuolumne
498June 13, 2006Jumpers RewardCaliforniaCalaveras
499June 13, 2006Grinding RockCaliforniaAmador
500June 14, 2006The TwinsCaliforniaEl Dorado
501June 15, 2006Empire MineCaliforniaNevada
502June 17, 2006Eastern California Waterfall Series #1CaliforniaEl Dorado
503June 17, 2006TotemCaliforniaEl Dorado
504June 18, 2006On the Gold TrailCaliforniaEl Dorado
505June 18, 2006Washington's Quarter HitchhikerCaliforniaEl Dorado
506June 18, 2006Placerville Pony ExpressCaliforniaEl Dorado
507June 18, 2006Night ThievesCaliforniaEl Dorado
508June 18, 2006The Eyes of TXCaliforniaEl Dorado
509June 18, 2006Apple Pie on Apple HillCaliforniaEl Dorado
510June 18, 2006Apple Hill VisitorCaliforniaEl Dorado
511June 19, 2006Eastern California Waterfall Series #3CaliforniaEl Dorado
512June 19, 2006The Rivals #1CaliforniaEl Dorado
513June 19, 2006Echo LakeCaliforniaEl Dorado
514June 19, 2006Glen Alpine SpringsCaliforniaEl Dorado
515June 19, 2006The Rivals #2CaliforniaEl Dorado
516June 20, 2006Fallen Leaf Lake #1CaliforniaEl Dorado
517June 20, 2006Fallen Leaf Lake #2CaliforniaEl Dorado
518June 20, 2006A Day at Valhalla #1CaliforniaEl Dorado
519June 20, 2006A Day at Valhalla #2CaliforniaEl Dorado
520June 20, 2006A Day at Valhalla #3CaliforniaEl Dorado
521June 20, 2006Emerald BayCaliforniaEl Dorado
522June 21, 2006I-80 Series #5: Patty Reed's DollCaliforniaNevada
523June 21, 2006I-80 Series #3: Rainbow BridgeCaliforniaNevada
524June 21, 2006I-80 Series #4: Summit Rest StopCaliforniaNevada
525June 21, 2006Bear CubCaliforniaNevada
526June 22, 2006Our Finely Feathered Friends Series: OspreyCaliforniaPlumas
527June 22, 2006Our Finely Feathered Friends Series: Steller's JayCaliforniaPlumas
528June 22, 2006Our Finely Feathered Friends Series: CormorantCaliforniaPlumas
529June 22, 2006Our Finely Feathered Friends Series: The Canada GooseCaliforniaPlumas
530June 22, 2006Our Finely Feathered Friends Series: The Near-the-End-of-the-Trail QuailCaliforniaPlumas
531June 24, 2006My Little PiggiesCaliforniaTehama
532June 24, 2006Some PigCaliforniaTehama
533June 24, 2006Phantom HawgCaliforniaTehama
534June 24, 2006Even Pigs are SwingersCaliforniaTehama
535June 24, 2006Ringo RattlerCaliforniaTehama
536June 24, 2006Letterboxing BuddiesCaliforniaTehama
537June 24, 2006Pee Thrittle LigsCaliforniaTehama
538June 24, 2006Pigs Can FlyCaliforniaTehama
539June 24, 2006Da HawgCaliforniaTehama
540June 24, 2006Igpay AtinlayCaliforniaTehama
541June 24, 2006Wig Wad BolfCaliforniaTehama
542June 24, 2006Hello Kitty December HitchhikerCaliforniaTehama
543June 24, 2006PigmalionCaliforniaTehama
544June 24, 2006Pig in a PokeCaliforniaTehama
545June 24, 2006Hog Splashing FunCaliforniaTehama
546June 24, 2006FunHog Lake PlateauCaliforniaTehama
547June 24, 2006This Little PiggyCaliforniaTehama
548June 24, 2006Scary Likeness of Funhog on Her HarleyCaliforniaTehama
549June 24, 2006Year of the HogCaliforniaTehama
550June 24, 2006Porcine PetCaliforniaTehama
551June 24, 2006Pigs in SpaceCaliforniaTehama
552June 24, 2006Tired Little PiggyCaliforniaTehama
553June 24, 2006Macon, Kevin Bacon's Brother HitchhikerCaliforniaTehama
