Postmarks for Towns With Geology Related Names

I am a geologist and I collect U. S. postal history. I have combined those interests and am collecting postal cancellations from post offices in U. S. communities with geology related names. The postmarks are illustrated below alphabetically in geology categories.


DPO - discontinued post office.


Antimony, UT

    Hand cancellation: "ANTIMONY, UT 84712 USPS JUL 11 2015".

Black Diamond, CA


    Hand cancellation: "BLACK DIAMOND, CAL. JAN 3 1911".

Galena, IL

    Machine cancellation: "GALENA, ILL. AUG 27 1956".

    Machine cancellation: "GALENA, ILL. AUG 8 1959".

Galena, KS

    Hand cancellation: "GALENA, KANS. SEP 21 1911".

Galena, MO

    Hand cancellation: "GALENA, MO. OCT 25 1916".

Galena, OH

    Hand cancellation: "GALENA, OHIO APR 14 1908".

Garnet, CA


    Hand cancellation: "GARNET, CALIF.. FEB 23 1941".

Gypsum, CO

    Hand cancellation: "GYPSUM, CO 81637 USPS AUG 3 2015".

Gypsum, KS

    Hand cancellation: "GYPSUM, KS 67448 USPS MAR 11 2015".

Gypsum, OH

    Machine cancellation: "GYPSUM, OH 43433-9998 USPS MAR 5 2015".

Hematite, MO

    Hand cancellation: "HEMATITE, MO 63047 USPS APR 16 2016".

Iron, MN

    Machine cancellation: "IRON, MN 55751 USPS MAR 5 2015".

Jasper, IN

    Machine cancellation: "JASPER, IN 47646 USPS MAR 5 2015".

Lead, SD

    Hand cancellation: "LEAD, SD 57754 USPS MAR 9 2015".

Mineral, CA

    Hand cancellation: "MINERAL, CA 96063 USPS JUL 28 2014".

Opal, WY

    Hand cancellation: "OPAL, WY 83124 JAN 28 1982".

    Hand cancellation: "OPAL, WY 83124 USPS OCT 1 2015".

Peridot, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "PERIDOT, AZ 85542 DEC 21 1976".

    Hand cancellation: "PERIDOT, AZ 85542 DEC 27 1995".

Quartz, CA


    Hand cancellation: "QUARTZ, CAL. OCT 9 1908".

Ruby, AZ


    Hand cancellation: "RUBY, ARIZ. MAY 21 1941".

Topaz, CA

    Hand cancellation: "TOPAZ, CALIF. JUL 1 1957".

    Hand cancellation: "TOPAZ, CA 96133 DEC 12 1983".

Trona, CA

    Rectangular hand cancellation: "TRONA, CALIF.". "APR 26 1938".

POSTMARKS STILL NEEDED: Copper, CA [DPO]. Diamond, MO. Emerald, GA [DPO]. Emerald, ID [DPO]. Emerald, KS [DPO]. Emerald, MI [DPO]. Emerald, MN [DPO]. Emerald, MS [DPO]. Emerald, NE [DPO]. Emerald, OH [DPO]. Emerald, PA [DPO]. Emerald, TX [DPO]. Emerald, WA [DPO]. Emerald, WI [DPO]. Gold, TX [DPO]. Mica, GA [DPO]. Mica, ID [DPO]. Mica, NC [DPO]. Mica, SC [DPO]. Mica, VA [DPO]. Mica, WA [DPO]. Quartz, CO [DPO]. Quartz, GA [DPO]. Quartz, MT [DPO]. Quartz, OK [DPO]. Turquoise, AZ [DPO].


Basalt, CO

    Hand cancellation: "BASALT, COLO. JUN 11 1958".

    Hand cancellation: "BASALT, CO 81621 JUL 22 1966".

    Hand cancellation: "BASALT, CO 81621 USPS MAR 7 2015".

Basalt, ID

    Hand cancellation: "BASALT, ID 83218-9998 USPS MAR 11 2015".

Bauxite, AR

    Hand cancellation: "BAUXITE, AR 72011 USPS AUG 14 2015".

Flint, MI

    Machine cancellation: "FLINT, MICH. SEP 23 1910".

    Machine slogan cancellation: "FLINT, MICH. JUL 9 1942 | BUY DEFENSE SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS |".

Granite, OK

    Hand cancellation: "GRANITE, OK 73547 USPS APR 28 2015".

Limestone, MI

    Hand cancellation: "LIMESTONE, MICH. AUG 28 1907 | 1 |".

Onyx, CA

    Hand cancellation: "ONYX, CA 93255 DEC 31 1976".

    Hand cancellation: "ONYX, CA 93255 USPS JAN 28 2014".

Pipestone, MN

    Machine cancellation: "PIPESTONE, MINN. OCT 11 1939".

    Machine cancellation: "PIPESTONE, MINN. MAR 12 1945".

Quartzsite, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "QUARTZSITE, ARIZ. FEB 10 1914".

