If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Theunis Thomaszen QUICK or any other information about him or his wife Beliktgen, or the names of the wives of Frans QUICK [#4] or Jacob QUICK Sr. [#5], please contact me.

This surname may also be spelled KWIK or CUYCK in some records and sources.

Based on Dutch naming practices, Theunis Thomaszen QUICK's father was probably named Thomas QUICK. I have seen many secondary sources that claim a Thomas is the father of Theunis Thomaszen QUICK. However, none of them give primary evidence.

(1) Theunis Thomaszen QUICK, b. about 1600 probably in the Naarden, The Netherlands, region, d. after 1666 in New Amsterdam (New York), NY; m., 9 Mar 1625 in Naarden, The Netherlands, to Beliktgen JACOBUS (b. about 1604); they resided in Naarden, The Netherlands, and later in New York, NY; their children:

        i. Weyntie, b. Jul 1628, m. Herck SYBOUTSZEN; 
[#2]   ii. Jacob Theuniszen, b. about 1630, m. Neeltje CORNELIS; 
      iii. Hillegonde, b. about Nov 1640, d. 15 Mar 1707, m. Jacob Theunisen DEKAY; 
       iv. Marritje Theunisse, b. about Mar 1642, m. Sebastien VAN SEVENHUYSEN; 
        v. Thomas Theunisson, b. about Apr 1644, m. Rymerick WESTVAAL; 
       vi. Gertje, b. about Nov 1645, m. Carston LUERSEN; 
      vii. Dirck Theuniszen, b. about Jul 1648, d. about 1702, m. Hannah JANS. 

(2) Jacob Theuniszen QUICK, b. about 1630 in Naarden, The Netherlands, d. unknown in ?Albany, NY; m., 24 Mar 1655 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church, to Neeltje CORNELIS (b. unknown); they resided in Albany, NY; their children:

[#3]    i. Cornelis Jacobsen, b. about 1659, m. 2nd Maria VAN HOOGTEN; 
       ii. Belitje Jacobs, b. unknown, m. 1st Gerrit COSYN, m. 2nd Theunis JANSZE; 
      iii. Gerritje Jacobs, b. unknown, m. Leendert Albertszen DEGRAU; 
       iv. Theunis Jacobsen, b. unknown, m. Vroutje Janse HARING. 

(3) Cornelis Jacobsen QUICK, b. about 1659 probably in Albany, NY, d. unknown in New York, NY; m. 1st, 23 Jan 1682 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church, to Abigail ABRAHAMS (b. unknown); their children:

        i. Abraham, b. about Oct 1682; 
       ii. Jacobus, b. about Jan 1684, d. 23 aug 1741, m. 1st Marytje SMITH, 
		m. 2nd Heyltje CLOPPER. 
Cornelis Jacobsen QUICK m. 2nd, 28 May 1685 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church, to Maria VAN HOOGTEN (b. about Dec 1665; daughter of Frans Jansen VAN HOOGTEN & Marritie GERRITS); they resided in New York, NY; their children:
      iii. Saertie, b. about Feb 1686, m. Abraham MOLL; 
       iv. Helena, b. about Apr 1688, m. 1st Jan DEKKER; m. 2nd Johannes COOL; 
        v. Cornelis Jr., b. about May 1689; 
       vi. Rebecca, b. about Jan 1692, m. Jan ESTRY; 
[#4]  vii. Frans "Francis", b. about Nov 1695, d. Feb 1777; 
     viii. Theunis, b. about Aug 1698, d. about Feb 1774, m. Catherine ____; 
       ix. Johannes, b. about Jan 1701, d. about Nov 1771, m. Williampia KENNEY; 
        x. Petrus, b. about Jan 1704, m. Elizabeth JOHNSON. 

(4) Frans "Francis" QUICK, b. about Nov 1695 in New York, NY, d. Feb 1777 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; wife unknown; he resided in Somerset and Hunterdon Cos., NJ; his children:

[#5]    i. Jacob Sr., b. 1714, d. 15 Sep 1800; 
       ii. Teunis, b. about 1716, d. 1802, m. Christiana ____; 
      iii. Lenah, b. about 1720-1730, m. John GUTREKS; 
       iv. Sarah, b. about 1723-1728, m. Mr. ROBINSON; 
        v. Mary, b. 1726, d. 24 Nov 1817, m. Moses VAN COURT; 
       vi. John, b. 1733, d. 19 Feb 1812, m. Elizabeth STOUT; 
      vii. Frans "Francis" Jr., b. about 1734, d. about 1769, m. Hannah DAVIS; 
     viii. Cornelis, b. about 1735, d. 1790, m. Mary WILLIAMSON. 
Frans was a soldier in 1715 in the 5th Co., Col. Farmer's Regiment, NJ Militia.

(5) Jacob QUICK Sr., b. 1714 in Somerset Co., NJ, d. 15 Sep 1800 in Wertsville, Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: Quick and Van Lieu Burying Ground; wife unknown; he resided in Hunterdon Co., NJ; his children:

        i. Mary, b. about 1747, m. Philip SERVIS; 
       ii. Jacob Jr., b. about 1749, d. 7 Nov 1816, m. 1st Jane ROSE, 
		m. 2nd Jerusha ROSE; 
[#6]  iii. Catherine "Kate", b. about 1751, d. 3 Apr 1838, m. Gabriel CARKHUFF; 
       iv. Abraham, b. unknown, m. Betsey KERHART. 
Jacob Sr. was a wagon driver in the Hunterdon Co., NJ Militia during the American Revolution.

(6) Catherine "Kate" QUICK, b. about 1751 in Amwell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 3 Apr 1838 probably in Hunterdon Co., NJ; burial: Schomp Burial Ground; m., about 1771 probably in Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Gabriel CARKHUFF (b. 1747, d. Mar 1820).

Continued on my CARKHUFF Family Page


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  2. De Kay, Eckford J. Written communication, 17 March 1998.

  3. Fillips, C. S. Inscriptions From the Quick Graveyard ... East Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co., N. J., copied 1932.

  4. Quick, Arthur C. A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America, A. C. Quick, South Haven, MI, 1942, 483 pages.

  5. Records of the New Amsterdam Dutch Church.



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