554June 24, 2006Pig NewtonCaliforniaTehama
555June 24, 2006Bringing Home the BaconCaliforniaTehama
556June 25, 2006More Beautiful Than DiamondsCaliforniaSiskiyou
557June 26, 2006Lower South FallsOregonMarion
558June 27, 2006Woods and Water: Harbinger of HopeOregonMarion
559June 27, 2006Woods and Water: Woodland RomanceOregonMarion
560June 27, 2006Woods and Water: Wild GingerOregonMarion
561June 27, 2006Lazy in the ShadeOregonMarion
562June 28, 2006Oxbow Series: SalmonOregonMultnomah
563June 28, 2006The Birds and the Bees #1OregonMultnomah
564June 28, 2006What Can I Get You: SteinOregonMultnomah
565June 29, 2006Tundra TravelerWashingtonSkamania
566June 29, 2006Humming BirdWashingtonSkamania
567June 30, 2006Multnomah FallsOregonMultnomah
568June 30, 2006Hidden Palm at Multnomah FallsOregonMultnomah
569June 30, 2006HerculesWashingtonKlickitat
570June 30, 2006Mystery Mary's #1WashingtonKlickitat
571June 30, 2006Mystery Mary's #4WashingtonKlickitat
572June 30, 2006Celestial HummerWashingtonKlickitat
573June 30, 2006Gazing the Night SkyWashingtonKlickitat
574June 30, 2006Mystery Mary's #3WashingtonKlickitat
575June 30, 2006Mystery Mary's #2WashingtonKlickitat
576June 30, 2006Chief Kno-tah TravelerWashingtonKlickitat
577June 30, 2006This is the Face of Organ Donation TravelerWashingtonKlickitat
578June 30, 2006Constellation - Aquila CootieWashingtonKlickitat
579July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #8WashingtonKlickitat
580July 1, 2006StargazerWashingtonKlickitat
581July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #9WashingtonKlickitat
582July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #6WashingtonKlickitat
583July 1, 2006Where in the Sam Hill?WashingtonKlickitat
584July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #10WashingtonKlickitat
585July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #7WashingtonKlickitat
586July 1, 2006Mystery Mary's #5WashingtonKlickitat
587July 1, 2006Talk to the PawWashingtonKlickitat
588July 1, 2006The OrioleWashingtonYakima
589July 2, 2006Ski MTTAWashingtonPierce
590July 3, 2006Padilla BayWashingtonSkagit
591July 3, 2006Clueless but Happy HitchhikerWashingtonSkagit
592July 8, 2006Glacier LakeMontanaFlathead
593July 9, 2006KalispellMontanaFlathead
594July 9, 2006FHS Mascot #1MontanaFlathead
595July 9, 2006FHS Mascot #2MontanaFlathead
596July 10, 2006CF Mascot #3MontanaFlathead
597July 10, 2006Bad Rock CanyonMontanaFlathead
598July 10, 2006Columbia Mountain Trail: Columbia MountainMontanaFlathead
599July 10, 2006Columbia Mountain Trail: WaterfallMontanaFlathead
600July 14, 2006West Bank ParkMontanaCascade
601July 14, 2006Montana Expo ParkMontanaCascade
602July 14, 2006Lewis and Clark Interpretive CenterMontanaCascade
603July 16, 2006The 3 BearsMontanaCascade
604July 16, 2006Giant SpringsMontanaCascade
605July 16, 2006Gibson/Riverfront ParkMontanaCascade
606July 16, 2006River's Edge TrailMontanaCascade
607July 19, 2006Vedauwoo, Too!WyomingAlbany
608July 19, 2006VedauwooWyomingAlbany
609July 19, 2006Solitary SneetchWyomingAlbany
