The Paleontological Society of Southern Arizona (PSSA) was organized to serve those residing in southern Arizona who have an interest in paleontology and fossils.

The Society is currently inactive. If you are interested in having the society active again and participating in its activities, please contact me: Jack Mount at If there is enough interest, the PSSA may once again become active.


The PSSA was organized in August 1985. There were monthly meetings, many with formal programs and lectures. Workshops on identifying fossils were given. There were monthly field trips to locations throughout the state. While the trips focused mainly on invertebrates, guided tours of vertebrate sites were occasionally given. A newsletter, titled the Arizona Fossil Record, was published six times a year. There was a library for members. There was also an education program for some area schools. The Society became inactive after February 1993.


Last updated: January 24, 2016


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