If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Jean RAPAREILLIET or the name of his wife, please contact me.

(1) Jean RAPAREILLIET, b. about 1552 place unknown, d. after 1602 probably in Hainaut; m., about 1577, to unknown (d. possibly Feb 1606); they resided in Valenciennes, Hainault, Walslant, Spanish Netherlands [now in the Departement du Nord, France]; their children:

        i. Jehenne, b. about Aug 1578; 
       ii. Marie, b. about Jul 1580; 
      iii. Jeanne, b. about Dec 1590; 
       iv. Olivier, b. about Feb 1594; 
        v. Anne, b. about Sep 1595; 
       vi. Francois, b. about Nov 1596; 
      vii. Nicholas, b. about Jul 1598; 
     viii. Jean Jr., b. 1600; 
[#2]   ix. George "Joris" Janszen, b. about Apr 1604, d. 21 Feb 1663, 
		m. Catalyntje Jeronymus TRICO. 

(2) George "Joris" Janszen RAPALJE, b. about Apr 1604 (christened 28 Apr 1604) in Valenciennes, Hainault, Walslant, Spanish Netherlands, d. 21 Feb 1663 in Brooklyn, NY; m., 21 Jan 1624 in Amsterdam, Holland, to Catalyntje Jeronymus TRICO (b. about 1605, d. 11 Sep 1689; daughter of Jeronymus TRICO & Michele SAUVAGIE); they resided in Ft. Orange (Albany) and Brooklyn, NY; their children:

        i. Sarah Joris, b. 9 Jun 1625, d. Apr 1685, m. 1st Han Hansen BERGEN, 
		m. 2nd Teunis Gisbert BOGAERT; 
       ii. Marretie Joris, b. 11 Mar 1627, d. 1640, 
		m. Michiel Pauluszen VAN DE VOERT; 
      iii. Jannetie Joris, b. 18 Aug 1629, d. 29 May 1699, 
		m. Rem Janszen VAN der BEECK; 
       iv. Judith Joris, b. 5 Jul 1635, d. 6 Jun 1726, m. Pieter VAN NIST; 
        v. Jan Joriszen, b. 20 Aug 1637, d. 25 Jan 1663, m. 1st Antie COERTA, 
		m. 2nd Marya Fredericks MAER; 
       vi. Jacob Joriszen, b. 20 May 1639, d. about 1643; 
      vii. Catalyntie Joris, b. 20 Mar 1641, d. 1664, 
		m. Jeremiah Janszen WESTERHOUT; 
     viii. Jeronimus Joriszen, b. 27 Jan 1643, m. Annetie Teunis DENYS; 
[#3]   ix. Annetje Joris, b. 8 Feb 1646, m. Marten RYERSON; 
        x. Elizabeth Joris, b. 20 Mar 1648, m. Cornelius Dirrick HOGELANT; 
       xi. Daniel Joriszen, b. 29 Dec 1650, d. 1725, m. Sara Abrahams CLOCK/KLOCK. 

(3) Annetje Joris RAPALJE, b. 8 Feb 1646 in Wallabout, Brooklyn, NY, d. unknown probably in Brooklyn, NY; m., 14 May 1663 in Brooklyn, NY, to Marten RYERSON (b. 1638, d. 1687).

Continued on my RYERSON Family Page

Annetje Joris (RAPALJE) RYERSON m. 2nd, 1692, to Joost FRANZ.

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