The Tucson Post Card Exchange Club has taken upon itself the project of checklisting as many of the Petley postcards as we can. Bob Petley (11/11/1912-7/7/2006) has made postcards since 1945 and was an Honorary Member of our club.


Bob Petley has stated that these black and white cards were his first cards. They were sold from three sided racks trimmed with rope. Each side displays four cards. He still has one (12/94). The racks were made by a carpenter and Bob and his wife stapled the cards on them for display (the first card) and right angle hooks arranged to hold the remaining cards for sale.

Numbers #1 - #12 are on the cards; however, some numbers were reused with new cartoons with A and AA added to the numbers. Since Bob has no records of his production and his memory is not reliable it is difficult to determine why these numbers were reused; however, I suspect that the original cartoons that did not sell fast were replaced.

Center line (on back): "Bob Petley - 'The Cowboy Cartoonist' - Phoenix, Arizona". "One cent stamp here" in stamp box.

#1. "The Trip's Been Uneventful....So Far" - (Couple on donkey w/ suitcase) c1945.

#2. "At the End of the Trail" - (Hammocks hanging in saguaro cactus).

#3. "Greetings From the Old West" - (Saloon & lots of activity).

#4. "There's No Bottleneck/ In Western Production/ Methods...." (rabbits) (redone as C-4 in color) c1945.

#5. "Western Hospitality" - (Cows surround car).

#6. "Cactus Leaves Can Never Replace the Good Ol' Corn Cob......" - (Outhouse).

#7. Away Out Here Anything Can Happen......" - (Four Indian kids look just like car driver) (Bob said he received a call from an Indian official unhappy about the above card) (Redone in color as #C-7 with 1947 copyright).

#7. "Greetings From the Romantic West" - (Pairs of horses, rabbits, birds, and snakes) c1945.

#8. "Out West Seen All the Points of Interest" - (Buxom cowgirl on horse).

#9. "I'm All Tied Up at the Moment" - (Cows branding man).

#10. "Greetings From the West" - (Cowboy going over head of horse) (Original I believe).

#11. "And This Is No Bull" - (Couple on cow).

#12. "Too Busy to Write, ...Besides There's a Paper Shortage" - (Man in outhouse). c1945.

The numbers 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10 have been reused for later cartoons with A or AA added to them.

Help on this list has been from: Sandy DeAngelo, Joan Gentry, Stan Spurgiesz, all members of the Tucson Post Card Exchange Club; and others.

- By Ben Shoemaker. Started 12/5/94.


Petley's later comic postcards are in color and thus have a letter C in front of the number. So far our list has #149 as our highest number. Do you have one with a higher number? Below is a list of other numbers we need. If you have any of them, please either make a photocopy of it or just tell us the card title and description and whether the postcard is Standard or Continental size. Your help is certainly appreciated.

We would like to know about the letters: G, N, or any letters beyond N; also, any LINEN Petley postcards. And, if you have any Petley cards with ROUNDED corners & "K" numbers, we would like to have the following information: The card number following the "K" & the subject matter of the card.


- By Joan Gentry & Ben Shoemaker. 5/2001.


Here is a Petley view postcard:

Howdy from Tucson, Arizona