Grand Canyon.  Condor


Here are images of the elongated, pinched, pressed, rolled, smashed, squashed, squished, and stretched pennies in my collection. I started collecting them in July 2004. My goal is to collect a nice selection of pennies from each U. S. state and all the pennies from Arizona and about Historic Route 66.

Pennies For Trade

Click here - Page of Elongated Pennies For Trade - Click here


US Space & Rocket Center.  Out Of This World

Alabama: Click here - Page For Alabama - Click here



Mt. McKinley. Alaska

Alaska: Click here - Page For Alaska - Click here



Texas Canyon, Arizona

Arizona: Click here - Page For Arizona - Click here




Arkansas: Click here - Page For Arkansas - Click here



Whale Watching.  Cabrillo National Monument

California: Click here - Page For California - Click here



Royal Gorge.  I Made It Across The Royal Gorge Bridge

Colorado: Click here - Page For Colorado - Click here



Lake Compounce Theme Park

Connecticut: Click here - Page For Connecticut - Click here



AMC Museum.  C-5

Delaware: Click here - Page For Delaware - Click here



The Smithsonian Institution.  Washington, DC

District of Columbia: Click here - Page For District of Columbia - Click here



Grand Canyon.  277 Miles Long, 18 Miles Wide, 6000 Ft Deep

Elongated Quarters: Click here - Page For Elongated Quarters - Click here



Key West Aquarium

Florida: Click here - Page For Florida - Click here



Rock City

Georgia: Click here - Page For Georgia - Click here



Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Region: Click here - Page For Grand Canyon Region - Click here



Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Click here - Page For Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Click here



Honolulu Zoo

Hawaii: Click here - Page For Hawaii - Click here



Get Your Kicks.  Historic Route 66.  Petrified Forest National Park

Historic Route 66: Click here - Page For Historic Route 66 - Click here



Zoo Boise.  Tiger

Idaho: Click here - Page For Idaho - Click here



Good Luck To You.  Springfield, Ill.  Illinois U S 66

Illinois: Click here - Page For Illinois - Click here



Indianapolis Speedway

Indiana: Click here - Page For Indiana - Click here



Blank Park Zoo

Iowa: Click here - Page For Iowa - Click here



Garden City,  Kansas

Kansas: Click here - Page For Kansas - Click here



Kentucky.  The Bluegrass State.  I Was There!

Kentucky: Click here - Page For Kentucky - Click here



Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.  Bossier City, LA

Louisiana: Click here - Page For Louisiana - Click here



Old Orchard Beach.  Maine

Maine: Click here - Page For Maine - Click here



B & O Railroad Museum

Maryland: Click here - Page For Maryland - Click here



Hayden Planetarium.  Museum of Science.  Boston.  Zeiss Projector

Massachusetts: Click here - Page For Massachusetts - Click here



Dossin Great Lakes Museum.  Detroit, Michigan

Michigan: Click here - Page For Michigan - Click here



Emma Krumbee.  Belle Plaine, MN

Minnesota: Click here - Page For Minnesota - Click here



United States Navy

Miscellaneous Topics: Click here - Page For Miscellaneous Topics - Click here



Biloxi Beach.  Edgewater Mall, Biloxi, Mississippi

Mississippi: Click here - Page For Mississippi - Click here



Bagnell Dam.  Lake of the Ozarks

Missouri: Click here - Page For Missouri - Click here



Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  W. Yellowstone, MT

Montana: Click here - Page For Montana - Click here



Harold Warp.  Pioneer Village.  Minden, Nebraska

Nebraska: Click here - Page For Nebraska - Click here



Lake Mead, Nevada.  Desert Princess

Nevada: Click here - Page For Nevada - Click here



Merrimack, NH

New Hampshire: Click here - Page For New Hampshire - Click here



Bergen County Coin Show.  Bergen Mall, Paramus, N.J. ...1978

New Jersey: Click here - Page For New Jersey - Click here



Las Cruces Museum of Natural History.  Gila Monster

New Mexico: Click here - Page For New Mexico - Click here



World Trade Center.  New York

New York: Click here - Page For New York - Click here



USS North Carolina.  Wilmington, NC

North Carolina: Click here - Page For North Carolina - Click here



Dakota Zoo

North Dakota: Click here - Page For North Dakota - Click here



Wright Bros Flyer.  US Air Force Museum

Ohio: Click here - Page For Ohio - Click here



Land of the Buffalo.  Oklahoma

Oklahoma: Click here - Page For Oklahoma - Click here



Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  Oregon Coast

Oregon: Click here - Page For Oregon - Click here



Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Pennsylvania: Click here - Page For Pennsylvania - Click here



Arizona State Capitol.  Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ: Click here - Page For Phoenix, AZ - Click here



Rose Island Lighthouse.  Newport, RI

Rhode Island: Click here - Page For Rhode Island - Click here



South Of The Border

South Carolina: Click here - Page For South Carolina - Click here



The Mammoth Site.  Hot Springs, SD

South Dakota: Click here - Page For South Dakota - Click here



Rainforest Cafe

Tennessee: Click here - Page For Tennessee - Click here



Dealey Plaza

Texas: Click here - Page For Texas - Click here



2005.  Summer.  TEC

The Elongated Collectors (TEC): Click here - The Elongated Collectors (TEC) - Click here



Boot Hill.  Tombstone.  Arizona

Tombstone, AZ: Click here - Page For Tombstone, AZ - Click here



Mineral Museum.  Flandrau Science Center, Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ: Click here - Page For Tucson, AZ - Click here




Utah: Click here - Page For Utah - Click here



Island Pond,  Vermont

Vermont: Click here - Page For Vermont - Click here



Norfolk Naval Base

Virginia: Click here - Page For Virginia - Click here



Olympic National Park.  Eagle

Washington: Click here - Page For Washington - Click here



Wild And Wonderful.  West Virginia.  The Mountain State

West Virginia: Click here - Page For West Virginia - Click here



Milwaukee County Zoo

Wisconsin: Click here - Page For Wisconsin - Click here



Grand Teton National Park.  Wyoming

Wyoming: Click here - Page For Wyoming - Click here



Old Faithful.  Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park: Click here - Page For Yellowstone National Park - Click here



Yosemite National Park.  Half Dome

Yosemite National Park: Click here - Page For Yosemite National Park - Click here



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