If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Thomas PLUMMER [Sr.] or any other new information about this PLUMMER family, please contact us.

(1) Thomas PLUMMER [Sr.], b. unknown in England (place unknown), d. about 1695 in Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. to Elizabeth STOCKETT (b. unknown, d. after Jul 1706; daughter of Capt. Thomas STOCKETT & Mary WELLS); they resided in Anne Arundel Co., MD; their children:

[#2]    i. Thomas [Jr.], b. about 1670, d. 1728, m. Elizabeth SMITH; 
       ii. Susannah, b. about 1675, m. 1st Francis SWANSON, 
		m. 2nd James WARD; 
      iii. Elizabeth, b. unknown, d. about 1762, m. William IJAMS; 
       iv. Margaret, b. unknown, m. Hugh RILEY; 
        v. Mary, b. unknown, m. William JACKSON. 

(2) Thomas PLUMMER [Jr.], b. about 1670 probably in Anne Arundel Co., MD, d. 1728 in Prince George's Co., MD; m. to Elizabeth SMITH (b. unknown, d. 1736); they resided in "Seaman's Delight", Prince George's Co., MD; their children:

[#3]    i. Samuel [Sr.], b. 9 Feb 1691, d. 12 Dec 1759, m. Sarah MILES; 
       ii. James, b. about 1696, d. about 1772, m. 1st Mary OUCHTALONG; 
		m. 2nd Priscilla PLUMMER; 
      iii. Philemon, b. about 1700, d. about 1744, m. Elizabeth ____; 
       iv. Yate, b. about 1716, d. 23 Jul 1764, m. Priscilla YATE?; 
        v. Abezier, b. unknown, d. about 1770, m. Ann ____; 
       vi. George, b. unknown, d. about 1753; 
      vii. Jerome, b. unknown, d. 12 May 1751, m. Margaret CHILD; 
     viii. John, b. unknown, d. about 1740; 
       ix. Micajah, b. unknown, m. Margaret CHILDS; 
        x. Phebe, b. unknown, m. Joseph WILLIAMS; 
       xi. Priscilla, b. unknown, m. John OUCHALONG; 
      xii. Thomas [III], b. unknown, d. about 1774, m. Sarah WILSON. 

(3) Samuel PLUMMER [Sr.], b. 9 Feb 1691 in Prince George's Co., MD, d. 12 Dec 1759 in Prince George's Co., MD; m., 4 Mar 1723 in West River MM, Prince George's Co., MD, to Sarah MILES (b. about 1705, d. 3 Oct 1788; daughter of Thomas MILES & Ruth JONES?); they resided in "Rose's Purchase", Prince George's Co., MD; their children:

        i. Ruth, b. 10 May 1725, m. Richard HOLLAND; 
       ii. Thomas, b. 8 Sep 1726, m. Eleanor WALKER; 
[#4]  iii. Joseph, b. 3 Jul 1728, d. 18 Feb 1806, m. Sarah SOLLERS; 
       iv. Samuel [Jr.], b. 30 Oct 1730, m. Mary TUCKER; 
        v. Cassandra, b. 3 Jul 1732, d. 12 Jul 1820, m. William BALLENGER; 
       vi. Sarah, b. 30 Aug 1734, m. Mahlon JANNEY; 
      vii. Abraham, b. 16 Jul 1736, d. 1810, m. Sarah WARD; 
     viii. Rachel, b. 16 Feb 1738, m. John HARRIS; 
       ix. Ursula, b. 16 Mar 1742; 
        x. Elizabeth, b. 29 May 1744, m. Moses HARRIS; 
       xi. Anna, b. 26 Oct 1747, m. Joseph TALBOTT [III]; 
      xii. Susannah, b. 16 Oct 1751, d: 9 May 1813, m. Anthony POULTNEY. 