Sandstone, MN

    Hand cancellation: "SANDSTONE, MN 55072 USPO AUG 18 2015".

Sandstone, WV

    Hand cancellation: "SANDSTONE, WV 25985 USPS MAR 9 2015".

POSTMARKS STILL NEEDED: Anthracite, CO [DPO]. Bauxite, AL [DPO]. Coal, AL [DPO]. Diorite, MI [DPO]. Gneiss, NC [DPO]. Granite, CO [DPO]. Limestone, ME [DPO]. Rhyolite, NV [DPO]. Sandstone, MI [DPO]. Sandstone, MO [DPO]. Sandstone, MT [DPO]. Sandstone, OR [DPO]. Sandstone, SD [DPO]. Sandstone, WY [DPO]. Shale, CA [DPO]. Shale, VA [DPO]. Slate, AL [DPO]. Slate, AR [DPO]. Slate, GA [DPO]. Slate, IN [DPO]. Slate, KS [DPO]. Slate, KY [DPO]. Slate, NC [DPO]. Slate, SD [DPO]. Slate, TN [DPO]. Slate, VA [DPO]. Slate, WV [DPO].


Crater Lake, OR

    Hand cancellation: "CRATER LAKE STATION, OR 97604 JUN 6 2014".

Magma, AZ


    Hand cancellation: "MAGMA, ARIZ. MAY 13 1918".

Volcano, CA

    This cacheted cover features the Chaw-se Indian Grinding Rock Historical State Park. Special hand pictorial cancellation: "VOLCANO, CA 95689 SEP 22 1979".

    Hand cancellation: "VOLCANO, CA 95689 USPS MAR 6 2013".

Volcano, HI

    Hand cancellation: "VOLCANO, HI 96785 USPS MAY 14 2015".

POSTMARKS STILL NEEDED: Lava, ID [DPO]. Lava, KS [DPO]. Lava, NM [DPO]. Lava, NY [DPO]. Lava, OR [DPO]. Volcano, NM [DPO]. Volcano, WV [DPO].


Geyser, MT

    Hand cancellation: "GEYSER, MT 59447 MAR 6 1987".

Hot Springs, AZ


    Hand cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, ARIZ. ? 1903".

Hot Springs, AR

    Machine flag cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, ARK NOV 10 1911".

Hot Springs, NM

    Machine cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, N.MEX. MAR 16 1949".

Hot Springs, NC

    Hand cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, N.C. JUL 10 1907".

    Hand cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, NC 28743 SEP 29 2016 USPS".

Hot Springs, VA

    Machine pictorial & slogan cancellation: "HOT SPRINGS, VA MAY 11 1965 | Remember Only you can PREVENT FOREST FIRES |".

Lava Hot Springs, ID

    Machine cancellation: "LAVA HOT SPRINGS, ID 83246 DEC 17 1991".



Boulder, CO

    Machine cancellation: "BOULDER, COLO. SEP 13 1913 ( 1 ) ( D )".

    Machine cancellation: "BOULDER, COLO. AUG 3 1927".

    Machine cancellation: "BOULDER, COLO. AUG 5 1946".

Boulder, UT

    Hand cancellation: "BOULDER, UT 84716 SEP 3 1991".

Boulder, WY

    Hand cancellation: "BOULDER, WY 82823 JUN 15 1987".

Caprock, NM

    Hand cancellation: "CAPROCK, N. MEX. DEC 9 1980".

Clay, CA


    Hand cancellation: "CLAY, CAL. MAR 15 1916".

Sandy, OR

    Machine cancellation: "SANDY, OR 97055 MAY 20 1969".

Sandy, UT

    Machine cancellation: "SANDY, UT 84070 JUL 8 1972".


Basin, MT

    Hand cancellation: "BASIN, MT 59631 DEC 8 1988".

    Hand cancellation: "BASIN, MT 59631 USPS AUG 15 2015".

Dome, AZ


    Hand cancellation: "DOME, ARIZ. DEC 1 1931".

    Hand cancellation: "DOME, ARIZ. MAR 4 1936".


Amber, WA


    Hand cancellation: "AMBER, WASH. FEB 28 1975".

Dinosaur, CO

    Hand cancellation: "DINOSAUR, CO 81610 SEP 24 2013".

Dinosaur City, AZ


    Hand cancellation: "DINOSAUR CITY, ARIZ. JUN 21 1965".

    Two different hand cancellations: "DINOSAUR CITY, ARIZ. AUG 18 1966" and "Dinosaur City Rur. Sta., Peach Springs, Ariz. USPO AUG 18 1966".

Dinosaur, NM


    Special hand pictorial cancellation: "DINOSAUR STATION, ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 87101 July 12, 1987".

Fossil, OR

    Hand cancellation: "FOSSIL, OR 97830 JUN 19 2014".

Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "PETRIFIED FOREST NATIONAL PARK RUR. BR., HOLBROOK, AZ 86025 AUG 14 1967".

    Hand cancellation: "PETRIFIED FOREST NATL PARK, AZ 86028 APR 2 2013".

