If anyone has any other information about my direct Webster line, please contact me.

(1) Matthew WEBSTER, b. about 1564 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, d. 13 Sep 1592 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England; burial: place unknown; m., 17 Apr 1587 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, to Elizabeth ASHTON (b. about 1566, d. 13 Sep 1592, daughter of John ASHTON); they resided in Cossington, Leicestershire, England; their children:

        i. Ffayth/Faith, bap. 9 Jun 1588, d. after 1592;
[#2]   ii. Gov. John, bap. 16 Aug 1590, d. 5 Apr 1661, m. Agnes SMITH; 
      iii. Annis, bap. 27 Aug 1592, d. 10 Nov 1596.

(2) Gov. John WEBSTER, bap. 16 Aug 1590 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, d. 5 Apr 1661 in Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA; burial: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, MA; m. 7 Nov 1609 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, to Agnes SMITH (b. 29 Aug 1585, d. 15 Jul 1667; daughter of Richard SMITH and Agnes WRASKE); they resided in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, and Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA; their children:

        i. Matthew, b. 11 Feb 1609, d. 16 July 1675, m. Sarah WATERBURY; 
       ii. Margaret, b. 10 Feb 1612, m. Thomas HUNT; 
      iii. William, b. 26 Dec 1614, d. 27 Apr 1688, m. Mary REEVE; 
       iv. Thomas, b. 24 Nov 1616, d. 20 Oct 1686, m. Abigil ALEXANDER.
        v. Mary, b. 1618; 
[#3]   vi. Lt. Robert, b. 17 Nov 1619, d. 31 May 1676, m. Susanna TREAT; 
      vii. Anne, b. 29 July 1621, d. 9 Jun 1662, m. John MARSH [Jr.]; 
     viii. Mary, b. 30 Mar 1623, d. 12 Apr 1687, m. John HUNT; 
       ix. Elizabeth, b. 16 Mar 1624, d. 1688, m. William MARKHAM; 
        x. Faith, b. 8 Apr 1627, d. 16 Apr 1627.

John WEBSTER was the Governor of CT in 1656, and the Chief Magistrate for CT in 1657. In 1660 he was Magistrate for Hadley, MA.

(3) Anne WEBSTER, b. 29 July 1621 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, d. 9 Jun 1662 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA; m., about 1640-42 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, to John MARSH [Jr.] (b. Apr 1618, d. 28 Sep 1688).

NOTE: The above WEBSTER line is from secondary printed and online sources with few or without documentation or primary sources. I have not yet verified it with primary proof.

Continued on my MARSH Family Page


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