Historic U. S. Highway 80 Through Arizona on Vintage Matchbook Covers

Here are scans of matchbook covers from businesses directly along U. S. Highway 80 in Arizona. They are listed in travel order from the eastern border of Arizona to the western border.

Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger scan of the matchbook.


            "Gadsden Hotel, Douglas, Arizona".

            "Desert Inn of Douglas, 25 Sixteenth Street, Douglas, Arizona".


    "Oriental Steakhouse & Saloon. Tombstone, Arizona".

            "HTA Lookout Lodge. U. S. 80, Tombstone, Arizona".

            "Best Western Lookout Lodge. U. S. 80 West, Tombstone, Arizona".


            "Quarter Horse Motel. 1/4 mile west of Benson, Arizona, on U. S. 80".

            "Hank's Coffee Shop. Benson, Arizona".


            "Redwood Lodge. 3315 Benson Hwy., Tucson, Ariz.".

            "Spanish Trail Motel. 305 Benson Hwy., Tucson, Arizona".

            "The Chanticleer Club, 3300 So. 6th Ave., Tucson, Arizona".

            "Eagle Court Service Station, 2956 S. 6th Ave., Tucson, Ariz.".

    "Downtown Motor Hotel. 383 So. Stone Ave. on U.S. 80, Tucson, Ariz.".

            "Old Pueblo Club. Tucson". [This is at 115 So. Stone Ave.].

            "Santa Rita Hotel. ...in Arizona. 88 E. Broadway...".

            "Avalon Bar Room. 75 So. Stone Ave., opp. Citizen Bldg. ...".

            "Stallion Room. Westerner Hotel".

                "Pioneer Hotel. Tucson, Arizona". [This is at 80 N. Stone].

            "Fin & Feather. 126 N. 6th, Tucson, Ariz. ...".

            "Heins Golden Wheel Restaurant. 157 No. Stone Ave., Tucson, Arizona. ...".

            "Golden Wheel Cafe. 157 No. Stone, Tucson, Arizona".

            "San Carlos Cafe. 158 N. Stone St., Tucson, Ariz. ...".

    "San Carlos Cafe. 158 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. ...".

            "Earl's Place. 536 North Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona".

            "Vaughan's, the central restaurant & coffe shop. ...Stone & Speedway, ...Tucson, Arizona".

            "Central Dryv-Inn. Speedway & Stone, Tucson. ...".

            "Tucson TraveLodge. 1136 North Stone Ave., Tucson, Arizona".

            "Flamingo Motor Hotel. 1300 North Stone, Tucson, Arizona".

            "La Fuente, fine Mexican cuisine. 1749 N. Miracle Mile, Tucson, Arizona".

            "Club 21, family restaurant. 2902 Miracle Mile Strip, Tucson, Arizona".

            "Western States Tires. 4365 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson, Arizona. ...".

            "The Coat of Arms. 7053 N. Oracle Rd., ...".


            "The Plantation House Restaurant. 1200 E. Main, Mesa, Arizona. ...".

            "Paul Perry's Smorgee Table. ...Mesa, Arizona, East Main at Stapley Dr. ...".

            "Maricopa Inn and Motor Hotel, Mesa, Arizona. ...On U.S. Highways 80-70-60-89".

            "Waldorf Cafe and Buffet, 57 W. Main Street, Mesa, Arizona".

            "El Morocco Lodge. On U.S. 60-70-80-89, 1226 West Main, Mesa, Arizona".

            "Sir George's. 1744 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ".


            "Tom's Radiator Service. 924 Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona. ...".

            "Sands Hotel of Tempe. 601 Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona. ...".

            "Fat Tuesday, 680 South Mill Ave., Tempe, Arizona. ...".

            "Monti's La Casa Vieja. ...1st and Mill, Tempe, Arizona ...".


            "Riazzi's Italian Gardens. 5238 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. ...".

                "Bill Johnson's Big Apple Restaurant. 3757 East Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona".

    "Desert Sky Hotel. ...3541 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona".

            "HiwayHouse. Phoenix, Arizona. ...".

            "Hotel Desert Hills. 2745 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. ...".

            "Rose Bowl Motor Hotel. 2645 E. Van Buren, on U. S. Highways 60-70-80-89, Phoenix, Arizona.".

            "Flamingo Hotel. 2501 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Ariz. ...".

            "Mexico Cafe. ...1726 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, Arizona ...".

            "Central Printery. 1221-A E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Ariz. ...".

            "Phoenix East TraveLodge, 965 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. ...".

            "Newton's Inn Motor Hotel. 917 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. ...".

            "Phoenix TraveLodge, 402 W. Van Buren, Phoenix, Ariz. ...".

            "El Royale Motor Court. Opp. State Capitol, Phoenix, Arizona.".

            "Sandman Motel and Studio Apartments. 2120 W. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona.".

Gila Bend

            "Gila Village Corral. On U.S. 80, 1 mi. east, Gila Bend, Ariz. ...".

            "Butler Shell. West end, Gila Bend, Arizona".


            "Furrs Cafeterias, [103 W. 32 St.], Yuma, Arizona. ...".

            "Ol'Trails Steak House. 2755 4th Ave., Yuma, Arizona. ...".

    "Silver Spur Motor Hotel. Highway 80 East, Yuma, Arizona".

                    "Hotel Stardust. 2350 So. Fourth Ave., Yuma, Arizona. ...".

            "Pike's Motor Hotel. 200 Fourth Ave., Yuma, Arizona. ...Highway 80, right in town".

            "El Cortez Motel. ... 1st Ave. & 1st St., Yuma, Arizona".

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