POSTMARKS STILL NEEDED: Fossil, TN [DPO]. Fossil, TX [DPO]. Fossil, WY [DPO].


Balance Rock, CA


    Hand cancellation: "BALANCE ROCK, CALIF. SEP 28 1938".

Basin, MT

    Hand cancellation: "BASIN, MT 59631 DEC 8 1988".

    Hand cancellation: "BASIN, MT 59631 USPS AUG 15 2015".

Bedrock, CO

    Hand cancellation: "BEDROCK, CO 81411 USPS APR 28 2015".

Blowing Rock, NC

    Machine cancellation: "BLOWING ROCK, N.C. AUG 13 1952".

Butte, MT

    Machine flag cancellation: "BUTTE, MONT. APR 9 1906 ( 2 )".

    Machine cancellation: "BUTTE, MONT. AUG 13 1955".

    Machine slogan & pictorial cancellation: "BUTTE, MONT. DEC 28 1965 | FIGHT TB SUPPORT YOUR TB ASSOCIATION |".

Canyon, CA

    Hand cancellation: "CANYON, CA 94516 JUN 23 1990".

    Hand cancellation: "CANYON, CA 94516 USPS MAR 27 2013".

Cave Junction, OR

    Hand cancellation: "CAVE JUNCTION, ORE. JUL 23 1948".

    Hand cancellation: "CAVE JUNCTION, OR 97523 JUN 5 2014".

Cliff, NM

    Hand cancellation: "CLIFF, NM 88028 USPS MAY 4 2015".

Desert, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "DESERT STA., MESA, AZ 85206 NOV 19 1980".

    Hand cancellation: "DESERT STA., MESA, AZ USPS MAR 13 1992".

Flat Rock, MI

    Machine cancellation: "FLAT ROCK, MICH. JUN 26 1947".

Inlet, NY

    Hand cancellation: "INLET, N.Y. AUG 27 1948 ".

Little Rock, AR

    Machine pictorial & slogan cancellation: "LITTLE ROCK, ARK. OCT 18 1954 | WEAR OUR RED FEATHER PROUDLY |".

    Hand cancellation: "LITTLE ROCK, ARK. JUL 14 1960".

    Hand cancellation: "LITTLE ROCK, AR 72231 MAR 5 1983".

Mesa, AZ


    Machine cancellation: "MESA, ARIZ. JAN 26 1920".

    Machine cancellation: "MESA, ARIZ. AUG 22 1924".

    Machine cancellation: "MESA, ARIZ. JAN 2 1940".

Monolith, CA


    Hand cancellation: "MONOLITH, CALIF. FEB 18 1959".

Natural Bridge, VA

    Machine cancellation: "NATURAL BRIDGE, VA. SEP 20 1939".

Oxbow, OR

    Hand cancellation: "OXBOW, OR 97840 USPS JUN 17 2014".

Pinnacles, CA


    Hand cancellation: "PINNACLES, CALIF. MAY 4 1939".

    Hand cancellation: "PINNACLES, CALIF. JUL 31 1953".

Rimrock, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "RIMROCK, ARIZ. JUN 30 1951".

    Hand cancellation: "RIMROCK, AZ 86335 SEP 1 1989".

    Hand cancellation: "RIMROCK, AZ 86335 USPS MAR 28 2013".

Riverbank, CA

    Machine cancellation: "RIVERBANK, CALIF. AUG 1 1932".

Round Rock, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "ROUND ROCK CPO, AZ 86547 USPS OCT 1 2012".

Split Rock, WI


    Hand cancellation: "SPLIT ROCK, WIS. NOV 28 1911".

Window Rock, AZ

    Hand cancellation: "WINDOW ROCK, ARIZ. OCT 17 1936".

    This cacheted cover features the Navajo Native Americans. Hand cancellation: "WINDOW ROCK, ARIZ. AUG 15 1961".

    It has two postal cancellations. Special hand slogan cancellation: "WINDOW ROCK, AZ 86515 SEP 4 1986 | FIRST DAY OF ISSUE |". Special hand slogan & pictorial cancellation: "WINDOW ROCK, AZ 86515 SEP 4 1986 | NAVAJO NATION |".

POSTMARKS STILL NEEDED: Basin, AZ [DPO]. Basin, CA [DPO]. Basin, ID [DPO]. Basin, ME [DPO]. Basin, MS [DPO]. Basin, NE [DPO]. Basin, OK [DPO]. Basin, OR [DPO]. Basin, TX [DPO]. Basin, UT [DPO]. Basin, WV [DPO]. Basin, WY. Bedrock, IL [DPO]. Bedrock, KS [DPO]. Bedrock, TN [DPO], Bluff, UT.

This cacheted cover is for the first day of issue of four different mineral illustrated 10 cents postage stamps: Amethyst, Petrified Wood, Rhodochrosite, and Tourmaline. Special machine slogan cancellation: "LINCOLN, NE 68501 JUN 13 1974 | FIRST DAY OF ISSUE |".


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