If anyone has additional information about my direct BLOSSOM family line, please contact me.

(1) John BLOSSOM, b. unknown, d. Mar 1573 in Great Shelford, co. Cambridge, England; m. to Mrs. BLOSSOM (first and maiden name unknown, d. Dec 1570); they resided in Great Shelford, co. Cambridge, England; their children:

        i. William, b. about 1525, m. Alice ____; 
       ii. John, b. about 1530, m. Margaret BARNES; 
[#2]  iii. Peter, b. about 1535, d. Jun 1597, m. 1st Margaret ROGER, 
		m. 2nd Annabel ____; 
       iv. Avery, b. about 1537. 

(2) Peter BLOSSOM, b. about 1535 in Great Shelford, co. Cambridge, England, d. Jun 1597 in Stapleford, co. Cambridge, England; m. 1st, 21 Sep 1567 in Great Shelford, co. Cambridge, England, to Margaret ROGER (b. unknown, d. Aug 1568; parents unknown); their child:

        i. William, b. about Aug 1568. 
Peter BLOSSOM m. 2nd, about 1570 in co. Cambridge, England, to Annabel ____ (b. unknown, d. unknown); they resided in Stapleford, and possibly in Little Shelford, co. Cambridge, England; their children:
       ii. Francis, b. about Jan 1571, d. Feb 1571; 
      iii. Ann, b. about Dec 1571; 
       iv. John, b. about Apr 1574, d. 26 Oct 1625, m. Annis KINDER; 
        v. Alice, b. about Aug 1576; 
[#3]   vi. Thomas Sr., b. about 1580, d. about 1633, m. Ann HELSDON. 
I have not seen primary proof that Peter BLOSSOM (#2) is the father of Thomas BLOSSOM Sr. (#3); however, circumstantial evidence suggests it is so.

(3) Thomas BLOSSOM Sr., b. about 1580 possibly in ?Little Shelford, co. Cambridge, England, d. about 1633 in Plymouth Colony, MA; m., 10 Nov 1605 in St. Clement's Church, Cambridge, England, to Ann HELSDON (b. about 1583; possibly daughter of Cuthbert? & Margaret ELSDEN); they resided in Pieterskerkhof, Leyden, Holland, and later in Plymouth Colony, MA; their children:

        i. child, b. about 1617, d. Apr 1617; 
       ii. son, b. before 1620, d. before 1625; 
[#4]  iii. Elizabeth, b. 1620, d. 1713, m. Edward FITZRANDOLPH; 
       iv. Thomas Jr., b. about 1623, d. 22 Apr 1650, m. Sarah EWER; 
        v. Peter, b. about 1627, d. 1706, m. Sarah BODFISH. 
Thomas BLOSSOM Sr. was a passenger on the second "Mayflower" which arrived at Plymouth Colony on 15 May 1629.

(4) Elizabeth BLOSSOM, b. 1620 in Leyden, Holland, d. 1713 in Middlesex Co., NJ; m. 1st, 10 May 1637 in Scituate, Plymouth Colony, MA, to Edward FITZRANDOLPH (b. Jul 1607, d. about 1684).

Continued on my FITZRANDOLPH Family Page

Elizabeth BLOSSOM m. 2nd, 30 Jun 1685 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, to Capt. John PIKE (d. 1689).


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