610July 20, 2006Blair Picnic AreaWyomingAlbany
611July 20, 2006Ames MonumentWyomingAlbany
612July 20, 2006Happy JackWyomingAlbany
613July 20, 2006Tie CityWyomingAlbany
614August 3, 2006The Lost Texan Series #10 - New MexicoNew MexicoMcKinley
615August 6, 2006Visit TNTennesseeFayette
616August 6, 2006Sheriff Buford PusserTennesseeMcNairy
617August 6, 2006Land Between the LakesKentuckyTrigg
618August 7, 2006Roofless ChurchIndianaPosey
619August 7, 2006St. FrancisIndianaPosey
620August 7, 2006Rappite CemeteryIndianaPosey
621August 10, 2006In the BeginningIndianaVigo
622August 10, 2006Hike the Trail HitchhikerIndianaVigo
623August 12, 2006The Half Hitch KnotMichiganManistee
624August 12, 2006Haunted: Old Stronach CemeteryMichiganManistee
625August 13, 2006HeadlandsMichiganEmmet
626August 13, 2006The Seney StretchMichiganSchoolcraft
627August 14, 2006UP Waterfalls Series: Munising FallsMichiganAlger
628August 16, 2006Cabela'sSouth DakotaDavison
629August 18, 2006Two TracksColoradoGrand
630August 18, 2006Grand LakeColoradoGrand
631August 18, 2006Mommy DearestColoradoGrand
632August 18, 2006Spirit LakeColoradoGrand
633August 18, 2006Quoth the Raven OverhereColoradoGrand
634August 19, 2006The Commissioner ShootingsColoradoGrand
635August 19, 2006Body Worlds 2ColoradoGrand
636August 19, 2006SheShells TravelerColoradoGrand
637August 19, 2006Face the SunColoradoGrand
638August 19, 2006LoveColoradoGrand
639August 19, 2006Isaac HitchhikerColoradoGrand
640August 19, 2006Flutter HitchhikerColoradoGrand
641August 19, 2006Autumn's TravelerColoradoGrand
642August 19, 2006Grand RamColoradoGrand
643August 19, 2006Grand BeginningsColoradoGrand
644August 19, 2006Rafter LaughterColoradoGrand
645August 19, 2006Smoked SalmonColoradoGrand
646August 19, 2006Yes #1ColoradoClear Creek
647August 19, 2006Yes #2ColoradoClear Creek
648August 20, 2006The Johnny Carino'sColoradoMesa
649August 20, 2006Commuting - Those Were the Days!ColoradoMesa
650August 20, 2006High NoonUtahGrand
651August 21, 2006Dead Horse PointUtahGrand
652August 21, 2006Dancing Kokopelli'sUtahGrand
653August 21, 2006Fish Out of WaterUtahGrand
654August 21, 2006ArchesUtahGrand
655August 21, 2006Arrtoy KpraUtahGrand
656August 21, 2006Coyote's After YouUtahGrand
657August 21, 2006Newspaper RockUtahSan Juan
658September 15, 2006Coati CornerArizonaPima
659October 4, 2006Fun in the Sun MysteryArizonaPima
660October 4, 2006C is for CougarArizonaPima
661October 14, 2006AZ D-BacksArizonaMaricopa
662October 14, 2006Super Bowl 42ArizonaMaricopa
663October 14, 2006Desert HowlerArizonaMaricopa
664October 14, 2006Estrella DesertArizonaMaricopa
665October 14, 2006Monkeying AroundArizonaMaricopa
666October 15, 2006Southwest SunArizonaMaricopa
667October 15, 2006Sharlot's BoxArizonaYavapai
668October 16, 2006Big Nose KateArizonaYavapai
669October 16, 2006Cave at Mint CreekArizonaYavapai
670October 16, 2006Heat and SteamArizonaYavapai
671October 16, 2006Plato #2: Greek EducationArizonaYavapai
672October 17, 2006Sun Seeker's ParadiseArizonaMaricopa
673October 17, 2006The BadgerArizonaMaricopa
