If anyone has information regarding the parents of Martha CORNELL (#6 below) or any other information about her or John CORNELL (#5 below) or my direct CORNELL family line, please contact me.

In some sources this family's name is also spelled CORNWELL or CORNWALL.

(1) Thomas CORNELL [Sr.], b. about 1594 probably in Essex, England, d. about 1657 in Portsmouth, RI; m., unknown in England, to Rebecca BRIGGS? (b. about 1600, d. 8 Feb 1673); they resided first in Boston, MA, then in Portsmouth, RI, then in Cornell's Neck, New Amsterdam (now Westchester Co., NY), then back in Portsmouth, RI; their children:

        i. Sarah, b. about Mar 1623, d. 1703, m. 1st Thomas WILLETT,
		2nd Charles BRIDGES, 3rd John LAWRENCE Jr.;
       ii. William, b. about Apr 1625, d. Jan 1628;
      iii. Richard, b. about 1626, d. Nov 1694, m. Elizabeth JESSUP;
[#2]   iv. Thomas [Jr.], b. about Oct 1627, d. 23 May 1673, m. 1st
		Elizabeth ____, 2nd Sarah EARLE;
        v. Rebecca, b. about Jan 1630, d. about 4 Feb 1713, m. George WOOLSEY;
       vi. Elizabeth, b. about May 1631, d. before 1637;
      vii. Kelame, b. about 1631-32, d. Oct 1632;
     viii. William, b. about Dec 1632;
       ix. John, b. about Jun 1634, d. about 1704, m. Mary RUSSELL;
        x. Ann, b. about Aug 1635, m. Thomas KENT;
       xi. Elizabeth, b. about Jan 1637, d. 1708, m. Christopher ALMY;
      xii. Samuel, b. about 1642, d. Feb 1715, m. Grissell?;
     xiii. Joshua, b. unknown;
      xiv. Mary, b. unknown.
Thomas [Sr.] was a constable for Portsmouth in 1641 and an ensign in the Portsmouth Militia 1642-44.

(2) Thomas CORNELL [Jr.], b. about Oct 1627 probably in Essex, England, d. 23 May 1673 in Newport, RI; m. 1st to Elizabeth ____; they resided in Portsmouth, RI; their children:

        i. Stephen, b. about 1656, d. before 1723, m. Hannah MOSHER / HARDING;
       ii. Thomas [III], b. about 1657, d. 14 Oct 1714, m. Susannah LAWTON;
[#3]  iii. John [Sr.], b. about 1660, d. unknown, m. Hannah ____;
       iv. Edward, b. unknown, d. 1708, m. Mary ____.
Thomas CORNELL [Jr]. m. 2nd Sarah EARLE (b. unknown; daughter of Ralph EARLE & Joan AUSTIN); their children:
        v. Sarah, b. about 1668, d. 25 Jun 1748, m. 1st John COLE,
		2nd Zaccheus BUTTS;
       vi. (daughter), b. unknown;
      vii. Innocent, b. about 1673, m. Richard BORDEN.
Thomas Jr. was a Deputy to the General Assembly of RI and held other government posts. He was tried, convicted and hanged for the supposed murder of his mother.

(3) John CORNELL [Sr.], b. about 1660 in Portsmouth, RI, d. unknown probably in Hempstead, Queens Co., NY; m., before 1684 probably in Hempstead, Queens Co., NY, to Hannah ____; they resided in Hempstead, Long Island, NY; their children:

        i. John [Jr.], b. about 1690, m. Elizabeth WILTZIE?;
[#4]   ii. William [Sr.], b. about 1693, d. 30 Mar 1749;
      iii. Edward, b. about 1695, d. 1782;
       iv. Elizabeth, b. unknown, d. before 1717?, m. Joseph DEAN.

(4) William CORNELL [Sr.], b. about 1693 probably in Hempstead, Queens Co., NY, d. 30 Mar 1749 in Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; m. to wife unknown (possibly Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of Jeremiah & Anne SMITH); he resided in Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; his children:

        i. Smith, b. 1718, d. 1772, m. Phebe ____;
       ii. William [Jr.], b. about 1720, d. 1791, m. Mary ____;
      iii. Hannah, b. about 1722, m. Edward? HUNT?;
       iv. Elizabeth, b. about 1723, m. Francis BLACKWELL;
        v. Mary, b. about 1724, d. 15 Aug 1813, m. William MERRELL;
[#5]   vi. John, b. about 1725, d. after 1749;
      vii. Benjamin, b. about 1726, d. Jan 1787;
     viii. Sarah, b. about 1728;
       ix. Charity, b. about 1730, m. Edward HUNT;
        x. Martha, b. about 1735;
       xi. Edward, b. 22 Feb 1737, d. 30 Apr 1784, m. Sarah BURT.
William [Sr.] was a justice for Hunterdon Co. in 1728.

(5) ?John CORNELL, b. about 1725, d. after 1749; m. to wife unknown; he resided in Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co. [now Mercer Co.], NJ; his children:

[#6]    i. Martha, b. about 1750, d. 14 Mar 1841, m. David BALDWIN;
       ii. William, b. unknown;
      iii. Abraham, b. unknown;
       iv. Benjamin, b. unknown;
        v. Jonathan, b. unknown.
Benjamin CORNELL (#4-vii above) mentions in his will his "niece Martha CORNELL, wife of David BALDWIN". Thus, it appears that Martha is a granddaughter of William CORNELL [Sr.]. I believe I have narrowed down the possibilities for her father to either John (#5 above) or an unknown son not mentioned in William [Sr.]'s will.

(6) Martha CORNELL, b. about 1750 probably in Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 14 Mar 1841 in Hopewell Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ; m., 30 May 1775 in Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, to David BALDWIN (b. 16 Feb 1742, d. 18 Jan 1834).

Continued on my BALDWIN Family Page

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