Kentucky's National Parks and Monuments Passport & Postal Cancellations History

The envelopes in this display are stamped with the national park passport cancellation stamps for the national parks sites in Kentucky and postmarked with the postal cancellations for the post offices in or nearest to the park sites. Some national wildlife refuges are also included.

If you are not familiar with the national parks passport cancellation stamps program, go here to learn about this exciting program: Passport To Your National Parks Program

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

    Hand postal cancellation: "HODGENVILLE, KY 42748-9998 USPS JUN 30 2016". Passport cancellation: "Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP. Hodgenville, KY. JUN 30 2016".

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

    Hand postal cancellation: "STEARNS, KY 42647 USPS JUN 30 2016". Passport cancellation: "Big South Fork NRRA. Stearns, KY. JUN 30 2016".

Camp Nelson National Monument

    Hand postal cancellation: "NICHOLASVILLE, KY 40356 USPS DEC 29 2018". Passport cancellation: "Camp Nelson National Monument. Nicholasville, KY. DEC 29 2018".

Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge [USFWS]

    Hand postal cancellation: "BENTON POST OFFICE, BENTON, KY 42025 SEP 16 2016". Passport cancellation: "CLARKS RIVER NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE. SEP 16 2016".

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

    Hand postal cancellation: "MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY 40965 USPS JUN 30 2016". Passport cancellation: "Cumberland Gap NHP. Middlesboro, KY. JUN 30 2016".

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

    Hand postal cancellation: "NEW CONCORD, KY 42076 USPS JUN 30 2016". Passport cancellation: "Fort Donelson National Battlefield. Fort Heiman. JUN 30 2016".

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area [USFS]

    Hand postal cancellation: "GRAND RIVERS, KY 42045 JUN 30 2016". Passport cancellation: "LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES. USDA FS/LBL. JUN 30 2016".

Mammoth Cave National Park

    Hand postal cancellation: "MAMMOTH CAVE, KY 42259 JUL 1 2016". Passport cancellation: "Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave, KY. JUL 1 2016".

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

    Hand postal cancellation: "HOPKINSVILLE, KY 42240 USPS AUG 11 2016". Passport cancellation: "Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Hopkinsville, KY. AUG 11 2016".

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