Jump On the Train of Happy Collectors.  40th Anniversary.  TEC  2006


Here are images of the elongated, pinched, pressed, rolled, smashed, squashed, and squished pennies and some nickels and quarters produced by the society "The Elongated Collectors (TEC)" or about the society in my collection.

TEC News Award.  40 Years of Elongated News.  1966  2006.  From Dottie Dow To Now

Jump On the Train of Happy Collectors.  40th Anniversary.  TEC  2006 TEC.  2007 TEC.  2008 TEC.  2009 TEC.  2010 TEC    2011    Benjamin Franklin TEC.   The Elongated Collectors.    2011.   Penny  One Cent TEC   2012.   Charles Dickens

2005.  Spring.  TEC 2005.  Summer.  TEC 2005.  Fall.  TEC 2005.  Winter.  TEC

Dropping in for a  Happy Birthday!  2002.  TEC Happy Birthday To You!.  2003.  TEC Blast Off To A Happy Birthday!  2004.  TEC Wishing You A Smashing Birthday.  2005 Happy Birthday.  From TEC. 2007

Elongated Coin Collector.  TEC

Member.  TEC.  2003 2004.  TEC.  Member 2005.  TEC.  Member The Elongated Collectors.  40 Years of Collecting.  1966  2006.  TEC TEC Member 2007.  I'm A Member Of The Flock I Am A Member Of TEC - The Elongated Collectors.  2008.  www.technews.org Proud To Be A TEC Member.  The Elongated Collectors.  2009 TEC.  Member.  2010 TEC   Membership.  2011 The Elongated Collectors.   Member.   2012

TEC 25th.  Chicago, IL.  August 13-18, 1991.  ANA 100 Convention. TEC.  ANA Detroit.  1994 TEC, Founded 1966,  30 Years.  Denver, Co.  1996.  With ANA TEC.  ANA 1998.  Portland.  City Of Roses TEC.  ANA 1999.  Chicago.  The Windy City TEC.  ANA.  2000.  Philadelphia, PA TEC.  ANA 2001.  Atlanta, GA TEC.  2003.  The Owl, Oriole And Raven At The ANA.  Baltimore, MD TEC.  Pittsburgh, PA.  ANA.  Member.  2004 ANA.  TEC.  2005.  San Francisco, CA TEC.  ANA. 2006. Denver. 40th Anniversary  1966  2006 TEC Time.  ANA  Milwaukee  2007 TEC.  Star Spangled Baltimore.  ANA.  2008 TEC.  Los Angeles ANA.  2009 LA.  ANA Meet.  2009 TEC    ANA 2011 Chicago    Chicago Is Where Elongated Coins Began    1893   2011 TEC    Sacramento ANA 2011 World's Fair of Money   Philadelphia, PA    2012   ANA    TEC TEC   2012.   Denver, CO

Hurricane Katrina.  I Supported The Effort.  TEC.  2005

From Your TEC Governors:  Aprille Curtis, James Kilcoyne, Tyler Tyson.  www.technews.org TEC Historian  Nancy Wooten  ANA Denver 2006 Join TEC.  wwwtecnews.org.  2007-09 Board. ... From Your TEC Governors:  Aprille Curtis, James Kilcoyne, Tyler Tyson.  www.technews.org TEC  The Elongated Collectors.  Oded Paz - Vice President ...

In Loving Memory.  Linda S. Barnes.  1957-2007.  TEC #2595

The Elongated Collectors.  Be Lucky Join Today.  www.technews.org

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