674October 17, 2006Great Horned OwlArizonaMaricopa
675October 17, 2006All Aboard in AZArizonaMaricopa
676October 17, 2006Ordinary Heroes: United We StandArizonaMaricopa
677October 17, 2006Ordinary Heroes: Because We are American!ArizonaMaricopa
678October 18, 2006In Search of the Lost DutchmanArizonaMaricopa
679October 18, 2006Irish Fever Cootie - The Loop BugArizonaMaricopa
680October 27, 2006Havasu PuebloArizonaMohave
681October 28, 2006London BridgeArizonaMohave
682October 30, 2006Surprise StadiumArizonaMaricopa
683November 5, 2006AZ Trail #5ArizonaPima
684November 10, 2006Show LowArizonaNavajo
685November 10, 2006K'sMoH: Big Springs #1, The Outdoor ClassroomArizonaNavajo
686November 10, 2006K'sMoH: Big Springs #2, Symes DamArizonaNavajo
687November 10, 2006K'sMoH: Pinetop #2, Time PlazaArizonaNavajo
688November 10, 2006K'sMoH: McNaryArizonaApache
689November 10, 2006K'sMoH: Ice Fishing #2: A-1ArizonaApache
690November 10, 2006K'sMoH: Ice Fishing #1: SunriseArizonaApache
691November 11, 2006Lyman LakeArizonaApache
692November 11, 2006Town of Friendly NeighborsArizonaApache
693November 11, 2006Jukebox Life Lessons #41-ArizonaArizonaApache
694November 11, 2006Howdy ManArizonaApache
695November 11, 2006Winslow Train ParkArizonaNavajo
696November 12, 2006Broken Arrow Puppy DogArizonaCoconino
697November 12, 2006No Evil MonkeysArizonaMaricopa
699November 23, 2006Highlander FindArizonaMaricopa
700November 23, 2006AZ RoadrunnerArizonaMaricopa
701November 24, 2006Desert BotanicalArizonaMaricopa
702November 24, 200614|41ArizonaMaricopa
703November 24, 2006The Mystery of Black Bean the Dreaded PirateArizona???
704November 24, 2006Happy Gila MonsterArizonaMaricopa
705November 24, 2006Monster's EndArizonaMaricopa
706December 11, 2006Nat'l Day of Planting 2006 Postal--------
707December 22, 2006Oatman Nightowl RoadArizonaMohave
708December 22, 2006Oatman Gold RoadArizonaMohave
709December 22, 2006Interstate 40-Lake Havasu turn offArizonaMohave
710December 22, 2006ATSF in KingmanArizonaMohave
711December 23, 2006Pine Creek Horned LizardNevadaClark
712December 23, 2006Best of the West Series #1: Johnny WestNevadaClark
713December 23, 2006Rhyolite BurroNevadaNye
714December 23, 2006Ghost RiderNevadaNye
715December 26, 2006Wayward SalmonCaliforniaSacramento
716December 26, 2006Year of the DogCaliforniaEl Dorado
717December 27, 2006Folsom PrisonCaliforniaSacramento
718December 28, 2006Bucky BeaverCaliforniaSacramento
719December 28, 2006W B Ide AdobeCaliforniaTehama
720December 28, 2006Spring RunCaliforniaTehama
721December 29, 2006Sherwood ForestCaliforniaButte
722December 29, 2006Honey RunCaliforniaButte
723December 30, 2006Gold Bug Stamp MillCaliforniaEl Dorado
724December 30, 2006Peace On Earth HitchhikerCaliforniaEl Dorado
725December 30, 2006Folsom PowerhouseCaliforniaSacramento
726December 30, 2006Bucky's Feathered FriendCaliforniaSacramento
727December 30, 2006Emma HitchhikerCaliforniaSacramento
728December 31, 2006Ten Million Dollar BabyCaliforniaKern
729December 31, 2006Del TacoCaliforniaSan Bernardino


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