Nevada Postal History

Here are postal cancellations from U. S. post offices in Nevada. The post offices are listed by county and may currently be active or discontinued. The cancellations are on postally canceled vintage postcards, envelopes, postal receipts, philatelic covers, and a few cut rectangles.


CPO - Community Post Office, a contract postal unit usually in a business in a small community with no other postal services.
CPU - Contract Postal Unit, a station or branch associated with and operated by a business under contract to the Postal Service.
DPO - discontinued post office.
OPN - old post office name or spelling error, replaced by a new or revised name.
TPC - territorial postal cancellation.
TPS - temporary philatelic station.
VPO - Village Post Office, a contract unit that sells stamps and priority mail flat rate envelopes.


| Carson City to Churchill Co. | Clark Co. | Douglas Co. to Elko Co. | Esmeralda Co. to Lincoln Co. | Lyon Co. to Storey Co. | Washoe Co. | White Pine Co. to R.P.O.s |


Carson City

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. JUL 10 [ca. late 1860s]".

    Machine flag cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. MAY 24 1915".

    Machine cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. APR 17 1934".

    Machine pictorial & slogan cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. MAY 15 1953 | Remember Only you can PREVENT FOREST FIRES |".

    Machine slogan cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. AUG 12 1956 | PRAY FOR PEACE |".

    Special machine commemorative slogan cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. JUL 29 1960 | 100TH ANNIVERSARY PONY EXPRESS   NEVADA ON THE TRAIL |".

    Machine cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 JUN 23 1968".

    Special machine commemorative slogan cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 JAN 1 1975 | CARSON CITY, NEVADA 100TH ANNIVERSARY 1875 - 1975 |".

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 OCT. 31 1977".

    Special hand pictorial cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 APRIL 14, 1982".

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 OCT. 31 1989".

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89706 USPS AUG 3 2011".

Carson City: Carson Flag Store CPU

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON FLAG CPU, CARSON CITY, NV 89706 APR 29 2017".

Carson City: First Day of Issue


    Special hand slogan cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NEV. JUL 22 1964 | FIRST DAY OF ISSUE |".

Carson City: Kit Carson Rendezvous [Station]


    Special hand pictorial & slogan cancellation: "KIT CARSON RENDEZVOUS, CARSON CITY, NV 89701 JUN 9 1990 | Kit Carson RENDEZVOUS |".

Carson City: Nevada Days Station


    Special hand pictorial & slogan cancellation: "NEVADA DAYS STATION, CARSON CITY, NV 89701 OCT. 31, 1989 | NEVADA 1864-1989     125 YEARS OF VISION |".

Carson City: Nevada State Capitol Station


    Special hand pictorial cancellation: "NEVADA STATE CAPITOL STATION, CARSON CITY, NV 89701 JANUARY 31, 2006".

Carson City: NSSS Spring Exhibit [Station]


    Special hand cancellation: "NSSS SPRING EXHIBIT, CARSON CITY, NV MAY 15 1976".

Carson City: Ormsby Station

    Hand cancellation: "CARSON CITY, NV 89701 U.S.P.S. APR 20 2017".



    Doane hand cancellation: "STEWART, NEV. SEP 5 1907 | 1 |".

    Hand cancellation: "STEWART, NEV. OCT 22 1943".



    Doane hand cancellation: "FALLON, NEV. DEC 28 1907 | 10 |".

    Machine cancellation: "FALLON, NEV. JUL 30 1927".

    Machine cancellation: "FALLON, NV 89406 DEC 30 1966".

    Hand cancellation: "FALLON, NV USPO JUL 15 1981".

    Hand cancellation: "FALLON, NV 89406-9996 USPS FEB 2 2017".

    Hand cancellation: "FALLON, NV 89406-9998 USPS JUL 9 2018".

Fallon: Pony Express Station

    Hand cancellation: "FALLON, NV 89406-9996 USPS MAR 1 2017".



    Hand cancellation: "HAZEN, NEV. APR 8 1927".



    Hand cancellation: "STILLWATER, NEV. MAR 24 1947".

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