(4) Joseph PLUMMER, b. 3 Jul 1728 in Prince George's Co., MD, d. about 18 Feb 1806 probably in Fayette Co., PA; m. to Sarah SOLLERS (b. unknown; daughter of Robert SOLLERS & Mary STOCKETT); they resided in "Pleasant Meddo", Frederick Co., MD, and later in Berkeley Co., VA [now WV]; their children:

[#5]    i. Samuel [Sr.], b. 19 Jul 1754, d. after Sep 1850, m. Nancy Ann HIGGINS; 
       ii. Moses, b. unknown, m. Elizabeth WEBB; 
      iii. Joseph West, b. unknown, m. Mary TAYLOR; 
       iv. Mariana, b. unknown, m. Mr. BALL; 
        v. Aaron, b. unknown; 
       vi. Asa, b. unknown, m. Grace BURGESS; 
      vii. Anna, b. unknown, m. Israel JANNEY; 
     viii. Ezra, b. unknown; 
       ix. Susannah, b. unknown, m. Samuel WATERS. 

(5) Samuel PLUMMER [Sr.], b. 19 Jul 1754 in Frederick Co., MD, d. after Sep 1850 in Owsley Co., KY; m. 1st, probably in MD or PA, to unknown wife; they resided in Frederick Co., MD, and Bedford Co., PA; their children:

        i. Joseph, b. unknown;
       ii. James, b. unknown;
      iii. Greenberry, b. unknown;
       iv. Thomas, b. unknown;
        v. Henry, b. unknown.

Samuel PLUMMER [Sr.] m. 2nd, about 1791 in KY, to Mrs. Nancy Ann (HIGGINS) MCCRACKEN (b. unknown; parents unknown); they resided in Mason, Clark, Clay, Estill and Owsley Cos., KY; their children:

       vi. Martha, b. about 1793, m. Jeremiah BRYANT; 
      vii. Nancy, b. 24 Dec 1795, m. John EVANS; 
     viii. Rachel, b. about 1797, m. Henry EVANS; 
       ix. Sarah, b. about 1799, m. Moses STRONG; 
[#6]  	x. Samuel [Jr.], b. about 1800, d. about 1840, m. Elizabeth EVANS
       xi. Miriam, b. 20 Dec 1802, d. 15 Aug 1852, m. Edward KINCAID; 
      xii. Emily, b. about 1803, m. Elihu ASHCRAFT; 
     xiii. Jacob, b. about 1810; 
      xiv. John, b. unknown. 
Samuel PLUMMER [Sr.] was a soldier in the MD Troops, in 1778 during the Revolutionary War.

(6) Samuel PLUMMER [Jr.], b. about 1800 in Clark or Clay Cos., KY, d. about 1840 in Breathitt Co., KY; m., 15 Sep 1822 probably in Clay Co., KY, to Elizabeth EVANS (b. about 1802, d. about 1851; daughter of Edward & Margaret EVANS); they resided in Estill & Breathitt Cos., KY; their children:

        i. Rachel, b. 1 Aug 1823, m. Henry BOWMAN. 
       ii. Samuel [III], b. about 1825, d. after 1880, m. Rachel EVANS; 
[#7]  iii. Lucinda "Sallie", b. 17 Feb 1827, d. 4 Jun 1905, m. Charles LUTES; 
       iv. John, b. about 1830, m. Celia ____; 
        v. Jeremiah, b. about 1832-34; 
       vi. Isaac, b. about 1834-35; 
      vii. Sally, b. about 1835-36;
     viii. Nancy, b. about 1838; 
       ix. Elizabeth, b. about 1843;
        x. Sarah. b. Mar 1844.

(7) Lucinda "Sallie" PLUMMER, b. 17 Feb 1827 in Estill Co., KY, d. 4 Jun 1905 in Lee Co., KY; m., 13 May 1847 in Owsley Co., KY, to Charles LUTES (b. 23 May 1827, d. 13 May 1871).

Continued on my LUTES Family Page


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