If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of Domingo MADERAS or any other information about this MEDEARIS family, please contact us.

This family name has various spellings, including: MADARIS, MADERAS, MADORAS, MCDARIS, MEDARIS, MEDDERUS, MEDEARIS, and MEDEIROS.

(1) Domingo MADERAS, b. unknown possibly in Portugal, d. about 1687 possibly in New Kent Co., VA; wife unknown; he resided in Essex Co. & New Kent Co. [now King and Queen Co.], VA; his children:

[2]     i. Carlos "Charles" [Sr.], b. about 1635, m. Mary TOSELEY;
       ii. Bolivar, b. unknown;
      iii. Jonas, b. unknown;
       iv. Zacarias, b. unknown;
        v. Sarah, b. unknown.

(2) Carlos "Charles" MEDEARIS [Sr.], b. about 1635 in place unknown, d. unknown in Middlesex Co., VA; m. to Mary TOSELEY; they resided in Middlesex Co., VA; their children:

[3]     i. Charles [Jr.], b. about 1675, m. Mary BEDMON;
       ii. Thomas, b. unknown;
      iii. John, b. unknown;
       iv. Bolar, b. unknown;
        v. Rachael, b. unknown.

(3) Charles MEDEARIS [Jr.], b. about 1675 probably in Middlesex Co., VA, d. unknown in Essex Co., VA; m. to Mary BEDMON (b. unknown, d. 5 Feb 1720; daughter of John & Mary BEDMON); they resided in Essex Co., VA; their children:

        i. Charles [III], b. 10 Feb 1703, d. 1784, m. Mary ELLIS;
[4]    ii. John Thomas, b. 1704, m. Rachel DAVIS;
      iii. Mary, b. 24 Apr 1707.

(4) John Thomas MEDEARIS, b. about 1703 probably in Essex Co. or Middlesex Co., VA, d. unknown probably in Guilford Co., NC; m., 18 Jun 1775, to Rachel DAVIS (b. 24 Oct 1715); they resided in Essex Co., VA & Guilford Co., NC; their children:

        i. John Thomas Washington, b. 22 Feb 1744, d. 31 March 1834,
		m. Sarah (HAYWOOD) BELL;
[5]    ii. Charles, b. about 1745, d. 1793, m. Elizabeth "Betsey" GREGORY;
      iii. Abraham, b. unknown;
       iv. Rice, b. about 1746, m. Rachael MCPHEETERS;
        v. Massey Christmas, b. about 1752;
       vi. Oliver, b. about 1759, d. about 1829, m. Wilmuth REDD.

(5) Charles MEDEARIS, b. about 1745 in Essex Co., VA, d. 1793 in OH or NC; m., about 1765, to Elizabeth "Betsey" GREGORY; they resided in Guilford Co., NC; their children:

        i. John, b. about 1766, d. about 1823, m. Susannah WAGGONER;
       ii. Thomas, b. 16 Feb 1767, d. 7 Oct 1849, m. Nancy SANDERS;
      iii. Malachi, b. about 1771
[6]    iv. Elizabeth "Betsy", b. 1 May 1781, d. 21 Nov 1865, m. John WORTMAN;
        v. Sarah Jane "Sally", b. unknown;
       vi. Mary, b. unknown;
      vii. Millie, b. unknown;
     viii. Stephen, b. unknown;
       ix. William, b. unknown;
        x. Nancy, b. unknown.

(6) Elizabeth "Betsy" MEDEARIS, b. 1 May 1781 probably in Guilford Co., NC., d. 21 Nov 1865 in Haddon Twsp., Sullivan Co., IN; m., 16 Aug 1804 in Stokes Co., NC, to John WORTMAN (b. 20 Jun 1776, d. 11 Feb 1835).

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