If anyone has additional proof that John CAMPE is the father of Nicholas CAMP or any other information about Nicholas or his wife Sarah, please contact me.

(1) John CAMPE, b. about Feb 1566 (christened 21 Feb 1566) in Nazeing, Essex Co., England, d. about Jun 1630 in Essex Co., England; m., 12 Jul 1591 in Roydon, Essex Co., England, to Mary GOORE (b. about 1570); they resided in Roydon and Nazeing, Essex Co., England; their children:

        i. Robert, b. about Apr 1592;
       ii. Mary, b. about Nov 1594;
[2}   iii. Nicholas, b. about 1595-97, m. 1st Sarah ____;
       iv. Jane. b. about Feb 1596;
        v. Sarah, b. about Dec 1599;
       vi. Agnes, b. about Jun 1602;
      vii. Joan, b. about Mar 1604;
     viii. John, b. about Apr 1607;
       ix. Lydia, b. about Sep 1613.
That Nicholas (#2 below) is the son of John (#1 above) is based on John CAMPE's will, on some secondary sources without documentation or with documentation that are also secondary sources, and some onomastic evidence. I have not seen any other primary proof.

(2) Nicholas CAMP [Sr.], b. about 1595-97 (christened Apr 1597) in Nazeing, Essex Co., England, d. before 1655 in Milford, CT; m. 1st, in England, to Sarah ____* (b. about 1599, d. 6 Sep 1645); they resided in Nazeing, Essex, England, and later in Milford, CT; their children:

[#3]    i. Mary, b. about 1621, d. about 1652, m. John BALDWIN [II];
       ii. Abigail, b. about 1625, d. 22 Mar 1667, m. Nathaniel BALDWIN;
      iii. Nicholas [Jr.], b. about April 1627, d. 10 Jun 1706, m. 1st Sarah BEARD,
		m. 2nd Mehitabel GUNN;
       iv. William, b. about 1636-38, d. about 1700, m. Mary SMITH;
        v. Sarah, b. about Mar 1643;
       vi. John, b. 2 Sep 1645, d. 14 Mar 1710, m. 1st Mary SANFORD,
		m. 2nd Hannah BENTON;
      vii. Samuel, b. 2 Sep 1645, d. 22 Nov 1645.

*Sarah's maiden name was not ELLIOTT.

Nicholas CAMP [Sr.] m. 2nd, about 1646, Mrs. Edith TILLEY; their child:

     viii. Abigail, b. 29 Aug 1647.

Nicholas CAMP [Sr.] m. 3rd, 14 July 1652 in Milford, CT, to Mrs. Catherine THOMPSON.

(3) Mary CAMP, b. about 1621 in Nazeing, Essex, England, d. about 1652 in Milford, CT; m. 1st, before 1640, to William EAST.
Mary CAMP m. 2nd, 15 Aug 1640 probably in Milford, CT, to John BALDWIN [II] (b. 24 Jun 1619, d. Jun 1681).

Continued on my BALDWIN Family Page


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